June 5 - New Friday, new Friday Highlight. Check it out here!
June 3 - New The Sims 4 game update available for all platforms - Check out the patch notes here.
June 4/5 - We have released a small patch to address some issues on all platforms. Details here.


Hello Buddies! You’ve guys have been asking for it, and it’s finally starting again! I’m continuing my sims 4 save file and strangetown is going to be added! Since you all have given me so much support and love throughout pleasantview, I’m more than happy going through this journey again and adding to it. When it is all finished i will make the next version of the save up for download as well combining the two together. it will be no cc again, so all of you can enjoy it. If you cc on any of the townies here it’s just for the thumbnails.

If you want to check out rebuilding pleasantview here is the entire playlist as well as the town tour and download post!

Pleasantview LP:
Pleasantview Tour:
Pleasantview DL: http://therosebud.tumblr.com/post/173393426505/plesantview-no-cc-save-file


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