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Mermaids on Cake Island

Here's a look at where I'm up to with the colourful mermaid's home lot and dive lot I'm building for them on Cake Island.


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    I just finished loading a mermaid/diving video to YouTube. It's only just over 4 minutes so it's a little one. Just a look around the Cake Island dive lot with 2 mermaids who ignored me and spent the whole time chatting to each other. Then there is a pretty scene at the end when they set off for home.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    As a result of me building dive lots for my mermaids on Cake Island I've had a few requests to do a video on building dive lots. I've just posted that video to YouTube.

    I decided to do the video in Sunlit Tides because I keep seeing people post about how that world is not good for dive lots. Well this one seems to work.

    I'm about to start decorating the dive lot and that'll be a second video.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    I added another video on my Mermaids in Cake Island

    This shows how they used to float through the air when crossing the boundary to the dive lot before I worked out how to stop that happening and made my tutorial video on how to build a dive lot.

    I still have to fix the dive lots in Cake Island.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    edited April 2018
    Yesterday I spent the day collecting Sims from various games to use as townies in Cake Island.

    I have a collection with a few humans but mostly plant sims (who are all still very young - ages toddler up to teen only - but there are at least 6 of them from different games mostly). I also have found a mummy who I might put into a house on his own. Plus genies, fairies, werewolves and some very colourful hybrids with bejeweled skins.

    I downloaded some Orcs made by @imdragonit . There are already fawns living on the version of Cake Island I have put together for the McFluffs to move to.

    After finding all the various sims from many different worlds I concentrated on trying to get the original tail colours for the 4 mermaids from Isla Paradiso. I was under the impression I could easily do that by cloning them as I got a nice yellow tail on Triton King's clone, Terry, in the Isla Paradiso Bunch save. But it turns out boy mermaids get the yellow/orange tail and the girls get pink.

    Then I started searching the internet for information. There was plenty of the same thing over and over again but none of what I wanted to know. I knew someone who said she'd found the numbers to use for the tail colours. So I contacted her and she gave them to me. But by that time I'd remembered an old external hard drive and found a game set in Isla Paradiso and last saved back in 2013. I wasn't sure it would help because the family in that game had never gone diving. I made them dive and eventually was able to use Master Controller to bring all 4 mermaids into the household and they all had their original tail/scale colours.

    I then get into my Cake Island save and changed the colours of the relevant tails. By that time I'd already cloned Salty Seaworth and Mia Azul. So I used the numbers I found on Mia Azul and the numbers @lanlyn found on the internet on the clones.

    Salty and Maya are young adults while Mia and Triton are adults in my old game that I found. That is the version of them you see in CAS. The others are the ones in Cake Island and I've changed their scale colours.

    Here are a few pictures with the replacement scale colours



    By the way, when I cloned my fairy/mermaid hybrid I made using Master Controller, I got a fairy toddler. This is consistent with everything I've read that says you can't get hybrids of any other occult with mermaid.

    This gave me some trouble too - the gnome seems to have taken control of the bear but wouldn't complete the process while I watched. She eventually jumped away and left the bear unusable so I deleted it using Debug Enabler.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,472 Member
    @Karritz Thought I should share here what I'd replied to your post in the other thread. :)
    Karritz wrote: »
    With the assistance of @lanlyn I have managed to fix the colours of my mermaids from Isla Paradiso.
    @lanlyn had previously found the numbers on the internet.

    Salty's clone is Sandy
    Mia Azul's clone is Mary
    Here they are holding their clones.

    @Karritz Glad you got your mermaids fixed up and saved!

    But Sandy (Salty's clone) doesn't have the same color of scales that my Salty does. My Salty's scales are darker--midnight blue. The other mermaids look pretty much the same as mine though. Here are the values I have again.







    Also, I love your little fairy toddler! So darling.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    Thanks @lanlyn. I wondered about what I'd written down for her.

    Here's the numbers I have:

    R......100 .....61.....68....167
    G......109 ....62 ...105....161
    B......116....167 ..151....150

    I'm wondering if the person who read the numbers did it in Stylist when the mermaids were in their tails. I did it in the mirror with Change Scale Colour. It would probably produce different numbers doing it in different ways.

    Mia Azul
    G.....196..200....159 ...229
    B.....229..207....110 ...229

    Maya Ocean

    Triton King is the same as @lanlyn

    I think, looking at the end result either set of numbers will work just as well. I don't think you'd pick the difference if you put them side by side.

    It's probably just an average and I don't really know how those numbers work in the background - although I do have a book on that subject written by an artist I know who has spent decades working on how those numbers work and has come up with an entirely new colour theory for artists and printers.

    All I know for sure is whatever number is used 'something' goes on in the background to make the image into a 3D representation so it can't be the exact same colour all over. If it was the exact same colour all over then it'd be just a flat colour with no shading or shaping to it.

    I already had this conversation elsewhere in this thread a few days ago where hair colours vary slightly between hair styles.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    edited April 2018
    @lanlyn I fixed Sandy's scales and they are now the numbers you provided. I think your Salty may be slightly darker overall than mine.



    Those 3 numbers are used to somehow produce the hex number which we don't have and it's possibly the same hex number being produced by different sets of numbers.

    I might have a look at what hex number is produced by using our two different sets of numbers to see if there is much, or any, difference between them.

    Here's my lineup - Salty looks like a teen in his pic I think. :)


    I doubt you'd tell the difference between them even though the RGB numbers are very different for 3 of them. Depending if you look at my or @lanlyn pictures.

    EDIT: FYI Salty and Maya are young adults. Mia and Triton are adults.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,472 Member
    edited April 2018
    @Karritz Your Maya and Triton look very similar to mine. Your Mia has a little more green on the bottom of her legs and Salty has more blue on the top, but they're very close to what I have. Might be a difference in our monitor settings too.

    I think they all, yours and mine, look like the screenshots I've seen of the originals. :)
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    edited April 2018
    I've given up on the computer for tonight. Every time some app tries to find my pc location norton turns off my internet connection. Then I wait 5 to 10 minutes and internet is back until the next time they try to get my location and that can be anything between a couple of seconds to a few minutes. Very frustrating. I've switched off every possible switch that could give permission to edge, cortana and apps in general to want to know my location.

    Between long periods of waiting for a connection and an hour at the dog park i bulldozed the old dive lots I made on cake island before I worked out how to stop them flying through the air when they crossed the dive lot boundary. Then I made a new dive lot for them using my new method. Lucky i had the video as I couldn't remember how to do it. They need a dive lot as they keep getting moodlets about needing to be in salt wsster. I placed the new lot closer to where they get into the water so it won't take so long for them to get to and from the lot.

    I can't post pictures tonight due to no computer.
  • imdragonitimdragonit Posts: 1,006 Member
    @Karritz lovely pics of your mermaids :) hope the orcs are fun for you in your game
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    imdragonit wrote: »
    @Karritz lovely pics of your mermaids :) hope the orcs are fun for you in your game

    Thank you. I still haven't unpacked them from when I downloaded them. I'll be getting them soon. Not in this particular household though as it's already got far too many sims in it and I will need to break them up before I add any more sims to the world.

    This is going to be a big project which is why I started it while my McFluff story is still on Generation 0. They will be on Generation 5 before they move to Cake Island.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    I added my new plant sim toddler to the household and changed her name to Petal Jayne.

    One of the human sims in the household is named Sarah Jayne and the household name happens to be the Jayne household. I wanted Petal to be a different sim to her original self who will remain with her original family. More to be seen of her in future videos of her household.

    When I break up the household I plan to put the humans into a different household than the mermaids and I'll probably place Petal with the humans. The humans might be broken up into more than one household and the mermaids will most likely find themselves in at least two households.

    For the moment they are all together.

    I don't have all of this on video so am adding the screen shots here so you all know what's going on. I might even add the screen shots to a video as well to keep the progress complete in the video series.

    Little Petal waited near the letter box wondering where she was and who would collect her and where she'd go next.

    Eventually a huge mermaid named Triton King collected her and carried her inside.

    Here is Petal showing off her flower trail.
    She has already learned to walk, talk and potty as well as completed her peg box and xylophone skills.

    She just needs to read her toddler books before she'll be ready to age up with a cake.

    I still don't have a clone of Maya Ocean. I told George to ask her for a DNA sample. Several times. No go. She didn't refuse him - it's just that nothing happened. Maybe the household is too overstuffed. I'll keep trying. It could be we get no clone of Maya Ocean until I break up the household. Or maybe it will never happen. At least we have her original.


    I have a mod in. It is one I just recently put in, and it gives toddlers more activities. It seems to be the thing that is forcing puddles to become magnets for them. They find every broken tap, sink, shower, dishwasher etc in the house and sit around it playing in the puddles. It is certainly helpful in that I'm finding lots of broken plumbing around the house that I wasn't previously aware of and can now organise repair crews.

    I built a large nursery on the second top basement level. There wasn't any room up above in the top level basement.





    Finally I got them all facing the same way towards me.

    I'll have to get one of the sims in the household to buy toddler books next.

    I put 6 cribs in the nursery on the assumption there'd be more babies/toddlers soon but if George can't/won't get a DNA sample from Maya Ocean it may not happen.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    edited April 2018
    I finished building the new dive lot. I found the tutorial video very useful as I'd forgotten all the steps I had to take to do it properly and couldn't find my notes. Didn't look for very long.

    In the end, I was very happy when I watched the mermaids approach the edge of the dive lot. They just kept on swimming - no floating up into the air or jumping over the boundary of any kind.

    Here it is.
    It's close to where they get into the water so it won't take them all day, literally all day, to get into it from home.

    I made it quite flat - much nice to swim around down there with it being flatish and this is a level 2 dive lot so it can be easy. I'll take my mermaids or scuba diving sims there whenever I want a nice relaxed swim around.

    I noticed an extra mermaid - one I didn't recognise.

    Meet Brianna Olivares
    She just showed up for a chat. The game generated her.

    I was trying to get good underwater shots of the tails of the four mermaids from Isla Paraidso. I found it particularly difficult to get a pic of Mia Azul. I might end up taking them all into Stylist to get a good look at them.

    These underwater shots were all taken with the game paused so I could get a picture of all of them at least once but probably more than once.






    That is an evil mermaid, Matthew Rudd on the left. But I seem to like his tail colour the best of all the mermaids that I made. Will have to work on the rest of them. It isn't the colour so much - more the way it shimmers/sparkles is what I like.





    Brianna left to go home

    The Seahorse - happy to see one spawn so soon

    Took Salty into Stylist. His tail looks like @lanlyn 's Salty scales but when I checked his numbers they were almost the same as I got using the mirror to change his scales.

    I left the mermaids to play on their own in the dive lot and went back to the house to play with the toddlers.



    Salty, Julia and Mia were still enjoying the dive lot while Maya and Triton were on the way home.

    The mermaids keep getting moodlets for needing to be in salt water. That's why I left them there and why I took them there in the first place - plus I wanted to test the new dive lot but didn't do a lot of that.

    I took Mia Azul into Stylist too.






    Their tails do look different from their leg scales. The colours merge more with the tails. And they look different again under water - it's just that the light under water is so variable I took them all into stylist to get a good look.

    I am still likely to 'play' with the tails of the other mermaids as I'm not entirely happy with them and I'm learning about mermaid tail colours all the time.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    edited April 2018
    Just think - by the time I add the Kluver family and the household from the Isla Paradiso Bunch videos there will be a LOT of mermaids in this world. Plus at least 2 more versions of Salty. Salty has a daughter and a son in the Kluver household and Triton King has a clone in the Isla Paradiso Bunch household. That's why I'm not cloning him again now in the Jayne household in Cake Island.

    That'll be 12 + 3 + 2 townie/controllable mermaids in this world. They will all be mermaids I've added to houses in town and in need of dive lots. So I'll be adding more dive lots to the world. Can't wait to take my McFluffs scuba diving there once it's all set up.

    To give you an idea of what I have in mind for the mermaids in the future. They are meant to become townies for this version of Cake Island that I've been setting up for the McFluff series of videos.

    I'll be adding more dive lots to the world - due to the over supply of mermaids. Can't wait to take my McFluffs scuba diving there once it's all set up.

    The mermaids are currently in a different version of this world so as not to make it old before the McFluffs move to it. I'll have to move the mermaids and all the other sims and their homes from their version of the world to this one eventually.

    This was my original idea for the McFluff lot in Cake Island but I may rethink it before I actually move them there.


    I've filled a lot of the lots with community buildings but most of the lots are empty - not even empty houses on them so I have a huge job ahead of me setting it all up for the big move in Generation 5 of the McFluff story. I want each house to be uniquely built and decorated specially for the sims living in it.

    Old Gertie won't be in the story any more by the time we get to Generation 5. Unless I decide to keep her ghost/tombstone - probably will knowing me.

    Here are a few more shots of how I've set up the world.

    Gym and Art School - I've tried to use all of the store venues I generally never use. Then I have changed their exterior decor by using the fantasy trees and plants made by various people including souris and luna and also from the Sims 3 store.

    The library - from the store


    Plumbob Pictures back lot


    I was using Caroline as my tester sim. Later on I decided to use her as my star in Caroline and Friends video series.

    The swimming pool came from Katy Perry Sweet Treats

    Graveyard and Fire Station
    I thought I'd try using Grimms Ghastly Manor as the graveyard. Not sure if I can make that work though. If that version of Grimm wanders around town occasionally I suppose it will make things more interesting.






    Festival Grounds

    Duke of Bows

    Cat Park - need it with 15 cats in one household - never used it before though

    My favourite cafe.
    It came with Katy Perry Sweet Treats. That's the Grind across the road - but I'm thinking of replacing it with something prettier - but it does provide a bit of contrast so I'm still thinking about that.

    Better shot of the Cake Cafe


    I was worried about not being able to find the save where I did all of this work but I found it the other day when looking for sims to add to my Mermaids version of Cake Island. So all is good for now.
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    Here is some more progress I'm making with Cake Island. I've added more families and done some makeovers. It'll be in a few posts due to internet issues at my place. It's dropping out and staying out constantly. Making it impossible to load videos at the moment so I'll give you some updates via screenshots.

    I'll just hit 'Post Comment' button when I see I have internet.

    Here is a makeover of Mary Ann Kluver. I just added her to my Cake Island world and since she was in her original form I decided to make her over. She was the mermaid baby that got me the badge to have a mermaid baby. That was a long time ago and I retrieved her from an old save. Her father is Salty, and he's the version of Salty that gave me the numbers for the Salty mermaid scales.

    Mary Ann is now a child. She lives in a castle in Cake Island with her parents and her toddler brother, Puck.







    With her square jaw, I had a few problems finding hair to suit but like the one I've chosen.

    I gave her the same scales as her father.

    That's Puck almost in the foreground of one of the pictures.

    I probably won't post pics of Salty as you've all seen him but will try to post pics of her mother and brother soon.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    Puck Kluver and his mother Phyllis. I posted pics of his big sister, Mary Ann earlier.

    Mary Ann was born in Isla Paradiso not long after Island Paradise was released. I played with their household for long enough for her to age up to child and then I abandoned them.

    A few years later I wanted to add interest to my Big Game and went looking for their save on my old computer. I was delighted to find it and they all moved into Legacy Island III where they shared a beach house.

    Mary Anne made friends with another child who I'd played with for a short time after University Life was released and then abandoned. Her friend was Charlie, my first ever Plant Sim. He's still a child and was moved to Legacy Island III and they all lived there happily for a while until that world started to lag badly due to overcrowding. I then introduced Traveler Mod to my game and started moving sims from Legacy Island III to other worlds. Charlie and his family got moved to the witches village in Dragon Valley. Charlie's mother, Dora Lake is now married to a witch and they live happily with more babies and pets in Dragon Valley. I recently collected all of my witch households from Dragon Valley and they'll all gradually make their way into Cake Island. They are a colourful bunch.

    Of course, this version of Mary Ann won't remember Charlie, but I'm hoping they make friends once Charlie is added to the world and they get to know each other again.

    My internet has come and gone while I've been typing this - and now it's back again. But it'll be gone again soon for sure.

    Puck was born in Legacy Island III. The last time I saw him he was a newborn. I abandoned their household soon after his birth to play other households in other worlds in that same big game. When I found them again to add to this game, I was surprised to see he's aged up to toddler. He will need training. He's a mermaid too and had got the orange/yellow scales boy baby mermaids seem to get. I don't know why Mary Ann was given purple scales originally because toddler girls seem to get pink scales initially.

    Anyway, I gave Mary Ann and Puck Salty's scale colour.

    Puck got new hair and clothes.






    At this stage I'm leaving my mermaids with the EA default mermaid skin.

    Phyllis is the mother of Mary Ann and Puck. She is a Sim I made ages ago and she's only been used to be Salty's wife. She first met Salty when she was scuba diving and he showed her Mermaid's Secret Island. They decided to live together and built a home on that island and that's where they were living when I found their save file from that early original game.

    Phyllis is human.

    This is how I found Phyllis when I moved them into Cake Island.

    I gave her a makeover. I think new hair made a huge difference to her.

    Phyllis got a new wardrobe, new hair and makeup.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    Back at the mermaid household.

    This is the level 2 basement. That's where the toddlers live.


    Petal had learned everything she needed to know as a toddler and it was time for her to have her birthday.

    I think the whole household turned up to celebrate. I didn't count them though.

    We went into Stylist to give her new hair and clothes - but I decided to keep the hair she was given by the game for her birthday.

    She also kept her plant sim skin.

    And she got plant sim type clothes where possible.

    Sadly, I couldn't cope with her heavy upper eyelids and she went into CAS for some plastic surgery on her eyes. Her eyes are much more boring now, but I can cope with her much better.

    Petal ate her cake and then went for a wander around the house. She watched the digital fish swim for ages, then went upstairs to stand in the snow and become better acquainted with her imaginary friend doll.

    Petel sat and had a little think after returning to her nursery level in the main house.

    I had to move her from her position as I needed to build her a bedroom. I added it in the middle of the big empty space. I'll eventually add rooms for the other three toddlers once they age up after learning their toddler skills.

    This is Petal's new room - and a view of the little flower growing out of the top of her hairstyle - the reason I decided to keep the hair she was given.




    Internet is still there so hopefully it'll still be there when I click post.

    Happy Simming - more pics to come.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    edited April 2018
    Internet is interesting today. It's coming back and staying longer. But still dropping out a lot.

    Anyway - the mermaid household.

    I found them all gathered around the table. I had nothing to do with this gathering but grabbed screenshots as it looked good to me.

    I probably won't go through all of their names in each pic as there are so many of them.

    Firstly, here's inside the nursery - before Petal aged up. She's there reading a book.

    They are in the top basement and their outdoor pool is behind them.

    This is Sukie and Mia Azul.


    Michelle, a human sim I made ages ago when I first started downloading skins and hair. I was experimenting and had no use for her then so am trying to use her now. She's with Sukie and Mia.

    The sim sitting at the end of the table and facing the camera is Sara Jayne. She has given her name to the household. I made her at the same time I made Michelle. And for the same reason. That's also why she's in this household. I have had her in other households briefly a few times. So you might have seen her before. Michelle might have had a few appearances too but I've never really played with them.

    Now there are more mermaids appearing as I pull the camera back. It turns out the only one not there is Harry Genie. He's down in the bottom basement watering the plants.





    I've found the mermaids need the salt water but it doesn't have to happen every day. So long as they get a good long soak in it every few days all seems to be good.

    More to come. But this is it for mermaid pics for a while.
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    There is one other household I've introduced to the world. There is no particular reason for them to be there. I saved them to my library when I found their house in Legacy Island III. I wanted the house. Didn't want them. They were on the clipboard. I saved the house to the library but couldn't share it for some reason so I don't have a Sims3Pack file of the house. I might add it to this world, not sure yet. It isn't much of a house but I built an above ground tower for the Group Science Project and it took a lot of effort and I wanted a copy of it.

    So there were Annie and Jay on my clipboard. And I just decided to save them to the library too and here they are.

    Annie started out as an Imaginary Friend of Heather Hansen. When Heather was a Young Adult she didn't look like she'd ever find herself a man, or anyone at all to share her life with. She wanted a child. Desperately. So she convinced Annie to help her and together they managed to get Heather pregnant with Perry.

    Heather has since married and had more babies. Her family will be added to this world at some stage. It consists of her husband Duncan, a Genie, and her son Perry who is a pyromaniac, a couple of toddlers who were born to Heather and Duncan, a baby Duncan cloned from DNA he got from a Sims in France, a mummy and Christopher Steel.

    Apparently children of Imaginary Friends can inherit the hidden Pyromaniac trait - or so I've read. I know children of firemen get it too.

    This is Duncan proposing marriage to Heather on the beach in Sunlit Tides.

    I've posted pics of their wedding previously. They had a big wedding in my Indoor Outdoor Wedding Venue and invited family members. Everyone went home except for Christopher Steel who was the live in boyfriend of Heather's mother and the father of Heather's youngest half-brother, Craig.

    Well, I went and got Heather and her family and found Christopher was still with them. So I added Craig to the collection too. He was at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island along with some of Heather's sisters (Haley) toddlers and child. So I picked them up from the boarding school too. I had already collected Heather and the remains of her household from Legacy Island III. Craig picked up the tombstone of Gobias Koffie as well. He is the father of 5 more of Heather's half siblings. But I didn't get any of them because the world would end up too crowded.

    Their mother Patience was collected from Lucky Palms and their father was extracted from his current family in Legacy Island III and will be an elder, living alone in Cake Island. As will his ex-wife Patience.

    Marty and Patience had 5 children but I'm only adding Heather and Haley to this game with their children plus the son of Patience and Christopher Steel. Craig has not had any children yet so he's a young adult male on the lookout for a wife. Christopher and Craig are werewolves.

    I'll be adding several werewolf families I collected from Moonlight Falls. These worlds are all part of my big game and in that game these sims all know each other and visit from time to time.

    Now you have some of the background of how Annie fits in, all I can say of her fiance Jay, is he was made by me to be a Young Adult in one of my old games where I added 8 young adults to a house. The game was building the house, teaching the household members some skills and watching to see what they did. He got added to the big game at some stage as a possible spouse for someone. The game paired him up with Annie.

    I gave them both makeovers. I was surprised at how good looking Jay is with hair.


    Annie got new hair and clothes. I left her skin and features alone.




    I forget to get screenshots of Jay being made over but here he is with Annie in their new house in Cake Island.



    Jay got new hair, clothes and skin. He now has ESKIN FRESH. Previously it was an EA default skin.

    I discovered Jay and Annie are engaged. I am unsure if I'll play them at all. Or if I will do anything to get them married.

    That's it for now. I still have internet at the moment - it comes and goes. I haven't added any other sims to the world yet. I think I'll concentrate on getting the mermaids to know the sims I've just introduced and training the toddlers. Then I'll probably start breaking up the mermaid household and putting several of them into a few different smaller houses.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    Oops - there is one other household I've added to the world.

    Meet Harriet and her plant sim toddler daughter Colleen.

    I collected them from Lucky Palms. Colleen has recently graduated from Boarding School in Chocolate Cake Island and has learned all of the necessary toddler skills, read all the books and spent time in the playpen and walker to learn logic, handiness and charisma. She's well prepared for life as a child. I'll have to visit and age her up shortly. She will be a nice playmate for Petal.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member

    Here's the link to the Mermaids of Cake Island Episode 4 video.

    We see the Mermaids and their friends and clones at home and going for a swim and dive in the ocean.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,129 Member
    I'm sorry I've not uploaded a new video in this story for a while. I will get onto it soon. I have the video recorded for the next episode but have to put it together into a video soon.

    I've been sick and then got diverted into setting up a huge group of worlds with over 600 sims in them to continue the Story of Oscar and Louise and also the McFluff Story. I'm going to try to tell both of those stories with the single game. It has numerous worlds - I haven't counted them all but will be adding a few more before I start recording video in it. Until then the videos will continue on as usual.

    The Mermaids of Cake Island will be moved to the new setup and they will be distributed throughout the various worlds. But - I will still have the save I'm using for this video series and will most likely continue to post videos on them occasionally.
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