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Housesitting with Carol Smith (A casual playthrough/story) (Updated 10/29)

CeeMiltonCeeMilton Posts: 94 Member
Episode 1: Moving day

Heya! My names Carolina Smith. But call me Carol, everyone does. Anyway, I'm 22 and I just recently moved to Oasis Spring to look after my older brothers place while he's overseas. He's doing some kind of charity work, I think he's helping build homes somewhere. He said I could stay at his place as long as I keep things clean, pay bills and stuff. I mean how could I say no to that... well I kinda had no choice because my mom was getting tired of me staying in her basement without a job. So here I am. *laughs*
So this is my brothers place (by the way, my brothers name is Daryl)... kind of bland but hey beggers can't be choosers. I'm surprised he keeps the inside as clean as it is. Lemme tell you, you've never known true terror until you've seen a teenaged boys room after it hasn't been cleaned for a month. *shudders* I can still smell the sweaty socks.
At the very least Daryl is a work out nut like I am. Let off some off some energy on the old punching bag. Insert Rocky theme here!
After working out, theres nothing like unwinding with a little bit of yoga. Experience tranquility....
I was surprised when the front door opened and a pretty good looking guy came in.
Carol: Hey, nice to meet you but do you usually come into peoples houses without knocking?
Johnny: Daryl gave me the key to his place so I come and go, just wanted to check who was invading his place.
Carol: I'm Daryl's sister, Carol. I'm housesitting for him.

Johnny: Oh yeah, Daryl told me he had a little troll for a sister. Not gonna lie was expecting someone different.
Daryl: *laughs* Well, don't wanna brag but I got the good looks between me and him. Big bros just jelly.
*Both Laugh*

Turns out, he's one of my neighbours and Daryls friend. His names Johnny Zest. We chatted for a good while and I will say we hit it off great.
Johnny's phone went off in the middle of our conversation. He excused himself, apparently he has an exercising routine and it was time for his jog. I can respect that.
Johnny: Sorry, this'll only take a little bit.
Carol: No problem, I was going to walk around the neighborhood myself.

Feeling sudden energized, I decided to jog around to find some more people.
Oh people!
Moira: It's awful nice of you to help your brother.
Carol: He'd be lost without me what can I say?

This was Moira Fyres, she lives over in Windenburg with her husband and her daughters. Though while we were chatting this random kid came up to us and watched us talk.
Carol: Um... can I help you?
Unknown Boy: *blows raspberry at Carol before running off*
Moira: Good grief...
Carol: *laughs*

Eventually I made it back to the house to find Johnny hanging out watching a movie on tv. So we decided to sit and chat, it almost feels like I've known this guy my whole life. It helps he's got a pretty good sense of humor on him.
Johnny: And then me and Daryl spent the night in jail in our underwear. First thing Daryl says is 'we should do that again.'
Carol: Heh, yeah sounds about right.

Johnny became interested in my little book collection. Hey, I may be a work out addict but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good book every now and again.
Johnny: Kind of books you in to?
Carol: Oh little bit of everything, I do like a good fantasy or sci-fi book.

It started getting late and Johnny had to head home. Bidding him good bye and inviting him back anytime, I decided it was time for me to get some food in my belly.
It seems Daryl still had some food left... not much but theres enough to make a salad. Better go shopping later.
After a quick snack I decided to play some Sims Forever... been a while since I spent time with my little virtual family.
When my Sims burnt the house down I remembered why I didn't play this family often.
Carol: Serious Evan, get your life together!
Not wanting to stay in the house, I decided to head to the nearest bar for a drink. Daryl says the Rattlesnake Saloon was a pretty good place.
It was a cozy little place with a wide screen tv and good music... though the first person I see seemed to be having... problems...
Carol: Excuse me... are you okay?
???: Huh!? Oh, sorry was I spacing out again?
Carol: Looks like it.
Anaya: Sometimes I have weird out of body experiences usually it happens at home. I'm Anaya Jang.
Carol: Names Carol Smith.
While me and Anaya chatted, thankfully she seemed normal after that initial weirdness, another girl came into the bar and she looked pretty down...
Carol:Hey, everything okay? Seem kinda down.
???: Oh... yeah. It's just been a pretty rough day.

Turns out this was one of Moira's daughters, Siobhan Fyres. She didn't go into what was wrong but then again it wasn't any of business, I at least got her to laugh a little bit. Also this guy in an ugly sweater seemed really into the movie that was on
I decided to get that drink I wanted.
Carol: Uh, can I get the special please.
Bartender: Sure thing.

While I waited for my drink this really good looking guy came up to the bar. Rawr! This town is just full of good looking guys.
???: Suup, don't think I've seen you 'round here.
Carol: Just moved into town.
Reyansh: Welcome to town, names Rayansh, call me Ray.
Carol: I'm Carol.

Oh the heavens must've blessed me. Not only is this guy good looking he's also into sports and working out like me.
Ray: We should work out together sometime.
Carol: Oh totally!
Ray seems like a good guy, though he did seem a little touchy and snapped at me. Eh, we all have our days.
And Ray started doing push ups in the middle of the bar... okay.[/img]
Once I got my drink, something called a Plasma Jane, I went back to lounging area were I met some more people.
Rania: I'm Raina, this is Mitchell, J and Kaye.
Mitchell: Hey.
J: Greetings.
Kaye: Hello.

Everyone in this town seems so nice. I think I'm gonna like it here.
While we talked this guy in a trenchcoat seemed to suddenly appear... like one minute that seat was empty and the next he was there. Weird...
Rania: *whispering* Vladislaus, you can't just morph out of nowhere... people will get suspicious.
Suspicious of what? Have I walked into a strange town?
Vladislaus: What are you looking at? *hisses*
Carol: Okay... nope...

Ray seemed to calm down and apologized for his little outburst earlier
Ray: Sorry man, sometimes I can overreact at stuff.
Carol: It's cool.

We shared a bro hug.
It was around this time my stomach started feeling weird... oh man I hope the bartender didn't put something in my drink.
Ray: You okay?
Carol: I dunno, I think it's time for me to go home. I'll talk to you later.

I sluggishly made my way home and settled into bed. Hopfully my stomach settles before I go out looking for a job tomorrow

[A/N: I hope you enjoyed this first episode. My Disney princess legacy challenge was stressing me out so I decided I need a casual playthrough. This series may go on generation to generation ( not exactly a legacy challenge, obviously I'm not going to go for 10 generations, I'll just change the main character after a while). Also it seems Mitchell is married to Raina... don't know how that happened....but it did.]

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  • CeeMiltonCeeMilton Posts: 94 Member
    Episode 2: Things that go bump in the night
    The next day after a really crappy breakfast of fruit salad, ugh how do you mess up fruit salad, I decided to look for a job, luckily the local sports team was looking for a water person. Hey it's better then nothing.
    Afterwards I decided to catch up with my favorite cooking show, the Cooking Granny. She made a chicken stuffed with stuffing with bits of apple mixed in. It looked soooo good especially after that nasty fruit salad. Near the end of the show I got a call from Daryl.
    Daryl: Hey ya little troll, how ya holdin' up?
    Carol: Daryl? How are you calling me? I didn't think they had good reception where you are.
    Daryl: You'd be surprised, so have you burnt the house down yet?
    Carol: Not yet.

    We talked for a little while, Daryl had a limited time to talk before he had to hit the road again. Before he hung up, Daryl said something that struck me as weird.
    Daryl: The neighborhood as pretty safe and I'm pretty sure Johnny will look out for you but just watch yourself. Theres plenty of... weirdos that hang around.
    Carol: What do you mean?
    Daryl: People don't notice but I have, people just randomly appearing, complains about the sun... and even weirder I've woken up with weird marks on my neck.
    Carol: Daryl, if you're trying to scare me it isn't working. Theres no such thing as vampires.
    Daryl: You never know... knew a guy who said he didn't believe in aliens and he ended up blacking out one night and 9 months later he had a weird purple baby on his hands. Never saw that guy again after the dudes in black suits showed up.
    Carol: Now I know thats a lie.
    Daryl: *laughs* Okay maybe, anyway I gotta go. It'll be a while before I talk to you probably not on the phone. I'll send a letter. Talk to ya later.
    Carol: Don't get eaten by wild animals you dope.
    Daryl: Can't make any promises.

    I mulled over what Daryl said, remembering that weird guy and lady at the bar last night... could they be... nah... couldn't be.
    To sate my curiosity, I hit some vampire conspiracy sites to learn more about vampires. It had all the basic information you could learn from any horror movie. Garlic keeps them away, aversion to the sun, etc etc. Strangely there was talk about something called a plasma fruit that vampires could theoretically eat in place of feeding from humans. It sounded like some B movie garbage but their recommendations for books seemed interesting so I put in a fast order for one. At the very least it would make a good read.
    I decided to get out of the house and hit the gym, thank goodness the same line of gyms has a place here that way I could use my membership pass. I hit the weights and met the on hand trainer. He was kind of cute, a little pale though.
    Caleb: Hi, I'm Caleb. Haven't seen you around here before.
    Carol: Just moved in, I'm Carol
    Caleb: Well it's a good neighborhood and if you ever need someone to train with I'm always happy to help.
    Carol: I'll keep that in mind.

    After a set on the weight machine it was time to cool down on the treadmill, decided to watch Sims of the Dead while I worked out. Ray showed up at one point and we had a quick chat while we worked out. Caleb, true to his word, decided to motivate me when I slipped and fell off the machine.
    Work out complete, I showered off and realized I was starving. I remembered there was a little diner across the street from my place so I decided to treat myself. Ordered a BLT and made a few calls and texts while I waited.
    It was late by the time I left, so I went home and went to bed.... but that's when things got weird. I had a strange dream... that Vlad guy showed up in my house and drank from me. Even weirder I woke on the hallway floor and when I checked myself in the mirror I had two bite marks on my neck. Oh god, I hope Daryl isn't right about the whole vampire thing...
    My book arrived, boy that was fast. I started reading when Johnny called letting me know there was a festival going on in the city and invited me to go. The book can wait, time to get my geek on!
    Ah, Geek-con. It's been a while since I've been to a nerd convention. I hit up the games set up and even used the awesome telescope... not even the day time can hide the stars from this thing.
    Even got selfies with some cosplayers.
    As I was buying some merch, I realized oh crap, I gotta go to work. It would suck to be late on the first day. After a long day of bringing water to the athletes, I practically collapsed into bed. All this vampire talk must be getting to me, had the same dream as before, woke up collapsed on the floor and once again had weird marks on my neck. I'm starting to question my decision to move here.
    I decided to get crack on my new book and work out on the punching bag, I imagined the bag had that Vlad creeps face on it and it really motivated me.
    Not much happened, decided to stay in before work. I did get promoted to locker room attendant for the ladies basketball team. I'd be more enthusiastic if I wasn't so worried about these strange happenings. Weird things are happening in this town... and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    A/N: I honestly didn't expect for things to take a turn towards vampires and ya know... having Vlad breaking into my house twice in a row... I'm excited to see how things go.
    Also just to get a little discussion going, who do you think Carol would be the cutest with. I know it's early to be looking for romantic partners but I'm just curious.
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