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Can EA add a adoption center to Sims Freeplay

There is allot of users I know who don't have the money to buy a Toddler which where I am is 4.99 but what if we created a adoption center and use sim coins for example

1500 sim coins for Toddlers
10000 Sim Coins for Pre-teens
12 Life points for Teenagers

Finally the adoption centre is runned by Nanny knows best bringing her character back.

Since I can't connect with Google player and I don't have a Facebook account I can't adopt toddlers etc. from Real Life Friends.

If we can buy horses with sims cash, Life points etc. Why can't we do the same Toddlers and in general Children who moved there child out of the city instead the just simply click send to adoption center.


  • Clairebear101Clairebear101 Posts: 1 New Member
    That would be so awesome! I hate having to wait until kids grow up or pay $5. I really hope that this becomes part of the game.
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