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What's the last thing you ate?


  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 15,091 Member
    "Mudslide" ice cream
  • ChristelleChristelle Posts: 51 Member
    Chicken filled with sweet chili and cheese sauce
  • jvliajuliqjvliajuliq Posts: 91 Member
    not really ATE but orange juice
  • Scarletsin666Scarletsin666 Posts: 38 Member
    I had spaghettio 's but I'm either gonna go make a salad or get a slice of cake #pregnancyproblems
  • February11February11 Posts: 7,409 Member
    A handful of mixed nuts
  • I_Honestly_Cant24I_Honestly_Cant24 Posts: 28 Member
    Roast duck and noodles
  • February11February11 Posts: 7,409 Member
    Indian Home Delivery!
  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 15,091 Member
    Caramel M & M's
  • BumbledashBumbledash Posts: 33 Member
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,173 Member
    turkey burger with fries
  • PlushPlush Posts: 48 Member
    McDonalds stuff :o
  • SinilitySinility Posts: 31 Member
    Chick-Fil-A! It's my guilty pleasure.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 1,811 Member
    3/4 c. Kashi GoLean Toasted Berry Crisp cereal with 1 c. 2% Milk. SO good!

    Should've only used 1/2 c. milk, but I love milk and that's just more protein for the day, so it's all good. Darn, I forgot to slice up half a banana in it or better yet add raspberries. *pouts* Oh well, next time! :) I ate this stuff all the time when I was trying to lose some lbs. Lost 66! But gained back a few over the holidays. I'm a sucker for mashed potatoes and gravy and NO way was I going to skip the Prime Rib. We only have it once a year! ;)

    Have a great weekend! <3
  • KuroridaKurorida Posts: 259 Member
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  • yvyvninayvyvnina Posts: 11 New Member
    Hot chocolate.
  • February11February11 Posts: 7,409 Member
    left over vegetarian nachos
  • PlushPlush Posts: 48 Member
  • funbunz01funbunz01 Posts: 4 New Member
    I had dark chocolate B)
  • thenameslynith13thenameslynith13 Posts: 21 New Member
    A blueberry waffle, it was delicious X}
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 44 Member
    Eggs and Toasts with nut butter
  • EliGrangerSimmerEliGrangerSimmer Posts: 21 New Member
  • Bo_DummyBo_Dummy Posts: 2,172 Member
    Crisp Apple Pop-Tarts
  • Bad ArkaneBad Arkane Posts: 12,925 Member
    It was Chinese food last night.
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  • February11February11 Posts: 7,409 Member
    Vegetarian sausages, with roast potatoes, spinach and mushrooms in a garlic and balsamic dressing.
  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 15,091 Member
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