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MySims Legacy Challenge **Last Updated (3/26/2023)**



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    SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,762 Member
    I still have a lot of generations to play so I cant wait to see some new implemented ideas! ^^
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    RemmoRemmo Posts: 597 Member
    Super excited to see the challenge updated. Great work Alexis!
    This play through, I'm going to approach it a little differently. When I find the MySim Collectables I'm going to keep them in a graveyard on a table. The other collectables in the museum as usual. I shall start with Chef Gino, but when he has an heir I shall try and match them to one of the most suitable available MySim trophies that I have found so far. The challenge then becomes to see if, not only I can complete the goals defined, but can I get the new Growing Together Trait swapper to fire to complete any missing traits that sim may need. When the time comes for a visit from Grim, if they have the correct traits and aspiration complete required for the MySim that inspired them, then the Mysim collectable can be claimed and placed near their tombstone; in essence, ticking that generation off the list = )
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    MossyMeowMossyMeow Posts: 54 Member
    I am still having a ton of fun with this challenge, although at this point I’m using it more as an outline for gameplay and storytelling than anything else. Right now I don’t even have aging on! (Mostly because I want to have plenty of time to explore infants, and also because there was an aging bug recently that I didn’t want to deal with). I’ve also spent some time messing around with mods. Currently I’m on Chaz’s generation, and he’s living in San Sequoia with his wife and two kids. His mother already completed the Strangerville Mystery aspiration, so I’m planning on doing the original Buddy generation goals when I get to that. I’m curious as to how successful others have been completing the goals with aging on.
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    alexis3142alexis3142 Posts: 1,113 Member
    Hey all, I've been loving hearing about you play-throughs and all the littles twists @Remmo I think my next play-through I'm 100% copying you and basing my next generation off the MySim Trophy I find!

    Not sure if anyone has been keeping an eye on the new home chef hustle pack but I'm super excited specifically for my favorite Chef Gino :p Im super surprised the stuff pack has new aspirations!!! And the PIZZA OVEN!!!! It's perfect, and 100% igniting my sims obsession again.

    I've said this before and I'll probably say it again, but I apologize for the lack of communication/updates. I struggle sometimes looking at this challenge because its so special to me that I find some generations so hard to change, and I don't want to change a generation so much that I make anyone upset or completly change a generation someone just finished and now they feel upset (not saying anyone would be mad but I know I feel like that would happen to me and being AuDHD some change is hard). But there are some generations I am dissatisfied with and I want to bring changes to, however its hard because my visions arent in the game.

    Elmira Clamp - I WISH we could own a library because I feel like when I think of Elmira is grumpy, strict, loner, and she just wants to read and not be bugged by anyone. I think I might move this generation to be under Leaf as hes "supposed to be" a rock star and a loud music lover. And on MySims wiki it says:
    "Her father was the lead drummer in the experimental rock band, Nothin’ But Drums, and her mother raised howler monkeys. Elmira hates noise, and she hates Sims who make noise. Like her Auntie Crumplebottom taught her: the best mouth is a shut mouth!"
    So let me know what you guys think! I don't know what I would do to change this generation specifically due to just content its hard in a legacy challenge cause we have generations like the loml Chef Gino where my boy has so much content in this game.

    Ol' Gabby - I haven't really updated this challenge for Horse Ranch however he gives grumpy Don Gooseman vibes. He likes to play a fiddle (violin?), hes a blacksmith (that would be so cool if we had that in the sims), he likes to tinker, and get in fights. How do you base a generation off that :s any ideas would be welcome because I feel like he needs some polish.

    Hopper - Frog boy. What more is there to say, adorable but lacking.

    Lyndsey - Maybe I just don't like how this generation is so based on Selvadorado because that pack isn't my favorite... I might wanna add some stuff regarding Snowy Escape like rock-climbing and reaching the top of Mt. Komorebi? Which makes me wanna rework Yuki but girl just likes to bite people LOL

    Jenny - The fan fiction pioneer... I gotta do some more brainstorming

    Yuki - Salary person does not fit this girl at all, and looking I think the only reason made this generation Snowy escape filled is because her name means "snow" in Japanese. But she also likes ghosts.... so maybe instead of salary person shes a Paranormal Investigator who likes to snowboard/ski.

    Leaf - pls sims team bring us rock bands!!

    Thank you for reading this wall of text, theres also part of me that thinks it might be a good idea to just remove the order of the generations too, idk how people feel about that but I'm just brainstorming. Hope you all are doing well and I love reading over everyones messages, you guys are the best Im super glad to have you all supporting and playing this challenge!

    Hi My Name is Lex!
    My Origin ID is Sinnamonalisa
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    ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,353 Member
    Hoping to get back to this soon.. I'm still in Gen one t.t but now when I open the pizza restaurant I can have a pizza oven :D
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    SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,762 Member
    If it is feedback you need, here is how I played the first 5 generations:

    Gen 1 - Pretty much 100% the same as you currently have described, was a good generation.
    • Master the Culinary Career (Chef Branch)
    • Complete the Master Chef Aspiration
    • Own a 5-Star Restaurant
    • Master following Skills:
    • Cooking
    • Gourmet Cooking
    • Baking
    • Mixology
    • Unlock the 27 City Living Recipes
    • Complete the Experimental Food Prints Collection and learn their recipes

    Gen 2 - Also pretty much 100% the same as you described
    • Complete the Party Animal Aspiration
    • Master following Skills:
    • DJ Mixing
    • Media Production
    • Dancing
    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Singing

    Gen 3 - I see that you changed Elmira into a professor, which I like. This was, goal-wise, the most uninteresting generation I played so far, but I made up for it with my hilarious gameplay. I also noticed that these goals are under Jenny now, but I bumped into a blogger career mod, and since I frequently use mods, I think I'm gonna turn Jenny into a blogger. But that's still a while away.
    • Get accepted into the Language & Literature Distinguished Degree
    • Graduate from the Language & Literature Distinguished Degree
    • Master the Writer Career (Author Branch)
    • Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration
    • Master following skills
    • Writing
    • Logic

    Gen 4 - My goals overlap with yours pretty well, but I added knitting because well, my Ol'Gabby representer was actually a softie and I thought it fit him xD
    • Master the Fishing Career
    • Complete the Angling Ace Aspiration
    • Complete the Lord of the Knits Aspiration
    • Master following skills:
    • Fishing
    • Handiness
    • Fabrication
    • Knitting
    • Complete the Fish Collection

    Gen 5 - Apart from the Country Caretaker Aspiration, I also added the Friend of the Animals Aspiration and focussed a lot on animals in general, cause I felt like this was the only animal-MySims trophy. It also helped that my heir was a green alien, so the frog-bit was very accurate for me xD
    • Have your Veterinarian Hospital get to 5 stars
    • Complete the Friend of the Animals Aspiration
    • Complete the Country Caretaker Aspiration
    • Master following skills:
    • Veterinarian
    • Pet Training
    • Complete the Frogs Collection
    • Complete the Feathers Collection
    • Get First Place in all 9 Finchwick Fair Competitions

    Currently playing gen 6, I think my gen 6 looks pretty similar to yours, although my traits are a bit different, and therefor also my uni degree and career. I went with Creative, Good and Snob. I don't even know if she likes art, it's only clear that she likes the dark, but she seems to dislike a lot of stuff so I think the critic career suits her, and then I prefer arts over food for her. Anyways, I feel like it works out for me!
    • Get accepted into the Art History Distinguished Degree
    • Graduate with an Art History Distinguished Degree
    • Master the Critic Career (Arts Critic Branch)
    • Complete the Good Vampire Aspiration
    • Complete the Vampire Family Aspiration
    • Master following skills:
    • Vampire Lore
    • Pipe Organ
    • Painting

    After Violet, Poppy is the next generation for me. I decided not to put Violet and Poppy together although I like the idea. I decided to get Jenny as my gen 8 with the blogger-mod stuff, just because every generation my heir is a different gender. Poppy will be female, Jenny will be male, Professor F will be female and TOBOR will be male. I needed it to be like this cause I need TOBOR to be male. Professor F will craft a Servo named TOBOR, who will be de next generation heir, and I found out that female servos can't get pregnant, but male Servos can :P so that works out better for me. Other details I haven't thought about yet, but I hope this already helps!
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    Designergirl81Designergirl81 Posts: 33 Member
    This is by far my FAVORITE Challenge. Here is what I have done with the generations I have played so far.

    Gen 1 - I kept it pretty much the same as your rules but added a few things.
    • Earned a University Culinary Degree
    • Mastered the Culinary Career (Chef Branch)
    • Mastered the Critic Career (Food Critic Branch)
    • Completed the Master Chef Aspiration
    • Owned a 5-Star Restaurant
    • Unlocked the 27 City Living Recipes
    • Unlocked all the Jungle Adventure Recipes
    • Completed the Experimental Food Prints Collection and learn their recipes
    • Mastered the Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Baking, and Mixology Skills
    • Earned the Spice Hound Trait at the Spice Festival

    Gen 2 - I kept it pretty much the same as your rules but added a few things.
    • Earned a Fine Arts Distinguished Degree at University
    • Completed the Party Animal Aspiration
    • Mastered the DJ Mixing, Media Production, Dancing, Piano, Guitar, and Singing Skills
    • Earned Gold at one (or more) of each Party type (i.e., Dinner Party, Birthday, Toddler Play Date, Spooky, Costume, Black & White, etc).

    Gen 3 - I was in the middle of this generation when you made the change from Author to Professor. I tied it into my game play by having my heir have a midlife crisis and want a career change.
    • Earned a Language & Literature Distinguished Degree
    • Mastered the Writer Career (Author Branch)
    • Completed the Bestselling Author Aspiration
    • Completed the Message in a Bottle Collection - used each message as inspiration for a story
    • Earned a Psychology Distinguished Degree
    • Completed the Education Career (Professor Branch)
    • Mastered the logic, writing, and research & debate skills

    Gen 4 - At this point I went rogue and decided to randomize the generations going forward rather than play them in any particular order. I randomly got the Hopper Generation (normally Gen 5). I am currently playing this generation and here is what I have done so far . . .
    • Earned a Biology Degree
    • Opened a vet clinic and got it to 4.5 stars. No matter what I did I could not get the 5th star.
    • Completed the Friends of the Animal Aspiration
    • Completed the Country Caretaker Aspiration
    • Currently working on the Champion Rider Aspiration
    • Completed the Frog Collection
    • Completed the Feather Collection
    • Mastered the Veterinarian and Pet Training Skills. Currently working on mastering horse back riding.
    • I am still working on trying to win first place in all the fair competitions. For some reason the fair glitches and I can't win the pie contest.
    • Working on winning Gold Medals in all of the horse competitions.
    • I haven't done it yet but I want to earn gold at a ranch animal event.

    When I do play the Ol'Gabby Aspiration I think I am going to move him to Portpromise and have him clean up the eco-footprint. I like the idea of starting out in an actual junk yard with his dog, maybe living in an old storage container and then working to give the neighborhood a green footprint. Maybe he works as a civil designer and fishes on the side. I also toyed with the idea of having him join the military. I know that is the career you have for the Buddy generation but I was thinking of having Buddy do the Secret Agent (Diamond Agent branch) career instead so would need someone else to do the military career.

    I like your suggested changes for the Yuki generation and have her being a paranormal investigator. That seems to fit her better than salary person.

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