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Dev Question: How are worlds designed?

Hey @SimGuruGraham or any other devs that this question should be addressed to.
Most game assets can be accessed and modded and already have been by lots of talented creators (objects, clothes, UI, behaviors and code etc..).
How are worlds created that they are so inaccessible or they can't be cloned for example and reedited as new worlds?

Can you walk us through how worlds are designed/created and what tools the team uses? Asking from a game design perspective and out of curiosity as well. I would love to play around with the 3D assets and other components that would make up a world. And I would love for this to be answered for those very creative CC creators and other curious players who'd maybe want to tackle a project such as creating a custom world for the game.

Since this section of the forum was opened to give us a look into the design process, I hope worlds can be talked about more and we could get some useful information such as the info you've given us on object creation.
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