The Hectic Family Challenge

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The Hectic Family Challenge.

Goal: Collect every flavor sim. Occults. Temporary occults. Pets. Everything! As soon and as much as possible within a 120 YA/A lifespan. Its a point score based challenge and about having a fun, mixed up family that'll drive you crazy ^^

Note:To be able to play this challenge you'll need the Supernatural and Pets expansion pack and either World Adventures or University.
It's recommendable to have all expansions and an overstuffing mod (more then 8 sims in a household.)

Baby: 3 - Toddler: 4 - Children: 7 - Teens: 14 - Young Adult: 60 - Adult: 60 - Elder: 20

Without SN, Pets, WA or Uni, this challenge won't be the thing to play for you, see for the Baby Boomer Challenge instead if you're looking to play a pointscored family challenge. Found here:
Without an overstuffing mod: You may add 20 days - 10/10 to your YA/A lifespan. Meaning, going from 120 to 140days. You may age up your little burritobabies immediately after birth and toddlers as soon as they learned to potty, walk and talk.

Create just a mother and/or a father. Its up to your own if you want one or the other or both and if they are married, in love or just roommates.
You may create one pet alongside with them.
No money cheats, choose any home in any city.
I recommend choosing both as roommates and playing in Moonlight Falls with a home close to the Elixir shop. It'll make the challenge easier.

General Rules:
No cheating unless needed. (Resetsim)
No mods that will change the gameplay in your favor.
No changing of genetics. You may change hairstyle, makeup, clothing but no plastic surgery in CAS.
No early aging.
No boardingschool.
Any offspring may move out once they reached young adult.
Pets, plum-sim bots are with you until they perish.
You must have owned at the least one cat, dog and horse.
The founder(s) must make/buy/create the life states.
Travel as much as you can to use the time to get skills in to create for example, a plantsim or the potion to turn an imaginary friend real.
Fertility treatment *hint*

Each baby is assigned a lifestate.
You must complete the assigned life before they reach the seventh day (one week) into the Young Adult life stage.

If little Timmy Boo is assigned to be a zombie turned by brain freeze pink goo stuff and he goes to the Haunted House where he accidentally gets turned into a temporary ghost, tough luck, because it will not count and if Timmy gets the zombie state once and later on a second time, that will not count either.

What to do when you don't own a life state:
Like; You don't have genies in your game because you do not own the expansion they come with, you'll birth a little human baby, assign it to be a genie but you cannot complete it instead of adding the points, you take them away from your total and it'll count as an owned life state.

What to do when you fail to assign the life state you do own:
Like, you assigned Timmy to be a zombie but for the life of it you cannot manage to have him turn into one. Timmy is on his eight day of YA lifestage and so, Timmy was useless. Little Timmy Boo Boo does not count, he has 0 points.

Life states and points that can be earned with completing the life state.
If you have more babies from one lifestate its called an extra. Whether thats just the one more or ten more, own choice.


1. Human First baby, 50 Points.
Extra human babies, 0 Points.
2. Adopted Baby, 50 points.
Extra Adopted babies, 10 points.
3. Alien, 250 points.
Extra Alien, 100 points.
4. Ghost baby, 200 points.
Extra Ghost babies, 100 points.
5. Temporary Ghost, 100 points.
Extra temporary Ghost, 25 points.
6. Vampire, 200 points.
Extra Vampire, 75 points.
7. Werewolf, 200 points.
Extra werewolves, 75 points.
8. Witch, 200 points.
Extra witch, 75 points.
9. Fairy, 250 points.
Extra Fairy, 75 points.
10. Plantsim, 150 points.
Extra Plantsim, 50 points.
11. Genie, 150 points.
Extra Genie, 100 points.
12. Mermaid, 200 points.
Extra Mermaid, 100 points.
13. Mummy, 250 points.
Extra Mummy, 100 points.
14. Simbot, 150 points.
Extra Simbot, 50 points.
15. Plumbot, 150 points.
Extra Plumbot, 50 points.
16. Imaginary friend, 100 points.
Extra imaginary friend, 75 points.
17. Toadsim, 30 points.
Extra toadsim, 15 points.
18. Tragic Clown, 30 points.
Extra Tragic Clown, 15 points.
19. Zombie, 30 points.
Extra zombie, 15 points.

If you manage to complete getting all 19 life states before your founder(s) turn elderly, you earn 1000 points.


1. Cats, 50 points.
Extra Cats, 30 points.
2. Dogs, 50 points.
Extra dogs, 30 points.
3. Horse, 75 points.
Extra Horses, 50 points.
4. Small animals, one of each.
Turtles, snakes, birds, fish and alike, 25 Points.

Adopt a unicorn is optional but if you do so, it'll bring in 500 points!
How to adopt a unicorn: fYwtbkGGaFI (remove spaces)

Complete all pets (One cat, One dog, One horse and 10different small animals) is worth 200 points.

When your founder(s) turn eldery it's time to do a tally up!

For each young adult that has left the home married: 1250.
For each young adult that has left the home in a relationship: 1200.
For each young adult that left the home solo: 1100.
For each young adult that hasn't left the home: 1000.
For Timmy who hasn't completed his life state but left, or stayed: 0.
Teens: 800.
Children: 400.
Toddlers: 200.
Babies: 100.

Add all points earned from the life states and from the pets and that's your final score! Goodluck!
If you have any questions, comments or find something unclear or awkwardly worded, if you got tips, tricks or just a friendly word, let me hear!
Also, I would love to hear if you give this challenge a try or why not :)
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