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*UPDATE 11.20.19* Spirit Guardian: SimLit Discussion

TheAemaSimmingTheAemaSimming Posts: 2,682 Member
Hey everyone! I have finally taken the leap and started up my second SimLit. This doesn't mean, for anyone of you who are following it, that McGinnis Legacy is going away. I still have 8 generations to go with that one but this story is one that has been in my head for years. I have attempted to write it many times and am hoping that I will finally be able to get it all out. I'm working very hard on it and already pretty proud of the story and characters that have begun to spring to life so I hope you will like them too.

Check out the first episode!
Episode 1: Sad Girl

The main character has an interesting legacy of her own. I won't spill any secrets yet but hopefully you'll get a glimpse in this first episode. Feel free to leave me some comments. I love the feedback!!!
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