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Purple Candy Monsters

PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
edited October 2018 in The Sims FreePlay
Hi EA Team ,
Is there a way to change the purple and orange Monsters quest these things are running through my house and I am expecting a Sim with a New baby being born plus a birthday for my first preteen these things are giving me a headache the way they move so fast we have lots who have had head injuries in the past get sick by a certain speed of the game and with many other easier quests the speed of these monsters are taking away from other quests and the babies I have to take care plus there giving me a headache could these monsters be program them to stick to the park so my houses are in good shape and don't get dizzy from all these crazy monsters who are adorable little toddlers.

Kindest Regards

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