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❤ Chasing Hearts ❤ - Chapter 98 - 16 SEPT



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    Chapter 93 - Everything Seems Perfect...



    By the time we moved into our house within a hotel I was hugely plump and only weeks away from giving a birth. The hotel had been running sweetly with all the renovations and new decor, and the place buzzed constantly with ambience from guests and patrons. The time had come to pay back my mother in law which was easily done since the hotel had been making an incredible profit. We still needed a few more years at least to see a big run of hotel profits to see me own my half again. But it had gotten to the stage where that it didn’t mean a thing to us anymore. Major hotels wasn’t about whose it was now. Because it was ours. We had come to share everything over the months. And we felt more in love as months drew closer to the baby being born. We had a chance to see what we were going to have, but I liked Abby’s style of having a surprise too though I was certain I was having a boy. Sean was completely the opposite and thought I was carrying a girl. We discussed and compromised a lot on names, but never could quite agree on a name. But we just had that funny feeling that we would just feel it when the time came.


    One afternoon after breakfast I buzzed about the idea of going shopping for the baby. I felt like I had forgotten something and then blamed it on my ‘baby brain’. To be honest I was obsessed with baby clothes, and I was always adding small touches to the nursery that had only been complete for the last week. It still smelt slightly of paint, and it was the most gorgeous thing I had seen. Like something right out of a magazine. In fact our whole new house was like a show home … all secret within these hotel rooms. It felt surreal to actually have the dream within a dream… with a dream man.
    “I won’t know what it is til I get to the baby store…. But I’ll be back soon okay?”
    “Okay darling. I’ll see you after lunch okay?” Sean said blowing a kiss.
    “I love you, I’ll call you when I get into town…”


    I went down to the car and got inside Sean’s car knowing exactly where I was going. There was a beautiful boutique in London that had beautiful things that I had to go to.

    Trying to find parking close was always the worst when in London. I usually had to park in a parking garage and had to walk about 10 minutes. Which was becoming incredibly hard considering how big my belly was. By the time I reached the boutique, my feet felt swollen and I often took a seat on the bench just inside the store glancing at all the pretty things from afar. As I searched around the store, I knew I had probably clocked up more than $200 pounds on baby things, and I almost felt like I wasn’t done all the time. I knew the little voice in my head from Sean would say "why didn’t you get it?” But it felt like greed. After paying, I was tired again walking back to the car. When i made it back, I sighed relief and lent on the car placing the bag in the back. Without warning I felt a shove behind me and a something cold on my neck.
    “Okay, were not going to move… are we?” I shook my head in fear knowing exactly who it was. I could tell by her slippery tone in my ear. I struggled backward with her, “Do you realise how many months I’ve been waiting to see this day come? To finally get that guard and Sean away from your hip? Oh this is a good day...” she said evilly.



    “What do you want Samara?” I asked with my teeth gritted.
    “For you to get in this car. Right now… c’mon…” she said.
    “I need my pregnancy pills… they are in my car…” I said frantically trying to distract her. But the knife lent closer to my neck and she said,
    “Don’t think I won’t slit your throat Victoria. Don’t try anything…” she said backing away from me and grabbing my purse and throwing it in her car.


    “Now you… in…” I reluctantly got inside the car and gulped down hard. I knew getting my bag and my cell phone in her car was the last ditch I had to get Sean to track it. I had two phones, one for business and one for personal. So if he called and she smashed it, he might think to trace my other one. I was panicked as she started the car.
    “What are going to do to me?” I asked crying.
    “Wait very patiently, until you give birth of course. So I can get my baby…”
    “Your baby?! You’re out of your god dam mind do you know that!!!” I said angrily. She snatched a gun from the dash board and pointed it at me.
    “Shut up, just shut up. Just remember I don’t need you to get that baby out!” she threatened. “But with you gone, and me with the baby … Sean will come back to me,” Samara smirked. She was jaded in such a psychotic up way, but I feared for my life and the baby’s.


    I couldn’t believe this was happening.

    Sean and I had got that comfortable in the last 6 months that Samara became the last thing on our minds. After the massive manhunt with no avail, we figured she fled the country. When she obviously laid low for a while before she began following us again. I couldn’t believe we had been so blinded at the idea of her returning. We drove right out of London and even went through St Albans and drove for hours and hours without stopping. The highway showed me that we were past Leeds, and driving further North towards Scotland. But I wasn’t quite sure. It was like I was in a nightmare, like something you would see in a scary movie, or something you read about. Nothing could have ever prepared it happening to me. But after reading my books about pregnancy, I was trying to keep my cool knowing that stress could bring on labour. And at this stage I felt that me being pregnant was the only thing keeping me alive. Samara was eerily quiet for hours, like she had a plan and she was running it in her head.

    Why hadn’t Sean called?


    We pulled up to what looked like a rundown and abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere near the coast. I could smell the ocean breeze and it was bitterly cold. I checked my arm and saw that more than 4 hours had passed and it was after 2pm. Samara unlocked the shack that was surrounded by trees and took me inside.
    “So I read in a mummy magazine that you’re due in a few weeks. I guess it’s a shame Sean will miss the delivery…” she said shoving me toward the back of the shack. The shack was fixed up slightly to be liveable but it was gritty and it stunk. It seemed kind of off the grid and I wondered if that was why Sean hadn’t called.

    Maybe my phone had no signal?

    Samara pointed to the seat with the gun and i sat down before Samara grabbed my arms and cable tied them hard to the back of the chair.


    “You don’t need to do this…” I cried.
    “I’ve been waiting for my baby to come…” she smiled. I sobbed and she stopped for a moment hearing my phone ring from my bag. She grabbed it and held it holding her finger over her mouth.
    “Oh look its Sean…” she smiled and let it ring out more than 5 times. The phone rang again and finally she swiped across to open it placing it on speaker,
    “Vic, baby where are you?”
    “I’m sorry, Victoria cannot come to the phone…”
    “SAMARA?!” Sean said sounding scared.
    “Hi Sean…”
    “If you hurt her… I promise you…” And without warning Samara punched me in the face causing me to whimper.


    My face burned and I grunted while she continued to speak,
    “You can’t promise anything. No one has found me for more than 6 months. So good luck!” she said swiping the phone to hang up. Immediately after she threw my phone on the floor and stomped on it excessively until it was in several pieces.
    “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to punch that pretty little face of yours…” she smiled. “But I talked to him for like 15 seconds, no one is going to be able to trace that honey. Looks like your stuck here with me…” she finished.
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    And she's back!! >:) I sure hope Sean finds her! Maybe he will track the other phone...
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    Yikes... Sean.... hurry!!!
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    Chapter 94 - Trying To Get Away


    She was right about being stuck here with her. Hours bled into days, and days bled into weeks. I decided not to speak with her and try and just be calm. She often spoke to herself, and she spoke to me when I asked to be un-tied to go to the bathroom. I wanted to think I could over power her with her gun, but I was that heavily pregnant and I felt weak because I wasn’t getting much more than crackers, sandwiches and water. At night, she tied me up to a bed post and dragged a lounge inside the door and slept right beside me.


    Even then she rarely slept. I was sure she was taking something that was keeping her awake. She would startle at any sound outside, or me rattling my hand cuffs on the bed post. No one found Samara in this long, I was starting to have the realisation that I might die in this shack and Samara would take my baby.

    How would anyone ever find me?

    I needed to get out of the cable ties she left on my hands when she was out of the room. I could shuffle on my chair, but the cupboard was a metre away to even try anything. I continued to spy around the room and I began to notice little things. Things that could help me get away. I noticed a lonely nail sticking outside of one of the cupboards that I could reach. I shifted my chair on the floor boards and prayed she wouldn’t hear me.


    I lent against the cupboard and struggled to get my wrists up high enough for me to hook the nail around it. Just as I did Samara stepped into the room. I slowly unhooked it and looked at her as if nothing was wrong.
    “So when’s the due date?” Samara asked.
    “The 15th…” I replied.
    “Ooo like three days away. I’m getting excited I hope you’re ready. I mean if there’s any complications, I don’t really have many tools to save you. Huh… not that I would…” she laughed.
    “What do you really want Samara? I mean all charges against you can be dropped just like that and you can go back to your life if that’s that you want…” I begged.
    “Oh honey. I’m invincible. They're never going to catch me…” she said sarcastically.
    “Sean is happy don’t you want that for him?” I asked.
    “HE WAS HAPPY WITH ME!” she screamed, “Until all you all came into his life and stuffed it all up. I’ve been waiting for the baby to come since I told Sean I was pregnant...” she said rubbing her flat stomach. I looked at her confused. She didn’t look at me and she kept rubbing her stomach, “Sean will want to us to be a family…” she whispered. I didn’t really know what to say.


    Was she hallucinating?

    She began muttering to herself again and tapping her head and shaking.
    “What do the voices say?” I said quietly. Samara turned around shocked and glared at me. She dismissed me for a moment and shook her head again exiting the room. It worried me because I knew she was severely mentally unwell. I started to imagine the worse scenarios in my head almost knowing how everything was going to pan out. The baby kicked and I talked to my belly praying that the baby would stay in there because I was beginning to lose all hope. I feared I wouldn’t meet or live to see them grow up. It’s like all my dreams were smashed to pieces because of this woman. We shouldn’t have taken the freedom from her so slightly. Otherwise it never would have happened.
    “Just stay in there for mumma… please…” I said looking down at my stomach crying.

    I closed my eyes as I felt the baby move again, picturing myself holding my stomach with Sean beside me. I had to have faith that he would find me. 


    I must have fallen asleep in the chair from pure exhaustion but awoke suddenly to a sharp pain in my pelvis. It was crippling to the point where I grunted in pain. It happened again just as the pain eased from the first,
    “Oh god…” I cringed. I panicked and tears came down my cheeks as I felt my heart beating heavily out of my chest. I found myself hyperventilating and my eyes darted around the room wondering where Samara was.

    Was I about to go into labour? And how would I keep this from her.

    My pelvis felt heavy and my back ached sitting in the chair. I was just uncomfortable and sitting still was hard. I hadn’t had any sharp pains for more than 10 minutes, but I decided to hook my cable tie over the nail again and gently pull at it hoping to weaken it. After a persistent 5 minutes, it broke and I was in shock thinking it wouldn’t happen. I had one chance… but I had to do it quietly. I slid off the chair and grabbed her knife off the table. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but I slowly backed out of the shack with the knife shaking in my hands.



    As soon as I was off the porch, I cradled my stomach and ran as fast as I could. I burst through trees, and shrubs with no idea where I was going. I wanted to scream for help, but I felt if I did she would hear me and come and find me. I stopped against a tree and tried to listen for anything. Because it was dark I couldn’t tell what direction to go. I just wanted to stay in the thick of the trees and off any pathways.

    I ran around til it I could see the sky change again. It was obviously very early morning and I had been in the wilderness for hours. I was exhausted, and my legs and feet felt swollen. I was lost. I had a gut feeling that Samara knew I was gone by now and was probably looking for me. But this scrub land seemed never ending, either that or I was circling around. I looked for any change in sounds, but all I could hear was bugs and birds. As a last ditch of hopelessness I screamed,
    “HELP!” It felt as though it echoed through the woods. I sat and cried, because I was completely defeated. Every time I got up from the ground, the weight in my legs would nearly drop me to my knees again.


    All of sudden I heard a car nearby. I stood up and hid amongst the trees. Once the car sound disappeared I heard it come back again back and forth. And in the distance I could see a faint silhouette of a person. With the last burst of energy that I had, I got up and ran knowing that the car was going to return.
    “HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE!!!” I screamed on the top of my lungs. As I ran toward them I stopped feeling an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.


    It was Samara. She was sprinting towards me and I knew I couldn’t out run her even if I tried. But I had to, even just to hide. As I turned away to run a gunshot burst behind me. I didn’t know if she was shooting at me or in the air, but I was petrified  enough to stop. I stumbled and fell to my knees and she caught up to me,
    “Tell me why I shouldn’t just shoot you right now you little witch…” Samara said exasperated. I bawled and shook my head. I felt the pain in my pelvis again and held my stomach.
    “Having labour pains are we?” she said pointing the gun at me.
    “No I’m just sore,” I said breathlessly.
    “You’re going to be sore. And this little stunt is not happening again. Someone’s going to be a mother today. And it’s not going to be you… now move,” Samara growled shoving me in the behind making me fall forward.
    “I don’t think I can…”


    “A few hours, so get going! Unless you want to give birth out here…” I didn’t want to give birth at all. I prayed I was having fake labour pains or something, because the pain wasn’t getting worse.
    “GET UP!” she screamed. I cried hopelessly and struggled to my feet walking back to the shack.
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    Oh the suspense!!! :o
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    Cliffhanger!!!! Please don’t be in labor! Hold on just a little longer so Sean can find you.
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    Chapter 95 - It's Over

    Victoria POV

    I saw a car again, going back and forth and Samara was beginning to get really spooked by it making us duck behind trees.
    “Don’t even think about calling for that car… because I will shoot you in the head,” she said leaning the gun around the back of my head as a dawdled. The day was getting brighter and I could see two different cars in the distance coming down the same road Samara and I had come down. We were coming up behind the shack and there was 5 or 6 cars out the front of it.
    “Look what you have done. I’ve managed to stay off the grid all this time… and the cops are here…” I was relieved but I still didn’t know what she was going to do.
    “Just let me go or you’re going to get caught…”
    “Shut up…” she whispered pressing the gun in my back. “I have a better idea…” she said pushing me closer to the house.


    “I GOT YOUR GIRL!” she yelled holding me around the neck and pointing a gun to my temple. “This way I still get what I want Vic…” she whispered.
    “I’m Jeffrey Kirk, I’m with the police... Samara Becke, you’re under arrest. Please drop your weapon!” Suddenly out of one of the cars I saw Sean run towards me,
    “Oh… OH my god!” he said dropping down powerless to help me. “Samara… Please…” he pleaded. I cried at the very sight of him and closed my eyes.


    “I’m going to walk away from this and you are all going to let me… otherwise your girl here is going to get a bullet in the brain…”
    “Samara what do you want? I’ll do anything you want…” Sean begged. Samara pointed the gun at Sean and I screamed in horror,
    “No… noooooo…” As she stepped away from me with her fingers pressed on the trigger. I heard a radio in the background and all of a sudden everything seemed to go in slow motion as an officer dived on Sean and I heard a loud ringing.


    I saw Samara fall backwards with a gunshot wound to her chest. I darted toward Sean as he scrambled to his feet to hold me. He held me frantically and we both cried against each other’s shoulder.
    “Oh Vic…” he said shaking all over, “I was so scared…” he said completely distraught.
    “How did you find me?”



    “Your cell phones were untraceable honey. In this area. It was just a long long process over traffic cams and chasing them back. We lost them off one highway and we’ve been scouring the area for the last 5 days…” Sean and I both turned to Samara who seemed to be struggling for breath while officers surrounded her calling paramedics over the radio.
    “Don’t watch,” he said turning me around. But I almost wanted to see her suffer, like she made me. I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to get through this, but I knew I would with Sean beside me. I was supposed to be enjoying the last weeks of my pregnancy just enjoying every last kick and Sean rubbing my pregnant belly. We were supposed to love every last moment we had as a couple before there was three of us. But it was taken from me. I continued to stare at her helpless on the ground and silent.


    It took a long time to get home. Sean and I talked constantly about my ordeal and every detail to him was as shocking as the next. He felt guilty, and he was upset. Even knowing that Samara was in an ambulance somewhere and under police watch, I still felt unsafe … I didn’t feel right. Something was strange … I felt oddly ill. I figured it was the anxiety and lack of sleep and food so I ignored it sitting on the bed.
    “I told the cops you are not up for a statement right now,” Sean said.
    “I feel awful…”
    “You have been through a lot darling. I don’t even know how to make this better…” he said with his lip quivering.
    “I’m home now… please keep it together. For me…”
    “Your right, your right…” he said touching my face. “How about I get the chef to bring us some food and I will draw you a bath.” He offered. It actually sounded fantastic.
    “Would you? I haven’t had one in a week…” I announced.
    “Of course,” he said giving me a glass of water. I took a refreshing sip and I automatically felt relief drinking the entire contents. I put the glass down and walked into the bathroom watching Sean sprinkle in bath salts. He helped me undress and held my hand to aide me into the water while I sat down.


    “You’re totally right. This is exactly what I needed,” I said feeling relaxed.
    “I’m sorry all this happened Vic. Samara was my bad choice way back when. She’s remained a pain in my butt for far too long. You should have never endured that…”
    “You could have never anticipated that either. And we can’t undo it…”
    “Would you agree to talk with someone about what happened? I don’t want to see you suffer in any way. I hope that you can find some solace in knowing she’s not going to hurt you now…”
    “This is the second time for me now Sean. I got over it the first time. I’ll do it again knowing she’s actually caught now…” I announced.
    “I’m here if you want to talk darling…”
    “I know. I know…” After talking casually about the baby for about 20 minutes the water began to cool and I got Sean to help me out. Sean stretched out a towel for me and I wrapped it around myself. I dried myself all over and dried my legs several times still feeling wet.
    “God I just cannot get dry…” I said smiling as I went to dry my legs again… Sean glanced at my leg again as I pulled the towel around.
    “Darling, you’re trickling… I don’t think that’s water…” he said pointing a few lines of fluid coming down my leg.


    “Oh my god? Is it time…?” I said feeling scared and excited at the same time. And when a larger gush of water came from me ... Sean looked at me again,
    “Yeah I think it’s definitely time…”
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    Next chapter please! :p This one was great! <3
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    Viktoria looks so sweet and pretty in that last picture. <3
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    updating tomorrow :) only 5 chapters to go :( (im slowing down here procrastinating actually *cries)
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    updating tomorrow :) only 5 chapters to go :( (im slowing down here procrastinating actually *cries)

    I love to see a story end because a new one can begin, letting the creative juices can pour out in new excitement!
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    I hope ur ready for a creepy story next....
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    I hope ur ready for a creepy story next....

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    Chapter 96 - The Baby Is Here


    Victoria wailed and swore. I looked at her stunned while she chucked a vicious face at me. “Make it stop make it stop…” she begged at me.
    “Don’t worry Dad that’s normal,” the nurse whispered as I was getting Victoria ice chips. Victoria snatched the cup and scoffed the entire contents chewing them loudly before wailing again. I felt useless to help her. I wanted to be close to her, I actually wanted this to be an intimate time for us. But she was ropeable. Nothing soothed her, and Victoria had remained confident about not wanting to use an epidural during childbirth.
    “Here scoot forward darling, I’ll rub your back…” Victoria looked up at me tears streaming down her cheeks. She needed me, you could see it in her eyes … but was nearly at the point of not letting anyone touch her. Her level of comfort was so compromised she was not thinking straight at all. Reluctantly she leant forward and I slid in behind her and she let me caress her back gently.
    “I’m sorry Sean… I just cannot escape this agony. I thought I was ready and I was stronger than this,” she said.


    “Darling you are strong,” I said smoothing her hair aside as she lent her weight into me and looked up.
    “Oh god here comes another one, rub my back really hard at the bottom…” she said as her whole face screwed up. “That’s good, yeah. Keep doing that…” she said breathing easier.

    Victoria had done the hard yards, she had been in labour for more than 14 hours and everyone was in the waiting room waiting for her to give birth. My mother arrived along with Beth... and Daphne also took time off so she could be here. But Victoria was done, she had enough. She got to the point where she had begged for the drugs. The nurse said that she was less than 2 centimetres away from being fully dilated, and that the contractions were too close together to get the spinal epidural in without something going wrong. This of course made her livid. She definitely started showing signs of the ‘old Victoria’ I knew unleashing her frustration at her nurses.
    “Why do women ever want to do this more than once? This is absolute unbearable torrrrrrrttttttttuuuuuurrrrreeee,” she said screaming through another contraction. Her last few weeks of ‘torture’ with Samara was completely swept under the rug considering the pain she was in. I just wanted to take it from her for just a moment so she could take a breath.


    “I’m here darling, what do you need?”
    “I want to push… I want to push… tell the nurse I have to push now, if that nurse doesn’t get here and catch it, you be ready okay?” she said unrationally. I smirked at first, but she looked dead serious and I slapped the buzzer on the wall. The nurse casually came in and sighed,
    “The doctor is standing by…”
    “I’m pushing, I can’t wait anymore,” she cried.
    “Let me check you again…” She said pulling around the curtain and flicking Victoria’s sheet off her legs.
    “Oh my goodness, you’re crowning!” she said shocked.
    “What does that mean?” Victoria said worried.
    “It means I can see the baby's head…” she said as she got up off the bed urgently and came back in with Victoria’s midwife within one minute. I went to go and check what the nurses were seeing and I was completely shocked, but tried to look at Victoria with a smile.
    “Help my back… help my back…” Victoria begged. I leaned behind her again dangling my leg over the side as the midwife asked Victoria to give a big push to get the head out. I braced her as she screamed the entire hospital wing down and fell back into me.


    I dabbed her head first before she barely waited to push again. I felt myself get emotional all of a sudden and I could see the baby’s face from over Victoria’s shoulder. My body jerked against hers and she felt it looking up at me.
    “I can see the baby’s face…” Victoria leaned down as the nurse had turned the baby to face her.
    “C’mon Victoria one more push…” Victoria’s scream was like a relieving climax to all of this. And within 15 seconds the nurse held the baby up in front us,
    “Congratulations …” she said as the baby let out a dainty little cry. “It’s a little girl…” Victoria held her arms out immediately for our baby girl and placed her against her chest and looked down at her just crying. I actually couldn’t tell who was crying more between us, but she looked up at me speechless,
    “She’s beautiful…”


    “She’s incredible darling. She’s …” I said completely amazed.
    “Here dad do you want to do the honours?” the nurse said handing me some surgical scissors. I slid my body out from behind Victoria and cut the cord. I watched as the nurses took the baby over to weigh her and clean her up. I probably filled my phone with at least 100 pictures in a small space of 5 minutes. She was placed in my arms and I led her back to the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as I sat next to Victoria.
    “Do you have a name now that you have seen her little face…?”
    “Not really. But I do like the name Eden. And my mother’s name was Maeve,”
    “Eden Maeve Hyatt. It’s a beautiful name. Why didn’t you mention Eden before?”
    “It’s just something I thought of in the last few days…”
    “I think it’s perfect…” I said. “Hey my beautiful Eden…” I smiled. I passed the baby to Victoria and she grabbed her tiny hand, “Hey... I’m your Mumma…” she said crying.


    After Victoria and I took a good hour doting on our brand new baby daughter, I went out to the Visitors room to announce the news,
    “It’s a girl, everything is fine…” I wasn’t exactly prepared for a group hug but I got one anyway. “C’mon mum come and meet your new granddaughter…” I said ushering her down the hall. My mother was a ball of emotions when she saw Victoria cradling the baby in her arms.
    “What’s her name?”
    “Eden Maeve…” Victoria said sweetly. She was in love at first sight as was Victoria and I was. And everyone that followed after my mother was in complete awe and utterly happy for us.
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    So happy for them! :) I love the name! <3
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    Welcome to the world Eden! <3 They look so happy. Sean is smitten with both of his girls.
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    Chapter 97 - That Chapter Has Ended


    Loving little Eden came to Victoria and I like a fish to water. Parenting fit us like a glove. And the first three months passed like nothing. Actually Victoria and I had wondered where the time had gone. Either we were like sleepless zombies or the business was just crazy between guests, diners, baby Eden, and each other. But there was one day that Victoria was dreading, and it had come too fast… and that was to see Samara again. It was too soon for her. I requested a health professional to come and talk with Victoria every week to make sure that she was maintaining good mental health considering her first few weeks as a mother were quite emotional. The ordeal with Samara had given her zero time to recover before she was thrown into parenthood so suddenly. I sat with her some sessions to make sure that I was doing what I could for her to feel good and not fall back down.


    Even though Samara was shot in the chest, she managed a full recovery and it was the day of her court date. Victoria gave several statements based around the many run in’s she had with her, but it was time to testify in court so Samara’s sentence could be handed down to her. I also had to give the court a character profile on her and the time we dated, along with my ordeal with Pammie. Who I was also going to see in court since Pammie was asked to testify against Samara too. My past was about to come up with these women which I knew would be difficult for Victoria to hear, but at the same time I didn’t want any secrets. I wanted her to hear everything so anything about my past was never a question.


    Victoria was highly against going because she didn’t want to leave Eden, but at the same time she knew she didn’t want Samara to see the baby. We left the baby with my mother and Beth knowing it was going to be a long day in court.
    “I hope she’s OK…” Victoria said literally 20 minutes after dropping her at the Hyatt.
    “Oh look at you mother hen, she’ll be fine. You know how much my mother adores her. She has been dying to baby sit from the day she was born…”
    “I hope she’s not crying,” Victoria said worried. I placed my arm around her and pulled her in trying to assure her. It was the first time Victoria and I had been away from her, and she wasn’t coping as well as I was.

    Arriving at the court house, Victoria and I waited in the back of the room and I could see Victoria’s eyes on Samara while the judge rattled off a list of charges,
    “Kidnapping, aggravated assault, attempted murder, hit and run, stalking, and harassment. The list is long Miss Becke…” Through it all she had kept her mouth shut and pretended to remain innocent.
    “Can I please call Miss Major to the stand?” A lawyer said.


    Victoria’s questions back and forth was like reliving the whole thing all over again without her missing a beat. She was strong though, because she kept her head together and didn’t let Samara see how much she hurt her. She remained bitter and I could hear spite and anger in her voice as she spoke. Victoria had no worries pointing all fingers at Samara when asked who did it. Pammie was a little weaker on the stand and she broke down more than a few times. I didn’t realise it was still effecting her the way it did all this time, but even though Samara was the guilty one, these women had suffered all at the hands of me. If I never allowed Samara to be a part of my life, they wouldn't be feeling what they were feeling right now.


    I felt awful.

    Finally when I took the stand I was asked tough questions that now seemed sickening.
    “So tell me what kind of relationship you had with Samara Becke?”
    “I met her at a party, it was a meaningless hook up...”
    “You liar!” Samara said getting up out of her chair pointing her finger at me.


    “Hook up? Can you please explain?” the lawyer asked.
    “We met a few times in a sexual nature. But in no way I was in a relationship with Samara Becke…” I said honestly.
    “He’s lying!” Samara said passionately tying to argue the point.
    “Miss Becke, sit down and be quiet…” The judge said.
    “How did the kidnapping of Pamela Cromwell take place?”
    “Well I was also in a relationship with Miss Cromwell. Samara had gotten jealous and kidnapped after she discovered our relationship…”
    “How did you come to discover Miss Cromwell's Whereabouts? Did Miss Becke alert you where she was?” The lawyer asked.
    “No…” I said defensively. “I heard that Pam was doing a story and had gone to visit her at her home. I became really worried and took the opportunity to go and see Samara to see if Pam was there…” My grilling was relentless. I always felt like I had to fully defend everything I said because the lawyer was set on trying to incriminate me with whatever statements Samara had given her. I too become quite agitated and by the time I got off the stand I was mentally drained and sought Victoria for comfort.

    Victoria and I went out for Lunch and checked on the baby waiting for the verdict. As we were finishing lunch we got a call from the court house to make sure we were back in court by 3pm. As soon as we got there the judge wasted no time handing down Samara’s sentence. Samara was deemed to be bipolar and schizophrenic and not under any kind of medical attention or assistance when she conducted acts of insanity.


    The judge handed down her a sentence of 20 years without the possibility of parole in a maximum security mental health facility. Victoria looked at me somewhat relieved and hugged me as we watched Samara leave the room.
    “In 20 years, I might just take up that offer and go and move to Australia…”
    “In 20 years, we could go into early retirement and just let someone run our hotels. We could live quiet and happy."
    “I don’t want to ever have to worry or look over my shoulder…” Victoria replied.
    “Are we making plans for 20 years time?” I asked her.
    “I don’t know... are we?” she smiled.
    “You’ll still be beautiful ... and silver and still the light of my life…” I said smearing over a strand of her hair.
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,389 Member
    Yes!!! She got what she deserved. Poor Sean though, having to relive his experiences with Pammie and Samara in front of Viktoria. But it sees that she took it all in stride. Good for her.
  • haswhhaswh Posts: 2,750 Member
    Good she got what she deserved! I think it should have been a bit harsher but 20 years is a good long time!
  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,825 Member
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    @haswh after a little research, people who usually go into a mental health facility for that amount of time do not come out and cannot usually be rehabilitated. It's likely Samara will never be free with the illness she has and the crimes she committed.

    Even though she has crimes stacked against her, she never killed anyone EVENTHO she tried to! But that's the maximum penalty without cause of death. And over the months, though guilty her lawyer would have likely asked her to plead insanity to get her term spent in a mental health facility as opposed to jail.
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    Chapter 98 - Fit For A Princess

    I wasn’t 100% sure whether Victoria knew, but tomorrow was a first anniversary for us. It was 1 whole year since our first date at the Ritz. At the time, it didn’t seem like a date, but half way through it became one. And this night was also the same night Eden was conceived. There was more than one thing to celebrate. Victoria took some time to shower, while Eden was on a mission to bawl the hotel down while I tried to get her to settle. Finally when she gave in I closed her door quietly and walked out with the baby monitor. I entered the dining room and greeted the front of house management and grabbed the dinner time reservations book.
    “How are we for this evening?”
    “Were all set sir…” he replied.
    “I’ve put on extra staff for tonight,” I said passing back the book. Just as I went to turn around Victoria came in looking refreshed.
    “Is she down?” I passed her baby monitor that had a camera on it and Victoria smiled looking at me.
    “Soooo Miss Major, do you know what today is?” I asked scooping her around her waist from behind.


    “Should I know what today is?” she asked.
    “Well I want to celebrate our first date, by having a date night… our very first one.”
    “The Ritz? A year ago… Really?” she scoffed.
    “Call me an old romantic, but I saw it in my diary a few weeks back. And I decided to make a reservation…” I said gritting my teeth hoping she would agree.
    “Did you make a babysitting reservation too?” she asked.
    “Indeed I did. Beth literally fought my mother for the position. Plus Eden gets to stay here in her bed when she stays here with Beth. So it’s just a better idea really…”
    “You know much I love the Ritz…” she announced.
    “I do, plus I’m feeling very nostalgic about the place. It was our first date darling…”
    “I guess I better find a nice dress… I think we actually need a date. Maybe you can book us a room for a couple of hours and we can skip dessert?” she winked.
    “Well I never anticipated that reservation, but I will be getting on that right now…” I smiled.


    "Do you mind if I go and buy a new dress? I’ve kinda gone up a size since the baby. I was hoping to wear something special…”
    “Of course. Though you would look fancy in anything, why don’t I call Beth and you girls can go and have a spa or something to get ready for this evening. I will watch the baby today…” Victoria’s shoulders slumped and she gave me a look to show me that she appreciated me.
    “What did I ever do to deserve you Sean Hyatt?” she said coming over to kiss me.


    When Eden woke up I dressed her and packed her up ready to go out. I messaged Beth and Victoria about going into London with the baby to get out of the ‘house’. It wasn’t my intention at all, because I had one purpose tonight … and that was to ask Victoria Major to become my wife. I went into a massive jewellery store in London and pushed Eden’s pram up to a counter holding onto her handle and pushing it along the window until a cashier came along to help.
    “May I help you?” I was a little nervous. Even though Victoria and I were having a perfect relationship, there was also that hint of rejection that lingered in the back of my mind.
    “I need a ring that is fit for royalty…” I said seriously.
    “OH…” she said shocked.
    “What is your budget?” she asked.
    “No budget…”


    “So royalty. Do you have a princess in mind?” she asked.
    “Yeah I do. She’s my princess anyway.” The cashier blushed and uncontrollably smiled.
    “She doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery. She is not at all materialistic. I know she would be happy with a plain ring. But I want her to have something a royal would wear. I want one of the princesses of England to feel bloody jealous. If you know what I mean…”
    “Usually their stuff is handmade…” she announced.
    “Ok well show me all your hand made special items then… and can you do a resize of it from a ring that I give you immediately?” I said almost demanding it. “I have a ring of my girlfriend’s here so you can check her size,” I said reaching into my back pocket.
    “Uhm, of course…” It may take many hours though. But just give me a moment…” she said walking away to find me some rings to look at.

    After 5 minutes she called me into a back room and sat me down at a table with a velvet tray with several rings on it.
    “Now these rings are royally made. Some sit here for many years just on display because of their price. But considering you have asked for royal, no budget, and handmade ... I’ve selected a few for you to consider.” I checked Eden who had fallen back to sleep and then looked at each ring individually. Over the years I had seen so many beautiful rings, and so many beautiful women wearing them. But I pictured each ring on Victoria’s finger.”
    “How many carat’s is this one?” I asked liking the ring I had.


    “Well that one has 7 carats. Which actually has half a carat more of diamonds than the newest princesses ring…” She smiled. She placed Victoria’s ring on a sizing pole and placed the ring that I chose on the pole just after it.
    “It’s like she was meant to have it. It’s exactly the same size…” she smiled.
    “That’s the one…” I said taking it from her again and admiring it.
    “When’s the big night?” she asked.
    “Are you nervous?” She asked.
    “If you asked me this question a year ago, I would have said yes. But not anymore. I’m ready… I’ll write you a cheque…” I said taking out my book.

    Later that evening I requested Victoria meet me at the Ritz. And I left Eden with Daphne until Beth could come to babysit. I waited in the lobby for her making sure the entire plan was put in place for her to arrive. I had spoke to Duncan in advance and booked out his entire dining room for the evening weeks ago. The room was decorated for just us with fairy lights, balloons and flowers. I was set up in the room with the doors closed waiting for Victoria to come through. I wanted to make sure I had all the right things to say. I knew when the minute came to propose … I hoped it would just come out naturally.

    Finally Victoria came through the door and she gasped at the sight. Her eyes scanned the room and she looked at me in surprise. I took her arm while she looked around in amazement.


    “I mean I knew I was coming back here for a nice dinner, but I didn’t realise it was going to be just us…”
    “There’s a reason it’s just us…” I said breathing out hard and taking her hand. “Victoria. You are beautiful. I think we have been through every kind of emotion in a life time in just a year. Between Eden, our business, our love and hate at times we have felt when we met … we overcome that. We overcame ourselves. That fear of the future is gone now because we both want it. We both want forever. You inspire me, you taught me how to be stronger, you make me a better man … and you’re the first person I have ever truly loved. Together with you I can do more than I ever thought I could. That’s why…” I said holding her hand down low and dropping to my knee. “Victoria Major, would you make me the happiest man alive by becoming my wife?” I said popping a ring box open. Victoria’s mascara was already streaming down her cheeks and she covered her mouth nodding.


    “Yes?” I said with misty eyes.
    “Yes…” she said blubbered. I pulled the ring from the box and slid it on her finger and it fit perfectly. Her hand shook as she took a second to admire it before kissing me passionately.
    “Oh my god I’m engaged,” she said smiling.
    “Well I’m glad you said yes, because I kind of invited everyone to celebrate with us. Kind of like engagement party?” I announced.
    “Everyone?” she asked.
    “Everyone…” I said heading towards the other end of the room and opening a door. Everyone came out holding a glass of champagne and a waiter followed through passing one to Victoria and I. All of our friends, family, and colleagues began to fill the room. Victoria was surprised and overwhelmed and looked around at everyone,
    “So she said yes. You’re looking at the future Mr and Mrs Hyatt…” I said loudly. Everyone raised their glasses and came to congratulate us all.


    While we were talking with everyone, the waiters came in and re set tables and people sat in groups at tables and we all prepared for a beautiful dinner celebrating nearby with everyone. Including baby Eden who had come along with Beth.
    “You knew this is something that I would have wanted for a party…”
    “I know you’re not about huge events. So I saw two birds, and I guess we can call that massive stone in your ring... The stone…”
    “I couldn’t have asked for anything more…”
    “When dinner is over, I did book that room… and our babysitter is here,” I winked.
    “I can’t think of a better way to finish the night…” she smiled.
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    Awe that went just perfect! <3 🥂🎉

  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 245 Member
    Hello there.

    I had a bit of a binge read as I've only just discovered this story and haven't read a lot of Sim Lit before. I enjoyed it a lot, lots of drama and good use of CC poses. So is Sean and Victoria's story done for the moment or are there more twists in the tale? What will happen with Pammie and will the next installment see her as the protagonist?
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    This is kinda a second installment...

    Chasing hearts is actually a spin off from my other story fine lines. Also on the forum here in my siggy. Kinda a prequel to what Sean was doing before this. It's also near 200 chapters if ur in for a huge read. The main character is Abby Greene (who you may have seen in his recent chapters).
    Pammie was a side character... she was a main character but I changed Sean's story mid way due to my own reasons. I didn't want to see Sean's story predictable. Sean's life with pammie seemed like old news. And Sean was done with her in the end. All of these romances were a bit of a slow burn but ultimately he has Victoria. Which is where I felt like it needed to end.
  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 245 Member
    Looks like I've got a lot of reading to do....
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