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***REBOOTED*** JAGInsanity

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Introduction - Cast of Characters

It was the combined savings of 9 Navy and 1 Marine pension that allowed the 10 ex-military officers to retire to a nice convenient mansion in the toney hills of Sunset Valley's Summer Hill Court district. It was full of rich - both nouveau and long-time rich folks. The Landgraabs and the Altos were wealthy, the Altos by means best not spoken about in polite company, and the Landgraabs who were the old-wealth much in the vein of the Goths. Gunter however was eccentric and loved to live in an old mansion that reminded people of the Addams Family. There was something strange about them and it certainly kept people away from their home - considering it was next to the graveyard. It was however quite uncertain as to how the wealthy dynasty Landgraabs (both Nancy and Geoffrey and their son Malcolm) viewed the upstart ex-military officers who pooled their pensions together, but all in all, they had the equivalent of §13M in the bankroll and were thus able to buy a nice mansion in Summer Hill Court - 15 Summerhill Court to be exact and with a few discoveries on their lot were in the position to INCREASE their wealth immensely.
Screenshot-50.jpg It was a rather motley cast of characters who moved into 15 Summerhill Court and it was no surprise that it annoyed Vita and Nick Alto to no end when they realized who their neighbours were going to be. But frankly, Tosh didn't care one iota about what his neighbours thought. He'd paid good money for the property and it was his to do with what he wanted; he was all for letting bygones be bygones but if Nick Alto wanted to cross swords with him, so be it. He'd faced much better opponents in the skies over Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention over Kosovo and he had learned martial arts in the military, including MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) and Sim Fu - he'd silenced a few jarheads who'd up until then were snarking about how MCMAP wasn't the right fit for a swabbie - one ended up with a busted knee-cap and the other a broken wrenched out-of-its-socket arm - it was that day two gyrenes understood that armlocks and the soles of one's feet could be deadly weapons. Nick would probably get a rude awakening as to just how deadly Tosh could be if provoked.
After all, it was a rescue mission that Tosh himself had planned and executed, on a hilltop 6.2 miles north west of Kimchaek, - an F-14 had gone down hours before while on a TARPS recon mission; the pilot being killed and the Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) having ejected after being hit by a SAM; where Tosh found himself holding off the greater part of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, 4th Guards. aiming to hold out until they were rescued by a SPECOPS EVAC helo. Surviving a full charge by the infantry division with only an M4A1 and a few well-placed grenades, he somehow managed to get to the evac with only two 7.62 shots through the space between the clavicle and the coracoid process. If those North Korean *******s weren't shooting at him, he would have marvelled at their markmanship, but by jeez, they were shooting at him and he wasn't going to stick around to commend them on their accuracy. What followed was a major operation on his shoulder, a six month rehab stint all the while being under investigation for telling the XO, a coward with the callsign Rabbit - for scatological reasons, to go flagellate a dead horse - in actual fact what he had told the XO was much more profane. Of course that didn't matter to the battlegroup commander or the CO, since they both thought the XO was a no-load already and they threw their full support in behind Tosh. To follow up on that, he was investigated by his old buddy himself, Harmon Rabb, a member of the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps - and that was because the brass had shot up a commendation for his actions, on that hilltop where all he'd been doing was making sure his rear-end didn't get shot off, which the grand poobahs wearing stars seemed to think that it was worth a dangling brass medal on a blue ribbon that got draped around his neck while everyone fawned over his feat of not getting his patootie shot up like swiss cheese. Whether it was a combination of survivor's guilt and euphoria that he was still breathing even though one of his squadron-mates was vaporized into his component atoms after the F-14 exploded in mid-air, it wasn't certain. All he knew was that he was alive.
But that event changed him more than he realized. Practically overnight, Tosh was a changed man, who brooked no deviation from standard operating procedures. He became a hard, tough commanding officer after being battlefield promoted to Commander (0-5). He became an unrelenting taskmaster and disciplinarian. And it still showed in flashes of his military behavior out-of-uniform even though he was retired.
He couldn't articulate it very well, most military men don't - they're expected to be tough and unrelenting. But if he were to be sat down on a psychiatric evaluation couch, he'd be found out that he "didn't want to lose anyone else". But Tosh would rather walk on hot coals then admit that.
Toshio_Nakamura.jpg Kimber_Benton.jpg
It could be forgiven that someone would quite possibly think that Kimber Benton was a pretty face with nothing upstairs. She could play the ditzy redhead with no problem, just to crush someone with relative ease later on. And she had done that to great effect while being called upon by CIA operative Clayton Webb on numerous occasions to Tosh's everlasting disgust and he had mentioned that if Webb continued to utilize Kimber for his plumtastic missions, he'd make sure that Clayton Webb would remember just exactly why the North Koreans didn't like him. Kimber was the prized XO (Executive Officer - 2nd in command) of Tosh's F-14 fighter squadron and as such she was a valuable part of the squadron. But Kimber also had a secret of her own - one that she kept close to her bosom - as the XO and CO were supposed to professionally be on the same page with regards to the running of the squadron, they would have to have meetings regarding the efficacy of the standing orders and it just so happened that she had developed feelings for her commanding officer, ones that could potentially put her in complete contravention of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As she had no desire to be ground in between the gears of military procedure and being subject ot a JAGMAN investigation, she squelched down those feelings and kept a tight lid on them...until they got out of the Navy.
Liandra Gracen was yet another pretty face that disguised an acute mind as one of the top legal cousel in the Navy JAG Corps. Primarily a loner and shy, she found solace in her books and in art. A quiet sort, she preferred the company of a good book over a night out on the town. A hopeless romantic, she did feel the want of a Prince Charming and was waiting for Mr. Right.
One could mistake the JAG Headquarters for the cover of Vogue with all the pretty faces in the office, however, Meg had come back from Naval Sea Systems Development and came back to JAG after a three and a half year hiatus with NAVSEA. However before being dragooned to play Navy SPECSYSDEV, she ended up being the second to Harmon Rabb's lead investigator in the investigation that awarded Tosh the Navy's highest medal. And that was where Meg met Tosh. And felt an instant attraction towards him. But it would be five years before he even met up with her again. And by that time, he'd already put in for his retirement from the Navy.
There was something a little off-kilter about Phil Burrows when one met him. Other than the fact that he was childish and insane which were not good traits to have in a fighter pilot - he was still a competent stick though and managed to always bring back the Tomcat in one piece which was a good thing for his superiors. And somehow he managed to not tick off all of his superiors, which were many of them as he was always finding a way to end up on the plum-list of pretty much anyone who outranked him. But finding happiness outside of the Navy was yet another key element necessary for life experiences and Phil needed to find that balance - though his grasp on mental sanity was tenuous.
What more could be said about Harmon Rabb Jr. than has already been said. Coming from a West Coast family, born to Patricia Rabb and Harmon Rabb Sr., he was a quintessential Navy baby - and it seemed that he was destined to be a Naval Officer from the time that he could crawl. At the age of 4, his father took him to an airshow and plunked him down in the cockpit of an F-4J Phantom II, the same type that his father flew for the Navy. The picture of him sitting in the cockpit of the aircraft and his father standing to the side, both of them looking at the camera was one of his prized posessions. Because on Christmas Eve, 1968, His father was shot down north of Hanoi doing an Iron Hand mission after his F-4 was hit by Triple-A and was captured and presumed missing in action. His mother after grieving remarried and Harm was brought up by both his mother and his step-father as well as his Grandma Sarah. That motivated Harmon Rabb Jr. to go into the Navy and become a naval aviator like his father.
Harm succeeded in that mission and became a naval aviator, rising through the Naval Academy and achieving top marks in his class allowing him to go to Naval Aviation School at NAS Pensacola in preparation to receive his naval aviator wings. Then from there he was sent to a fleet Reserve Air Group, a squadron that flew the type in which he was to train in, there was where he met Tosh (Animal) who trained him how to fly and fight in the F-14A Tomcat. It was a heady time where he felt like he was on top of the world; flying in combat over Afghanistan and Iraq with his best buddy and former RAG instructor at his side, but only two years after achieving his life-goal of becoming a Naval Aviator, it all came crashing down. An infection in his eye (though at the time the doctors had thought it was night-blindness) caused him to have a ramp-strike which killed his RIO and sent him to the hospital for a long stint at recover. A FNAEB (Flight Naval Aviator Evaluation Board) summary ruling yanked his wings and he was given the choice to either pick another MOS or get booted out of the Navy. Harm chose to stay in and pursue the legal profession, ending up at JAG. He also earned his wings back on an investigation onbaord the USS Seahawk where he ended up landing the Tomcat from the back seat (no such RL - it's just JAG Canon fiction - blame DPB - he's a Marine) and saving the CAG of the Seahawk Captain Tom Boone (who quite conveniently was Harm's father's wingman on the night that his father went down) From there, he went on to amass a rather substantial win record in JAG litigation cases until he decided that enough was enough and retired to Sunset Valley along with his old buddy from RAG and his friend from JAG, Major Sarah Mackenzie, Marine Corps. Upon arrival he was pleasantly suprised to find his old JAGMAN investigation partner, Lieutenant Commander Meg Austin (recently promoted then also decided to retire to see if she could try her hand at romance)
Lieutenant Commander Jack Keeter or just plain ol' Keeter to everyone who came into contact with him was pretty much what one would call a party animal. He, Luke Pendry, Sturgis Turner and Harmon Rabb were pretty much the FOUR Amigos at the Naval Academy. After graduating from the Academy, they pretty much went their separate ways. Turner became a bubblehead (a submariner) and Luke, Harm and Keeter went into Naval Aviation, were royally chewed out by Animal on several occasions while at RAG and ended up transitioning into the fleet squadrons, all different ones. Keeter went into the Cougars, Harm was flying with the Howlers and Luke was a Raptor. Luke however met an untimely end due to a mechanical malfunction that caused his F-14 to suddenly go inverted and pull up - which when inverted put the F-14 directly into the ground otherwise known as "making a smoking hole". So it was just the three of them, plus Animal who pretty much became the fourth Amigo after Luke became one with the fertilizer. Jack had a propensity to get lost which ended up putting him in Cuba. That pretty much ended his Naval career because the brass certainly didn't like him taking a vacation jaunt (however inadvertent) and he was dragooned by the "Can't Identify Anything" - sarcastic acronym for CIA - Animal referred to them as the Cr**tastic I****s Available which annoyed the living manure out of Clayton Webb. Keeter was then called upon to fly the Black Jet (F-117 Nighthawk but more ostensibly known as the Wobbly Goblin) and promptly found himself STUCK in Iraq - hey, at least it was a long runway in the desert with nothing to hit - perhaps Jack had picked the wrong service after all with the Navy - after all things happen to Marines. Things never did work out for Jack. That meant that poor Harm and Mac had to rescue the luckless former naval aviator. That ultimately caused Webb and the DDCIA to yank his rating and thus he too ended up at Sunset Valley.
Coming from an abusive background with a front end slide into full-on alcoholism, it could be said that one should not expect too much from Sarah Mackenzie, however this was not the case; this Marine learned early on from her uncle, Colonel Matthew O'Hara that falling was acceptable, as long as you picked yourself up. Taking her off to Red Rock Mesa to dry out and search for dinosaur bones, he made sure that she was on a steady track and then set her loose to find herself. She promptly joined the Marine Corps. Her determination led her to receiving her Major's rank upon being deep-selected. It was then that she ended up in JAG. After serving four years and meeting Harm who became her legal partner in the Judge Advocate, she decided that she would retire to Sunset Valley, but unfortunately her taste for adventure would leave her dissatisfied with civilian life and she ended up back in the military, this time at Fort Gnome and unfortunately since Harm had chosen the law-enforcement career, he wouldn't be following her back into uniform.
Lieutenant Commander Peter Ulysses "Sturgis" Turner was one of the Four Amigos who roomed together and hung together with Keeter, Harm and Luke at the Naval Academy. Sturgis was an odd-ball, incredibly focused and obssesive about things, and as such he decided that bobbing around the ocean currents in a metal double-hulled tube at crushing depths would be a fun way to spend his naval career. Either that or the lack of oxygen to his brain was a deciding factor. Occasionally having to surface brought on a nasty case of the bends and it was during that particular moment he thought that being a legal officer at JAG was the better way to go. When he came to from that hallucination, he decided that retirement was probably even better and promptly sent in an application for his DD214 ending up at Sunset Valley with the rest of the gang.
Lieutenant Jennifer Coates was the only mustang out of the ten officers who ended up living together. She was a former Legalman First Class who took night courses and got her degree in psychology. She planned to go into the medical field as a psychologist and was assigned to Bethesda Naval Medical Center before it was changed to Walter Reed. She was given her Ensign rank through the STA-21 program and ended up being assigned to Fort Gnome with the Army, which didn't make a whole bit of sense, but well, Fort Gnome had a hospital and they needed some medical staff, so Jen planned to finish her hitch of 21 years as per the requirement by the program under which she was commissioned.

And that concludes the roll-call of the 10 characters in my little fit of JAGInsanity.
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    OK, folks, I worked on this first chapter for quite some time. It just blows directly into the action...and frankly. Kimber's on a mission...of a rather personal nature.

    Chapter 1 - "A New Home (Kimber Makes Her Move)
    Moving into the house at 15 Summerhill Court was perhaps the first thing that happened that was on a monumental scale in the lives of the nine naval officers (eight former and one currently serving) and one Marine officer. In fact none of them could really believe their good fortune that the amassed fortune that they had accumulated from not having spent much of their money at all while serving their country had amounted to enough to buy this home. Needless to say they were all very happy that this came about. Having spent the first afternoon having water balloon fights while the house was being built, they ended up moving into the new house shortly thereafter - (they must have one incredibly fast build team). It was an eye-opener to see so much living space as well as the ability to be able to add on to the building at leisure. The walls were unfinished however it did allow them to take their time to figure out just what worked on the walls and what wouldn't.
    Screenshot-50.jpg The former work-mates took a long moment for their new home to fully register in their minds and took that time to take advantage of some of the amenities that the house offered.
    Screenshot.jpg The fish pond
    Screenshot-3.jpg The basketball court - with two hoops. However Mac got into it with Jennifer a little because Mac thought Jen was a little too close to Harm for Mac's liking. Well, too bad, Mac, Jen is an officer now and frat-regs don't apply any more.
    Screenshot-56.jpg It was definite that Jen loved the place.
    Screenshot-58.jpg Mac, being the stoic Marine, was a lot more subdued with regards to the new home, but even despite her dispassionate veneer, she was definitely liking the place. Of course there were things that were still needed, like a few more beds. But to a bunch of fitness nuts like the ex-military officers were, they loved the new gymnasium.
    Screenshot-33.jpg Meg instantly gravitated towards the gym and started working out with Harm not far behind. Tosh went to sleep and when he woke up, he decided to play the piano - at least those music lessons were good for something.
    Screenshot-11.jpg It was nice to have several pianos
    Screenshot-5.jpg Before he'd gone to sleep, Haruo had made some grilled salmon which Meg gladly partook of the leftovers.
    Screenshot-7.jpg Mac however was too excited by the new house to go to sleep by herself and complained vociferously of the fact that she was tired, enough that the Creator had to send her upstairs and off to bed on her own.
    Screenshot-13.jpg The fountain in the front added an element of white noise that allowed the traffic (not that there was much to begin with) noise to not interfere with their enjoyment of the home. And on top of that, the fountain was pretty to look at considering the fact that it was a two dome fountain.
    Screenshot-55.jpg Kimber had been wanting to corner Tosh for a long time, ever since she'd taken the reins as XO of the VF-41 Black Aces that she'd squelched down the feelings for him due to not wanting to tank both of their careers in an Article 133 (Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman (or Lady as it may be). After taking a swim in the pool in some rather revealing swimwear she came in from the pool to find Tosh just finishing up his shower. Suffice it to say that she was completely undone and her last shred of resistance ground under her feet as she took advantage of the situation.
    Screenshot-26_censored.jpg Tosh had absolutely NO idea what hit him. All he saw was a rather skimpily clad former female XO that he'd served with who had a lasciviously hungry expression on her face...leaning in to close her body with his. He had an absolutely confused and perhaps petrified expression on his face.
    Screenshot-28.jpg Kimber's hands were ALL over him in less than a second. And frankly all rational thought left him after that. Was that the chaste Commander Kimber Benton doing those things that defied all description to him? His brain just overheated and combusted. The only thing he could utter was "Ooooh...Kimber..."
    Screenshot-29_censored.jpg To say that it got "hot" in that shower was an absolute understatement.
    Screenshot-34.jpg To get his heartrate back down to normal, Tosh went to the kitchen and started cooking dinner. But he couldn't keep his mind off his former XO who had just made him think thoughts that would have put him in Leavenworth if he had acted on them during his time in service.
    Screenshot-36.jpg Kimber however had other ideas of her own that she planned to hatch with her former commanding officer and to keep him all hot and bothered, she came out of the bathroom in some rather skimpy attire. Meg just shook her head rolling her eyes and went back to eating the veggie burger that Tosh had cooked up. Purring "thanks" at Tosh, Kimber availed herself of a plate and started eating as well.
    Screenshot-37.jpg When Kimber was done, she turned around and walked over to Tosh and said with a bright smile, "That was delicious." Tosh wasn't sure what she was referring to: the meal or what they had done in the shower. Either way his braincells were done for the evening. Kimber had a deliciously mischievous twinkle in her eyes, a "come hither" look that spoke of more delicious fun planned and the slightly parted lips and the twitch of her nostrils had Tosh focusing more on the small hints. (Frankly he is so dense that he doesn't recognize that look of "Oh...G..Tosh give me your babies" - Oh MY...)
    Screenshot-38.jpg She hugged him and the electrical feeling that Tosh felt when he felt her arms wrap around his shoulders and neck as she drew in closer pretty much short-circuited what remained of his brain.
    Screenshot-39.jpg "I need to tell you something..." she said softly as she gazed deeply into Tosh's eyes.
    Screenshot-40.jpg They were so engrossed in each other that they hadn't even noticed that Meg had left the table and was heading upstairs. Their eyes were locked on each other.
    Screenshot-41.jpg "You know how long I've waited to tell you this..." Kimber began as she searched Tosh's reaction written in his face of surprise. "I couldn't tell you this before...because we were in uniform. But..."
    Screenshot-42.jpg "Tosh...I've fallen for you..." Screenshot-43.jpg
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    Wow, very nice intro, I actually did a double take when I saw a new discussion with the title JAGinsanity, it made me very curious and I knew I needed to check it out.
    As you can see I have Jag as the first part of my username, although it's not because of the TV show, Jag happens to be my real name and I do have an attitude :D (a little thought crossed my mind for a millisecond as to why someone was writing about me on the forum) so of course, I had to read what you wrote and I will look for the continuation of this story when you post it.
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    Chapter 2 - Meg's Pain

    Meg stared at the wall in her washroom. Why did I ever think that it could have worked out? she thought to herself, her heart shattered into tiny fragments, just like her hopes. Her first inclination was to be angry; enraged even at the man who crushed her hopes and dreams, but she knew that she hadn't let him know that she was interested in him. She'd essentially kept her interest in him carefully hidden when she was around him and admired him from afar. So how was he to know that she wanted him? Her next inclination was to be angry at the woman who had taken him from her, but even there, her anger was misplaced, she realized, as this woman had shared so many things with the man that Meg loved. Their love for flying, the love for aerial combat and a deep zest for life that transcended the ordinary, since each one of them knew that life was fleeting. All it took was one mistake and their aircraft would transform into spare parts taking them with it. And that was why both Kimber and Toshio hung onto life with a two-fisted grip that was tighter than a giant clam hanging onto a pearl and they had found each other. Meg realized with deep sadness that Kimber truly was Tosh's other half and that Meg had really had no chance at all when Kimber came into the picture. Why oh why couldn't Kimber have picked Phil or someone else other than Tosh?
    Screenshot.jpg Her next inclination was to run; to get away from the pain and hurt that living under the same roof with the man who broke her heart and the woman that had taken Tosh away from her (even though she knew that Tosh never really was hers since she hadn't even opened her mouth to lay claim to him) was causing Meg. She tried so hard to despise Kimber, but Meg just wasn't that kind of vicious person. And her daddy had taught her, that you don't run away from your pain because all it does is sit there while you avoid it and fester and make things worse in the end. And Meg knew her daddy had said that Austins don't run away. And she was an Austin and she sure as heck wasn't going to run away from her problems.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpg Besides, even if she couldn't have Tosh, there were plenty of eye-candy until the right guy came along - and frankly, she'd spent a lot of time working with Harm. There was always Harm who seemed to be completely and utterly oblivious to the machinations of the women in front of him, even though he was a handsome catch who had always got away.
    Screenshot-87.jpg But still, the acid hurt rose up in her craw when she was in close proximity to Tosh or Kimber...
    Screenshot-86.jpg ...and she tried to avoid talking to them as much as possible, with perhaps a perfunctory hello but not sticking around for conversation. To heal her heart, she buried herself in her work and avoided them as much as possible. Because even if they didn't intend to, it hurt seeing them together

    Question to all you female Simmers: Should Meg give up so easily and let Kimber have the win; or should she try to take Tosh away from Kimber? :D
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    Chapter 3 - Coming Home

    Liandra took advantage of the home gym that was in the house. Needless to say, exercise was a big item with 10 former military officers for whom fitness had been a way of life. But still the treadmill was a new item for the men and women to use and Liandra certainly found that out. Most of the running in the military had been restricted to road or trail-running and the treadmill with the constant running that one had to do...if you slackened your pace in anyway shape or form or ended up forgetting that you had to slow down the treadmill; your face met rubber - painfully.
    Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-5.jpg The house had a lot of amenities to start with, but there were still a few things that Tosh had to obtain. And because they had pooled their resources together, they were able to get a number of these things. The realtor in the property condition disclosure hadn't mentioned anything about them landing on a tiberium mine so when he saw those green rocks spawning all over the yard, he was about as shocked as a "bird landing on an electric fence". Kimber found the first tiberium rock and told Tosh. And that find would help immensely with the house finances because they'd worked hard, risked their lives and earned every cent of that combined §13.5M pension. And it hurt to see it go flying out the window...due to necessary expenditures, however they knew that landing on this lot with what appeared to be a tiberium mine allowed them a lot of financial flexibility. And even insane Phil seemed to agree on one fact. "Good Job...Tosh."
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg The home provided a recreational oasis, a place for them to recharge and it appeared to have everything that one could ever want - a basketball court if they wanted to practice hoops, a pool that jutted right onto the foundation with windows if one wanted to be a peeper (or is that a creeper) and look in on someone skinny-dipping. And there was a small lake...on a 60x60 lot it wasn't much of a lake, but it was enough...stocked full of fish and plenty of different types as Tosh soon discovered and Harm decided to foresake the law career he wanted to pursue in law enforcement and became an angler instead and he signed up at the city hall and pursued self-employment instead. Of course, fishing in one's gonch at the height of summer was one thing, Harm would have to remember to put on some clothes as fall and winter approached or he'd become a popsicle...(and Mr. Happy would probably crack off...and that wouldn't do well for interpersonal relationship with members of the opposite gender).
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpg Screenshot-87.jpg Kimber had access to Tosh's refuge which was the top floor of the home - well after all, he was an O-5 (a full three-striper Commander and the highest ranking of all of them with the exception of Kimber who had reached Commander just before she put in for her retirement and she outranked Meg by two ranks)
    Screenshot-14.jpg ...and she marvelled at the space. Of course, she understood that Tosh didn't like tight enclosed spaces, aircraft carrier personal spaces were notorious for that, in fact it was one of the secrets that she had kept for Tosh while they were CO and XO. As XO she covered for Tosh on certain things; nothing though that contravened the UCMJ, if it was a UCMJ matter that needed officiating over, Tosh would deal with it, however little things like taking care of certain tasks in the squadron that needed doing that the CO didn't have time for because of other conflicting duties, Kimber would deal with it.
    Screenshot-15.jpg As Tosh walked back to the living room after relieving himself at the toilet within his spacious bathroom, he noted Kimber's relaxed skimpy attire. The erotic revalation that he'd experienced in the gym bathroom still sent electric shocks that cascaded through his brain. Throughout their time in the Navy, Kimber had been the upright, by-the-books executive officer who showed no other sign of being attracted to him than the nearest lamp-post. She had shown nothing other than professional courtesy and the respect due a superior officer. Now it was time to get the full explanation from his former XO. Why, and why now, did she unshutter her curtain and let her attraction for him hang out in full view (oh, the places I could go with THAT comment) Frankly, though, he had to sit down first so that he didn't drop through the floor at the revelation.
    Screenshot-16.jpg Kimber stared at him for a long moment before she spoke. "I know you're probably wondering why now?"
    Well, that was half the question... Tosh thought to himself. "Yes, that thought did cross my mind..." he answered slowly. "You never did show any signs of being interested in me."
    "Well, as you know, we were governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice..." she paused for a long moment. "If I had taken advantage of the feelings that I had for you at that particular moment in time, I'd have been under a JAGMAN investigation so fast that you wouldn't have had a moment to say "Wait..." So it was squelch down those feelings for you and stew in silence. You've had a storied career, Tosh and you are well-respected by everyone in the Navy. Not everyone could do what you did on that hill and I sure as heck wasn't going to be the one to destroy your storied career because I couldn't handle my own hormones."

    Screenshot-17.jpg Tosh felt a bit of anger at the antiquated regulations that governed a "one sex Navy" at the time of the regulation's inception. Was the Navy brass that obtuse that they thought that they could regulate people's hormones? And then he realized that they weren't regulated by the Navy's restrictions any more. "So...I know why you didn't pursue me then..." he paused fearful at her answer, "and why the regulations prevented you from telling me what you thought about me..." he looked at her, "What did you feel back then and...what do you feel for me now?"
    Kimber's languid blue eyes locked in on him like her Sidewinders had on those two unfortunate Iraqi MiG 23s over the Al-Hajarah desert that one morning in 2002. She'd gotten two confirmed kills on that day (yeah, unfortunately in RL F-14s could only combine for 1 Mil-8 and that was a helicopter - but they still have 2 MiG 23s and 2 Su-22 kills over the Gulf of Sidra) and that was as a lieutenant in the VF-41 under Tosh's tutelage, he was flying wing-man...and three MiG-23s had come up to bump noses - none went home. Tosh got the other one adding to his now combined total of four; one short of an ace.
    Kimber paused for a long moment...and then said, "It was hard to squelch down those feelings. It felt like two souls connecting, but then being kept apart by regulations...and knowing that we were in the same chain of command, it hurt. Knowing that we should be together, but that we couldn't...all because you and I were separated by one rank at first, then even if we were at the same rank, you were my superior because you were the commanding officer and I was the XO."
    she looked at him for a long moment and then stared at the fireplace.
    Screenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-19.jpg "It's hard to know if I made the right decision, but I think my heart tells me that I did make the right decision...because it preserved your career and mine at the cost of years together." Kimber sighed sadly as she looked intently at the fireplace. "But since we're now out of the Navy, free to live the rest of our lives, what do we do now?"
    "Well, you certainly made an aggressive opening move..." Tosh said looking over at her with a wry expression on his face
    Screenshot-18.jpg "Well, you only have yourself to blame for that. You taught me that." smirked back Kimber.
    "That was for aerial combat, Jugs..." Tosh protested feebly using her callsign
    "Adapt and Improvise...Animal..." She retorted with a cheery expression on her face using his callsign in return
    Screenshot-21.jpg "C'mere, you scandalous thing..." Tosh grinned at his former XO and now lover. Kimber willingly slid across the couch into Tosh's arms. It now truly felt like coming home as their hearts connected and as they looked into each other's eyes, their souls connected...and without fail, they fell into each other's arms.
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    Chapter 4 - Men Are So Freakin' Dense

    Tosh went to harvest eggs and milk the cow and was followed out by Kimber who was watching him intently. Meanwhile Liandra was working in the garden. Combined with art and gardening, these were her two enjoyments in life. She tried hard to not notice the two lovebirds standing to the side of the chickencoop, but unfortunately with the glass panes in the greenhouse, it was hard not to have a direct line of sight to them. She'd had a mild infatuation with Tosh and she also had the hots for Harm, but she knew that she didn't want to take the chance at getting her heart broken, upon seeing Meg's morose mood for the past few days after finding out that Kimber had already hog-tied Tosh up completely to the point where Meg wouldn't ever have a chance of getting him loose. Nor would he even look at her the way he was looking at Kimber right now.
    Screenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-38.jpg Men she huffed silently to herself as she picked a watermelon from the plant before her. But she knew that Kimber Benton was a naval aviator and Tosh's equal in the aerial combat arena. They were truly matched as a pair and once they'd shown each other their true feelings, it would take a force of nature to pry them apart. In other words, nothing of this world would ever be able to split up the two of them. She peered up to take another peek at them. Well...they were still staring into each other's eyes.
    Screenshot-39.jpg Men are sooo addicted to a pretty face... Liandra thought to herself, even though she knew that she was being uncharitable as Kimber possesed an incredible intellect as well and a capacity for wanting to study new things that rivalled her own. But she couldn't help being jealous of Kimber having something that she herself wanted; a man who would care for her as much as Tosh cared for Kimber. She rolled her eyes as she couldn't help but look over again as she saw the two of them lock lips.
    Screenshot-46.jpg Screenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-50.jpg Liandra let out a frustrated sigh as she saw first one then the other look at each other and grin then scurry back around the corner of the house, presumably to head for the nearest bed or something. Lia seriously at that moment empathized entirely with Meg and how she felt. When would she have a man of her own? It wasn't the fact that a man defined her existence or made her feel complete, it was just the fact that it seemed like everybody was looking for someone that would be the one that actually made her feel special, someone to talk to, someone who would listen to her when she spoke. And she wasn't sure that she could find it in this home.
    Screenshot-57.jpg It just so happened that she was sitting beside him at the dinner table that evening and she casually mentioned that "Yeah, you know...I don't know what's going on with Meg, she seems rather out of sorts."
    "Really?" Tosh had replied. "I didn't notice anything. She seemed just like usual to me." guys are so freakin' dense. she bit her lip as she resisted saying that out loud. "I don't know, but she doesn't seem like herself. Usually she's talkative, but she's silent and doesn't say much of anything. YOU wouldn't know anything as to why, would you?"
    Tosh shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea."
    Yeah, of course you wouldn't.Lia looked over at him, her eyes shuttered, not letting anything slip out You were too busy ogling Kimber's frontal assets to even notice that Meg was hurting...BECAUSE OF YOU! she thought viciously to herself hoping that her sharp thoughts would penetrate his thick skull and pierce some sense into him.
    Screenshot-58.jpgThey ate their meals in silence for a long moment; neither of them saying a word. For a long while the only sounds at the dinner table were utensils against china as each pondered what was said.
    Screenshot-59.jpg"You think I should talk to her and see what's bothering her?" Tosh ventured to ask, as Lia drilled him with a straight stare.
    Was he joking? That was probably the last thing he should do. And people wonder why men are in control of much of the country's infrastructure when they can't recognize the subtleties that are needed for certain tasks. Good heavens "No, I don't think that would be a very good idea at this time." Meg certainly needed some time and she certainly wouldn't appreciate the person who caused all that internal pain to ask her what was wrong. That would be a good way of Tosh getting brained with the nearest heavy lethal object. "Let her come out of her shell when she's ready to." Lia advised. Too bad that same advice couldn't help her own situation as her heart twinged sitting beside the person she liked a lot too.
    "Okay..." he said softly, his tone confused as to the situation and stymied at the fact that he couldn't do anything about it. What he didn't realize was that not all problems required immediate remedial action. "Well, it was good talking to you...Liandra" he said "I think I'd better head upstairs before Kimber thinks I've gotten lost." He got up out of the chair, cheerily bade her goodnight and headed for the stairs. Liandra uttered a deep sigh, getting up and picking up the dishes to wash.
    Screenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-62.jpgOf course Tosh didn't think anything more of it as he headed up stairs and got into bed with his beautiful girlfriend, wrapping his arms around her waist and curling up under the covers to sleep spooned together.
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    Chap 5 - Tense

    Screenshot-65.jpg The next few days were tense, more so because of the fact that Lia thought Tosh was dense and resented him for it, Kimber sensed that there was some resentment on the part of Lia and Meg and was a bit snippy with them, after all, she did make the move on Tosh and snared him fairly and squarely and that wasn't anything to be ashamed of and it wasn't like she was using Tosh to take something away from them that they already had laid claims on. She saw an opening, she loved Tosh and wanted him and went for the first available opportunity. And Meg...well, Meg was morose and taciturn.wanting nothing more than to be left alone. Tosh, well, went out and paid the bills so that they could keep that expansive mansion under their own control.
    Screenshot-68.jpgScreenshot-69.jpgScreenshot-70.jpgScreenshot-71.jpgScreenshot-72.jpgLia painted, Tosh did chores and everyone else other than Lia, Meg, Kimber and Tosh did their own thing happily oblivious of the fact that there was an emotional drama going down. Phil, being completely insane, did his own thing: eating autumn salad which was well-past its best before date.
    Screenshot-75.jpgScreenshot-76.jpgScreenshot-78.jpgCreator: This is what happens when you let Sims do what they want... ~sigh~
    Screenshot-79.jpgScreenshot-80.jpgScreenshot-84.jpg And Kimber when she wasn't working, spent as much time as she could with Tosh, to the ever-present disgust of Meg. Kimber and Tosh spent time "watching the stars" and talking, getting to know each other even better than they did when they were serving in the Navy together.

    And when Tosh wasn't spending time with Kimber, he was cooking so that others in the "family" could eat.
    Screenshot-85.jpgScreenshot-88.jpgAnd when he wasn't doing that, he went to the Apothecary/Consignment store to get rid of gem dust that wasn't Tiberium - tiberium he planted in the ground so that he could get new giant spires of tiberium to sell.
    Screenshot-89.jpgScreenshot-90.jpgScreenshot-92.jpgKimber did enjoy "spending time" with Tosh... a lot... :D

    ...and it was with definite certainty that Tosh enjoyed it too.
    Kimber (purring) " what you see?"
    Tosh (stammering): "Um...yeahhh!"
    Screenshot-96.jpg It certainly made for a relaxing night...afterwards...
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    Chap 6 - Meg Opens Up

    Screenshot.jpgNo matter how much Meg tried to ignore the pain and rejection of seeing Tosh with Kimber, it always seemed to well up at the most inopportune moment. Pain; pure physical pain that didn't seem to ebb, especially when seeing the two fo them together and she could do nothing but stare at the wall and hope to heck that her emotions didn't show up on her face.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgBut evidently she wasn't as good at hiding her emotions as she thought because she heard Harm ask her "What's wrong?"Screenshot-5.jpg"Nothing"...she tried to disguise the raw emotion in her voice as she looked away, but the grimace of angry pain in her was enough for Harm to say.
    "It's not nothing, is it?"
    "It's nothing...and it's everything..." Meg said, confusingly to Harm who just peered at her.
    Screenshot-6.jpg"It's Tosh" she said shortly and succinctly, "...and it's Kimber..." she finished, while Harm digested that tidbit of information with a sinking bit of feeling in his own heart - Harm hadn't really given much thought to the fact that the woman that he was interested in was interested in someone else and it wrenched at his soul, but he squashed that down and soldiered on.
    "Tosh and Kimber?" he asked, not really wanting to know the answer because he knew the emotional pain that it would entail, but being the helpful hero soul, he kept going. "You mean, they're together?" he asked, rather surprised.
    Meg uttered a groan of frustration. "Yes, Harm, they mean you haven't noticed the two of them snogging each other every freakin' chance they get?" her voice was irritable, partly due to emotional pain, the other out of sheer dumbstruck wonder that Harm could be THAT oblivious.
    "Really? I never really noticed. I mean, Kimber was his XO..." Harm stated as he peered curiously at Meg, trying to read the look on her face.
    Screenshot-7.jpgMeg stared at him impassively - that was usually a danger signal with women; it meant they were going to jump all over your rear-end using your head as a trampoline, or they were going to unsheath claws and rip you to shreds. "You do realize..." Meg said simply, "...that they are no longer in the military...and neither are the two of us. That's why they decided to get together. At least they won't be contravening the Uniform Code of Military Justice." she explained pointedly with a tone that spitefully suggest that she wished that was the case, but she knew deep down in her heart that she wasn't that kind of person that would be that spiteful, but that it was the pain talking.
    Screenshot-8.jpgHarm, being a bit more insightful into the inner workings of relationships, somehow managed to grab a tenuous hold on what was bothering Meg. "So...basically you're ticked off because Kimber is with Tosh?" he asked, hitting the proverbial nail right on the head.
    It was a deep well-spring of pain that Harm had hit and Meg nodded, bravely smiling through her pain.
    Harm wasn't sure if his own heart had collapsed into a million pieces at that point, considering how long he had wanted Meg - and not knowing it until she had gone, but to find out that she had moved on emotionally from him, had to hurt immensely. He did want to find a nice quiet corner, curl up and lick his wounds.
    Screenshot-8.jpg"Well, I don't know..." Harm said in reply, "I think maybe that you have two choices, you can either let them be, and let them be happy or to ease your pain, talk to Tosh and tell him how you feel and put the ball in his court."...he paused then continued, "But just know that neither of those two solutions will help bring the two of you together. In all likelihood, you're going to make Kimber angrier than a..." he searched for a euphemism
    "...y'mean, madder than a three-legged dog trying to bury a poop on an icy pond?" she asked sarcastically. "I don't want to get Kimber on the wrong side of me, but I do need to let him know how I felt, just so that I can heal. It doesn't do me any good to be this mad all the time..." she did suppress a bit of a sob... "even if it hurts like heck to see 'em together like this."
    Harm thought to himself Does she know just how much that hurt? That I want Meg just as much as she wants Tosh?" he thought quietly as he stared at her.
    Screenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-10.jpg"Y'know, Harm, You're a great friend...letting me talk my ears off at you about Tosh and Kimber. I appreciate that..." she said somewhat more cheerfully, "I gotta go upstairs...I need to think on it. Thanks for letting me bounce this off you..."
    "Sure, anytime..." Harm said with as much false cheerfulness as he could muster.
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    Chap 7 - The Eye of the Storm

    Mornings were always fun for Kimber and Tosh. Even though Kimber had to head in early for her law enforcement career, she always made time in the morning for personal time even if it meant waking up two and a half hours before she had to leave for work. made a great start to the day; she could feel nice and "relaxed" having worked out the stresses.
    Then after Kimber had gone to work, Tosh would get busy in the kitchen and cook some meals so that he wouldn't have to cook every single night. It was just the smart thing to do with some working at night, others working during the day. Besides, if Phil was home, he was taking care of a lot of things around the house including repair odd-jobs that needed doing.
    Screenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-19.jpg Phil however came with his own set of problems as did Mac. The two of them didn't like each other, not one bit and Mac just couldn't resist taking Phil to task about his ideas of cleanliness and personal behavior that seemed to nettle her at every available opportunity. Phil wasn't about to take any baloney from Mac and argued back. So neither of them liked the other. And frankly, the sniping was starting to irritate both Harm and Meg and both of them were considered the most patient of the ten people in the home.
    Screenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg Phil, the recipient of Mac's sniping, was so tired of it, he viciously retaliated by scaring the living daylights out of her when she was getting ready to sit down to eat.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpg Through all this upheaval, Tosh and Kimber were just blase, with eyes only for each other. This was what two Sims dim-struck in love were like.
    Screenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpg Everything was hearts, chocolates and roses for the two of them. Extremely revoltingly saccharine. It was enough to make you want to vomit.
    Screenshot-4_tb.jpgScreenshot-5_tb.jpg Needless to say, after that disgusting display of sentiment, the two of them went upstairs and didn't emerge for the rest of the night. But those directly underneath their bathroom, did hear the shower going at about two in the morning. Thank goodness it was Friday night or there would be some very ticked off house-mates the next morning.
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg Phil was still up reading a book at 2AM when Kimber and Tosh came downstairs, blissfully ignorant of the fact that the kitchen sink faucet had developed a Old Faithful complex and was geysering water all over the floor not to mention the fact that the dishwasher was broken...AGAIN, two times in two days. It took until 5:30 AM before Tosh was able to repair both sink faucet and dishwasher which left him completely soaked, but Kimber mopped up the floor.
    Screenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-18.jpg Sturgis came out to make pancakes and eventually almost everybody came down to have breakfast.

    Phil cooked waffles for brunch and Haruo decided to cut gemstones to the consternation of everyone in the house, several making a quick beeline for the back yard door and Sturgis who clapped his hands to his ears complaining about the goddawful noise.

    Well at least for the short term, things were settling down and tensions had eased if only a slight bit.
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    The Calm Before The Storm

    Meg pondered on how she was going to approach Tosh for so long that Harm pretty much forgot about the discussion they had had. Besides, his own heart was still in shreds from Meg's disclosure. But they all had their jobs to do. Harm fished in the backyard pond/lake, And Mac did her best to annoy Phil. But dinner-time was the toughest time of all, when everyone would trickle in, sit down at the table and eat their meals. Meg tried to get in quickly, grab a left-over meal, eat and then disappear back into her room, when she wasn't at work. Harm could barely even be in the same room as Meg after that disclosure, so he usually waited until she was done eating - getting ready to get up and leave, then come in and grab his meal so that he could eat it in peace without the heart-ache.
    Screenshot.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-3.jpg Evidently the only person who was aware of the fact that there was tension going on between Harm, Meg and Tosh was Liandra and she had already said her piece to Tosh, not that it had done much in the way of alleviating the strained-relations between the three.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpg Tosh spent the next day collecting rocks and gemstones to sell at the Apothecary near Pinochle Pond, talking to young Ms. Espinosa who seemed to be rather bored most of the time. On occasion, he'd make a decent sale. But the money maker was the tiberium that he cut and sold himself.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-14.jpg In the evenings, he would come home and spend time with Kimber.
    Screenshot-21.jpg During the daytime on the weekends, he would cut gemstones, which annoyed the living daylights out of Jen who didn't appreciate Tosh cutting them right under her bedroom. But unfortunately the gemstones were the big money-makers in the family and that kept the bills paid and the roof over their heads. So they would have to deal with the noise from the gem-cutter
    Screenshot-19.jpg Mac wasn't restricting being annoying to just Phil either, as she started pestering Liandra about running around the house with her nightie on. Liandra took offence and they had an argument.

    The one thing that always seemed to happen was the computer breaking - the same computer, on two consecutive days. That didn't make Tosh a very happy camper at all.
    Screenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-45.jpg The weekend was spent outside; Sturgis and Mac ended up having a water-balloon fight which was much better than Mac picking fights with Phil or Liandra.
    Screenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-49.jpg Jen played with the chicks and milked the cow.
    Screenshot-50.jpgScreenshot-51.jpg Screenshot-52.jpg Harm went his usual. Hey, gratuitous hot bod shot for the ladies, I'm sure Meg and Mac enjoyed the view when Meg wasn't sighing over Tosh and crying in her cups...(I'll stop right there before I make a wisecrack...related to other things other than what you drink out of...dam-it...walked right into that one too).
    Screenshot-54.jpgScreenshot-55.jpgScreenshot-56.jpg And, any time that Kimber, Tosh, Meg...and whoever else were at the dining table...well, Meg ignored Tosh and Kimber, Keeter drooled over Meg, and Meg did her best to ignore Keeter as well...who was busy leering at Meg...
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    The Emotional Storm

    Yes, of all the times in the day that Meg and Harm had to deal with; dinner was the toughest. Especially on the times when it was a group dinner. Then they all had to tuck in their inner feelings and try to put on a brave face so that others weren't able to tell how they were feeling. Meg was still pining for Tosh and Harm hurt because he wasn't even on Meg's radar other than being "friend-zoned" hard. The rest of the friends, with the exception of Liandra were unaware of the romantic tensions brewing between Meg, Tosh and Harm. Kimber was aware but chose to ignore it in the light of the fact that she had Tosh and that was all that was important.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot.jpg But for Meg, those group dinners were so emotionally charged, because of the fact that she was in the presence of the man who essentially broke her heart.
    Screenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg No matter how much she wanted to put aside the pain of rejection, it still resonated every single time she watched him walk up those stairs with Kimber.

    So she tried her best to put the pain going outside and trying to distract herself with other activities
    Screenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg ...but eventually it got too much...and she went and confronted the man who had torn her heart to shreds.
    Screenshot-20.jpg "Tosh, I need to talk to you about something..." Meg approached him with a wary expression on her face.

    Tosh thought to himself... oh, it comes.... Despite the fact that he had appeared to be oblivious, he had felt every single bit of Meg's emotional pain directed at him as an empathetic human being, but he was in love with Kimber...and that was the unfortunate reality of the situation. He had done what he could to distance himself from that and that gave off the impression that he was oblivious. Meg's expression was one of bereft grief and suppressed anger.

    Her simple question was one word: "Why"... and it touched off a potent memory.
    Admiral Arleigh A. Burke Commissioned Officers' Mess
    Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 2330 hrs

    The O'Club at Yokosuka had some pounding beats going on as Animal shook his head. He had several drinks already and it was rapidly approaching the point of no pain. Harm and Meg were enjoying their last night in Yokosuka before flying back in the morning to Washington, DC.

    Harm was pretty much three sheets to the wind. He excused himself citing the fact that he had to pack. "Don't worry about me, Meg, I know my way home to the Nimitz." He leaned over blurrily to Animal, his movements grandiose with the intoxication, hand extended in the air. "Sir. I task you with bringing my partner home to the carrier."

    "Understood, Lieutenant Commander Rabb." Animal said formally as he grinned back at Harm. "Dismissed."

    "Aye, aye SIR!" he said loudly as he saluted sans cover. If he had placed his cover on, he'd be hit with a penalty of buying a round of drinks for every single officer in the O'Club. At least he had the faculties not to do that.

    "This career isn't easy" Animal said reflectively once Harm had gone out the door. "With deployments and potential for war…it's not a situation that's conducive to what I would like in my life…" He pulled at his drink. Shaking his head he looked up at Meg.

    "And what do you want out of life? Sir?" Meg asked.

    "I guess…"there was a long pause and another couple of drinks before he answered, his tone wistful striking a chord in Meg "I want the white picket fence, the house, the wife, the two kids and dog and…" He paused and chuckled. "the half a cat…ok…an intact cat."

    Meg replied. "I think everyone wants that, sir." Her tone was also wistful. That was something she wanted as well. It meant something to her that this officer, well-decorated and committed to his career was loosening up enough to admit this to her.

    He continued…"But really, Lieutenant, all I really want is someone who understands me, who I am, as a person, not someone who just thinks of me as a guy with a sword in one hand, flight helmet in the other, and chest festooned with medals shouting.'Follow me, men! Glory or bust.'. Inside, I'm not that guy…" he chuckled to himself. "I must be drunk, Lieutenant junior grade." Animal had said. "Here I am, admitting all my problems to you."

    "Well, sir, you're honest. I'm sure that the right woman will come along…" she stated. "I'm sure of it."

    "Oh, you are, are you?" Animal asked grinning. Meg wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or a genuine grin. "What if I told you that I hoped that person had already crossed my path?"

    "I think that's the alcohol talking, sir." Meg thought. 'What can of worms did I just open up.' And started backpedalling. "Well, hopefully you tell her the truth." She said.

    "I hope she knows…" Animal said…looking at her with a crooked smile. It must have been the drink that loosened his lips like this. "At least after I opened up to her like I did. But must've been the booze." He grinned. "I'd better go home and pour myself into bed.", he took her hand, raised it up to his lips, kissed it. He got up as did Meg. "I think we'd better get a taxi, before I get even more drunk and can't find my feet."

    Meg smiled softly at Animal. "Well, sir…I think we'd better call it a night." What he had said was doing laps in her mind.

    Tosh was silent for a long the memory played out in his mind.
    Screenshot-21.jpg Meg suppressed a sob as she said, "I waited for you..." a simple statement that had the emotional impact of a 50MT nuke.
    Screenshot-22.jpg Tosh replied, his own heart breaking, "How...was I to know that you were waiting for me? You disappeared for three years after Harm got falsely accused for Diane's murder and arrested, Krennick was trying to railroad him into an Article 118? And you were nowhere to be found. I searched, but the higher-ups told me to stop trying to poke the hornet's nest and I had no choice but to move on with my life.
    Screenshot-23.jpg "But you never even gave me a second chance..." Meg exclaimed, "Even when we ended up back together at this house? All your eyes were on Kimber and there was no room for me to even impress upon you that what you said in Yokosuka had sunk in...that I love you...and that I want you." she said...her fists clenched due to the emotional pain.
    Screenshot-24.jpg "I'm not going to put Kimber through that pain..." Tosh said simply as he looked at her. "I'm not going to reject her now that she's made her position clear and that you've told me your position."

    It was too late for them, and Meg realized that. If Kimber hadn't already stamped her claim on Tosh, it was certainly clear now who he preferred. And Meg knew that he wouldn't waffle on that position. Once Tosh made his stand on a position that he thought was right, there was no budging him.
    Screenshot-25.jpg "I know...but I thought for some unknown reason, that we had a ghost of a chance. I know that isn't the case now." Meg said, trying to disguise her emotional upheaval with a non-chalant look, but the eyes were the windows of the soul; they were glassy with unresolved pain and unshed tears.
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg She tried one last time, "There isn't a ghost of a there?" she repeated then asked.
    Screenshot-28.jpg Tosh silently shook his head... but uttered a heartbreaking, "No...there isn't..." pausing for a moment. "I won't put Kimber through that..." he said again with finality bracing his shoulders with steely resolve.
    Screenshot-29.jpg "I see..." Meg said, with equal finality. "I hope that you and Kimber will be happy...together..." she said with a forced cheerfulness in her voice resolving in her heart to not let this break her.
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    Seeing Eye to Eye

    As Tosh walked away from her, Meg chose to take out her frustrations on the martial arts dummy. It was an emotionally draining talk but at least, it showed where she and Tosh stood with regards to the other. Unfortunately it didn't do well to help the pain of rejection; only replaced it with pain in her knuckles and in the side of the head when she got a little too angry and whacked the dummy once and it spun around and smacked her in the side of the head.
    Screenshot-31.jpg And she had some peace in her mind until she heard "Hi...Meg...I need to talk to you for a minute..." She looked up, only to have her heart sink into her ankles. It was Kimber and it didn't seem as though she was here for a friendly coffee-chat about the weather or the latest flick down at the theatre.
    Screenshot-32.jpg Meg sighed tiredly, "What can I do for you, Kimber..." she wasn't looking forward to this conversation.
    Screenshot-32.jpg "I wanted to talk to you about Tosh..." Kimber said locking her blue eyes onto Meg's own. "I'm not going anywhere, she said firmly. "And I'm going to be at Tosh's side." she indicated punctuating her point with a raised finger./p> Screenshot-33.jpg "Tosh and I had this conversation..." Meg said dismissively, not wanting to scrape the wound when it was still raw.
    Screenshot-34.jpg "...and now you and I are going to have this conversation..." Kimber interrupted. "You didn't see the broken man that I saw when you disappeared." Kimber said to Meg with some vehemence. "Yet he picked himself up off the ground and had to command his squadron. They gave him the reins of VF-41 not long after that. And he had to perform his duties as a squadron commander. You know they sent him to Kosovo not long after you disappeared in 1997. He flew over 150 strike missions over Bosnia, all the while wondering where you had gone to. He compartmentalized that and did his duty. He performed it well enough that VF-41 won their Battle E. I saw him in emotional pain, Meg; not you."she said staring at Meg. "I flew with him on the majority of those 150 strikes. And he did his spite of YOU."
    Screenshot-34.jpg "You weren't the only one in pain, Meg..." Kimber continued. "I saw a man who had lost the one love of his life...and I resolved then and there to heal his pain because I loved him, even then. I couldn't back then, because of UCMJ regs, but I can now..."
    Screenshot-36.jpg Meg looked over at Kimber, "I didn't know. I was yanked out of JAG, by a couple of people who said that they wanted me to report to NAVSEA and I was kept there for three and a half years until they figured it was safe enough for them to let me go. I pleaded and begged them to every chance I got, but they just wouldn't listen." Meg said. "I didn't know..." she repeated.
    Screenshot-38.jpg Kimber looked over at Tosh who was breaking boards at the boardbreaker, "Well, we're out of the Navy now, I've made my move and corralled him. You're not in the picture. It seems I have what you want and you're not happy about it."
    Screenshot-39.jpg "...but make no mistake, Meg, he's mine...and I love him..." Kimber said locking eyes on Meg once more. "I tried to help him get over what little way that I could back then while we were still in uniform, not crossing the line of fraternization. Now that he and I are out, I can do a lot more...and I intend to do so." she said with a hint of satisfaction in her voice. "I intend to grow old with him." and gave her a look that said and there's not a darn thing you can do about it.
    Screenshot-43.jpg Meg replied, "Well, I guess you made your point perfectly clear, I'm glad we had this discussion."

    Kimber nodded perfunctorily, "I hope we don't have to have this conversation again."
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member

    A Productive Talk With Harm

    Meg noticed that Harm and Keeter had come into the home gym while she was busy beating the living tar out of perfectly innocent foam boards and paused for a moment to go and talk to Harm.
    Screenshot-48.jpg She waited until Harm turned to her and the first thing out of his lips was, "Did you talk to Animal?"
    Screenshot-49.jpg His eyes were veiled as though he didn't want to hear the result of that conversation. Whether it would provide him an opening that he had wanted for so long.

    "I did..." Meg said "I've lost Tosh..." she said with grim finality. "I waited too tell him what was in my heart and I lost him..." she said with tears welling up in her eyes.
    Screenshot-50.jpg She continued on. "Then after our little talk, Kimber comes down and rips me a new one." she complained. "I've let him go...and it's my fault that I wasn't clearer to him about how much I wanted him. But the kicker is...that she blames me for him nearly falling apart...because I got ripped out of JAG with no notice whatsoever and sent to Crane without so much as a see you later.

    Harm nodded sympathetically...
    Screenshot-51.jpg "Meg, I know you've been through pain, not knowing whether you were going to be able to live your life without having a veil of secrecy around you, but you have to understand that after he opened up to you and started thinking of you as someone who he could possibly have a relationship with, to have you suddenly go missing nearly broke him." Harm's words stopped Meg for a long moment as she contemplated that revelation.
    Screenshot-56.jpg "And Kimber told you that she was the one who picked up the pieces?" Harm asked her. When she nodded, Harm stated firmly. "She did..." Those two words gave Meg pause. "I know...because I was there. You didn't see how frantic he was trying to look for you. He was like a man possessed. When you gave him your heart, my pain from losing my partner wasn't anything compared to him losing the love of his life. You have to understand it from his point of view. Everything he ever you was torn out of his life and with no closure too. He couldn't fall apart, 24 men and women in that squadron depended on him being the Unflinching Leader. He still had to perform his duties whether he wanted to or not and you have to see how much it was ripping him apart."
    Screenshot-53.jpg Meg felt a hint of anger seep over her, "And Kimber was there to conveniently pick up the pieces..." she said.
    Screenshot-56.jpg "Meg..." Harm calmed her down, "You have to understand her point of view. Yes, she loved him, the man that was her squadron commander, but she had to keep on the right side of the UCMJ and she did all that she could do to keep him together without contravening the fraternization regs so that was as far as it went, but she still harbored feelings for Animal all the while that she was in uniform, but she kept that strictly under wraps or otherwise Mac and I would have been dealing with him under Article 133. They kept on the right side of the law. And now that they're out...Kimber saw the opportunity and went for it. She's a naval aviator, after all..." Harm said wryly. "And the funny part of it..."
    Screenshot-51.jpg Meg gave him a look that could melt steel, "I'm not seeing anything funny about it at the moment, Harm."
    Screenshot-54.jpg "Hear me out, Meg..." Harm grinned, "Tosh always taught me that the best opening move in aerial combat was to take the opponent out first...with an aggressive attack." he chuckled wryly. "Looks like Kimber certainly memorized that and adapted it really well..."
    Screenshot-49.jpg Meg stared at him for a long moment stone-faced then responded frostily, "That would have been a whole lot funnier if it wasn't at my expense."

    "I'm sorry, Meg..." Harm apologized and said, "Kimber does love him...a lot."

    Meg growled ominously, "Is that supposed to make me feel any better?"
    Screenshot-50.jpg "So, what are you going to do now?" Harm asked Meg.

    "I don't still hurts to see them together and me with no idea of what I plan to do. Yeah, I'm working in law enforcement, Jack's been a good guy, taking me out to lunch and everything but everything on my creep-radar has been going off. He's a nice guy but he's just not my type, y'see?" Meg said, her mind going on autopilot as she looked up towards the ceiling. (Meanwhile Jack Keeter wondered why his ears were suddenly burning)
    Screenshot-55.jpg Screenshot-6.jpg In the meantime...suddenly a bit of a painful realization hit Harm (@bekkasan's 2x4) that he was going to lose Meg if he didn't take the chance right there and then. "So...what is your type of guy?" he asked hesitantly.
    Screenshot-57.jpg "Oh...y'know..." Meg hedged for a long moment, as she thought about the kind of guy that she that Tosh was unavailable. "Somebody...tall, dark...handsome...y'know anyone like him, Harm?"
    Screenshot-58.jpg All of Harm's alarms were screaming rebound romance danger danger, but Harm thought Dam(n) the torpedoes, I'm going in. and plunged ahead with the lamest of pickup lines, "Meg, did you ever know how beautiful your eyes are?"
    Screenshot-60.jpg "Stare at them every day in the mirror but never really noticed. Thanks for noticing, Harm, you're so sweet..." That earned Harm a hug.
    Screenshot-61.jpg "Meg, I have something really serious to say..." Harm said quietly, "When you went missing, it wasn't just Tosh that missed you terribly. I did too..." he looked at Meg to see if his revelation was sinking in...then forged on, "I needed you and you weren't there...what I'm trying to I'm available..."
    Screenshot-54.jpg Meg looked at him in surprise... "You knew that I had a crush on you back then?"

    "Kinda...but it was kinda hazy back then..." Harm admitted.
    Screenshot-62.jpg " was the UCMJ that stopped us too back then...wasn't it?" Meg admitted as she gauged Harm up and down. He was certainly a handsome guy, and was it a consolation prize really, if it meant going back to the first guy she ever had feelings for? Perhaps it was a little bit like coming home to someone who you knew but really never saw for the first time until now.
    Screenshot-64.jpg Harm looked a bit sheepish as he looked away for a brief moment as if he was going to say something...then as Meg leaned in to clearly hear what he was about to say, he popped a quick peck of a kiss on her lips - the contact so brief that she barely felt it, but it still sent an electric feeling all through her entire body.
    Screenshot-66.jpgScreenshot-67.jpg ...and Meg's eyes glazed over and her legs went weak at the knees...all the lights in the room faded to a narrow pipe field of view and everything was all right with the world again...because of one thing: Harm holding her in his arms and kissing her like there was no tomorrow.
    Screenshot-68.jpgScreenshot-69.jpg Screenshot-74.jpg They say that you know when love feels right... Well...for Meg...this felt right... (and oh did it feel right not too much later...)
    Screenshot-76-censored.jpg Oh...did it ever...
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member

    Life Settles Down

    Well, needless to say, things were a lot more tolerable now that romantic liaisons were sorted out between Meg, Kimber, Tosh and Harm. Meg had Harm, Kimber had Tosh and the dinner table didn't seem so tense. Tosh did the cooking and everyone else ate.
    Screenshot-78.jpgScreenshot-79.jpg It was also certain that Meg had missed her old legal partner in more ways than one...
    Screenshot-80.jpgScreenshot-81.jpgScreenshot-82_censored.jpg Cramped quarters in that shower aside, it made for some very interesting maneuvers.
    Screenshot-83.jpgScreenshot-84.jpgScreenshot-85.jpg ...and Kimber and Meg curled up with their respective men and had the most comfortable night of their lives, spooning.
    Screenshot-86.jpg Kimber was certainly a lot happier now that Meg wasn't wandering around giving lovelorn looks at Tosh everytime he was around her and Tosh was just happy that Kimber was happy.
    Screenshot-89.jpg The only person who didn't seem to be happy about the new romance blossoming between Meg and Harm was Mac and oh...she was definitely not happy about it. Considering that she thought of Harm as her property and didn't like anyone sniffing around him, Mac was apoplectic when she found out that Meg had just out-maneuvered her for Harm's affections and had gone in for the kill. And Kimber and Tosh thought to keep a wary eye on her.
    Screenshot-92.jpg As much as Kimber disliked Meg's disappearing act with Tosh nearly worrying himself sick about Meg back when they were all in uniform, she knew that Mac was another kettle of fish that could potentially throw problems the four's way and Mac wasn't as nice a person as Meg was. So she and Tosh agreed that if the former Marine did something that she wasn't supposed to, she'd be the first to be evicted from the house.
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    Making Friends and Annoying People

    Author's Note: I'm not a Harm/Mac Shipper - at least not after Seasons 6-10.

    Considering the fact that Mac was doing her best to annoy people, Tosh and Kimber kept a sharp eye on her. But even so there were times when she wasn't able to be watched. So while Tosh cut gemstones, Mac wandered out of the house and headed down to the hospital
    Screenshot-100.jpg ...where she met Gobias Koffi, whose primary traits were Childish and Over-emotional and Mac saw a ready target for her animosity.
    Screenshot-102.jpg She hated those who she considered weak having been surrounded by strong types in the military, yet being unable to land one that she considered strong.
    Screenshot-103.jpg "Hey, Koffi, you limp-wristed cream-puff, maybe if you developed a spine, your flirts might work better..." she snapped at him. The little man had a tremble to his jaw and he looked as though he would dissolve into hysterics at any moment. Screenshot-104.jpg What annoyed Mac even more was the fact that her heart registered flutters for this little milquetoast. She wouldn't be caught dead in the same address as him - the Creator is laughing at this point considering the fact that they were in the same postal code (the hospital).
    Screenshot-107.jpg Maybe she might be able to make something out of this piece of wasted breath. So she plastered an artificial smile on her face and leaned forward intending to attract him with her feminine virtues...
    Screenshot-108.jpg ...and got rejected... How dare that little worm reject me...Sarah Mackenzie, the super-Marine. she fumed internally. I'll show that little panty-waist wimp that I'm superior to him. Stomping her foot on the ground she leaned forward and slapped him. (evidently physical assault is not actionable in the Sims 3) :D
    Screenshot-109.jpgScreenshot-110.jpg ...and then stomped off in a huff. She heard him whimpering in the background. "What a wuss," she muttered audibly. "A verifiable weakling." He wouldn't last a second on the battlefield.
    Screenshot-112.jpg Meanwhile Phil was having an animated conversation with River McIrish and found out that she was dating Ethan Bunch.
    Screenshot-113.jpgScreenshot-114.jpgScreenshot-115.jpg Tosh made breakfast the next morning and then spent some time in the gym (their home gym) working at the board breakers.
    Screenshot-125.jpg Screenshot-127.jpgScreenshot-128.jpg He'd hardened the callouses on his hands enough that he was able to snap oak boards. Eventually they'd be hard enough to slam through concrete blocks. He ate some lunch then cut gemstones...and in a contrasting frame of mind as opposed to the violence exhibited on those oak boards, he sat down at the piano and played Bach.
    Screenshot-130.jpgScreenshot-132.jpgScreenshot-133.jpg After all, Toshio Nakamura, ex-naval aviator, was a man of many contrasts.
    Screenshot-135.jpgScreenshot-138.jpg Kimber spent time in the gym breaking foam boards and when Tosh was done playing piano he went downstairs to be with Kimber, utilizing training dummy while Kimber was breaking boards.
    Screenshot-147.jpg Then he moved over and started breaking concrete boards. While doing that, he achieved his black belt.
    Screenshot-151.jpgScreenshot-152.jpg While Kimber achieved her green-belt. That called for a celebration.
    Screenshot-4-censored.jpg And things settled in for the night.
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    The War of the Roses

    The next morning had Harm out fishing in the pond in his boxers. Luckily it was still the height of summer or else he would have had a serious case of blue-bouncy things in his trousers - he'd freeze his 🐸🐸🐸🐸 off.
    Screenshot-157.jpg Meg noticed that Kimber had leapfrogged her in martial arts skill and started hitting the board-breaker. The rivalry even though cooled had now transferred from gaining the affections of Tosh (which Kimber had won) to the martial arts arena which Meg was kind of annoyed that Kimber had put in so much effort into making herself a green-belt.
    Screenshot-160.jpg She was determined that she was going to get her green-belt then challenge Kimber to a sparring contest. And meanwhile, Mac was having a very itchy problem with her nose.
    Screenshot-163.jpgScreenshot-166.jpg Evidently she's allergic to being in close proximity with the erstwhile Jack Keeter who was spending his time dancing to the stereo.
    Screenshot-171.jpg Tosh on the other hand was making dinner for the rest of the family and was surprised to see Kimber come out in her new "blue belt". That deserved a kiss.
    Screenshot-172.jpgScreenshot-173.jpgScreenshot-174.jpg And then, Tosh levelled up to black belt the next day...after which he came out to cook dinner for the family.
    Screenshot-186.jpg But all was not too peaceful between Meg and Kimber. And there were definitely some rivalry between the two now.
    Screenshot-187.jpg Kimber wanted to challenge Meg to a sparring match and did so...pretty much getting up in Meg's face and saying, "Hey, you wanna show me if you have what it takes to take me down?"

    "What's in it for me?" Meg replied smirking at Kimber.

    "I'm not stepping away from Tosh if that's what you're implying?" Kimber replied as she stepped back into a Sim Fu stance.

    "Didn't think you would..." Meg said, "But I'm not going to break Harm's heart after being with him; No, this is just a battle to see who's better at Sim Fu."
    Screenshot-188.jpg "Nice stance..." Meg taunted, "You'd look good in Black Belt Magazine if you ever reach black belt."
    Screenshot-191.jpg That taunt earned her a forward closed fist strike from Kimber which Meg blocked easily.
    Screenshot-192.jpg Kimber attempted a side kick which was deflected.
    Screenshot-194.jpgScreenshot-198.jpg ...then a palm-strike to the face which was countered by Meg yet again.
    Screenshot-201.jpgScreenshot-202.jpg Kimber noticed Meg shifting position and got ready to duck as she rightly predicted Meg throwing a spinning roundhouse kick. Then followed up by a chest-level knife-edge strike all fingers extended in a spear-like gesture, the tips hardened by striking the martial arts dummy. Kimber followed up with a kick of her own, which was deflected by Meg.
    Screenshot-208.jpgScreenshot-212.jpgScreenshot-206.jpg And the fight was on. It became less of a sparring match than two trying to take each other out. All their aggressions came to the forefront; Meg seething over Kimber's apparent dislike of her and Kimber just outright wanting to wipe the smug look off Meg's face.
    Screenshot-218.jpgScreenshot-219.jpg There were lots of kicks and punches involved in this fight; and both sides were more than happy to throw them.
    Screenshot-254.jpg "Nice kick, my Saint Bernard back home in Texas kicks harder than you." Meg taunted as Kimber aimed a kick for Meg's mid-section.
    Screenshot-259.jpg That taunt deserved yet another kick to the opposite side, which again Meg deflected with a smirk. And an overhead strike was deflected by Meg. When two strikes were recorded, both by Meg, the fight ended...without a nasty all out brawl.
    Screenshot-260.jpg "Good sparring match?" Meg asked, in between catching her breath.
    Screenshot-263.jpg "Yeah...I...think so..." said Kimber. "You kick pretty good."
    Screenshot-264.jpg "So we good." Meg asked meaningfully.

    Kimber caught the question and nodded. "Yeah, we're good."
    Screenshot-266.jpgScreenshot-267.jpg Kimber went back to breaking boards and Meg had her satisfaction with her win over Kimber in the sparring match (fight).
    Screenshot-268.jpg ...and gum...peace had just been declared.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    JAG Insanity

    Peace Reigns

    Well, things started to settle down in the house as soon as Meg and Kimber had their epic sparring match. Kimber focused on getting her next belt.
    Screenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpg Keeter worked out at the weight machine and Meg ran on the treadmill.
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpg Harm went fishing and Phil gardened.
    Screenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpg Phil had to pick up some gardening skill books at the bookstore, but he got a bit distracted by a blonde outside the bookstore and had a rather animated conversation with her for a while.
    Screenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-30.jpg But that really didn't pan out and Phil came home unfortunately without a potential mate in sight, but he did remember to get the books he needed.

    Harm loved fishing although his attire wasn't suitable for going out to do anything of the sort. And Jack subdued his hungries while trying not to gross Liandra out by eating with the habits of a caveman.
    Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-8.jpg After a nice brisk swim, Jen decided to eat - which was much better than eating before swimming and possibly getting a major attack of cramps.
    Screenshot-10.jpg Meg was doing her best to achieve perfect physical fitness at Level 10, but it was a long sweaty slog.
    Screenshot-11.jpg Tosh mastered Martial Arts and got his yellow and black Sim Fu training outfit and also completed the Timber Terminator achievement. It was a proud moment for him as he stood there in his new garb. Unfortunately no-one was noticing other than him. Oh, well...
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpg Phil was rather tense since he was stuck between a rock and a hard-place as Keeter annoyed Mac who wasn't too happy about that.
    Screenshot-19.jpg With all the board-busting Tosh got a bit tired and hungry so he went to the fridge and grabbed a burger.
    Screenshot-21.jpg While in the course of eating it, Kimber walked by and brushed her fingers across his shoulders, blinking a come hither look at him. It was surprising that Tosh didn't choke on his food because he inhaled that burger and headed upstairs with Kimber.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-25.jpg Nope...the only thing that happened was a good old fashioned bit of fun...
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    JAG Insanity


    Meg almost forgot that she'd had to take a shower...when Harm suggested that they have a little private time together. Oh, she was more than willing to have that bit of time, not to mention that feeling clean and fresh was more than enough enticement.
    Screenshot-29.jpg ...and she more than forgot about her fatigue...
    Mmmm...Harm.jpg Tiberium had more than paid for the upgraded improvements to the home. And frankly...they could potentially put in another floor, if they knew what to do with it. They had a bar and a get-together area above the garage/gym and the place was fitting just right with them.
    Screenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-34.jpg Breakfast during the weekday was a rushed affair with just about half the occupants of the house having to high-tail it out the door in the morning. It made for a frenetic pace when one had to get ready for work, then eat while the honking carpool waited on them to finish. Weekdays were stress.
    Screenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpg Harm ran down to the Science Research Center to hand in a crocodile that he'd caught in the backyard pond. Luckily no-one had been mauled by the toothy monsters and the salties tended to bring in a decent chunk of simoleons.
    Screenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-47.jpg Phil read his gardening skill book, while Meg read her Logic skill book which she needed for getting a promotion in her law-enforcement career.
    Screenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-50.jpg When Phil was finished reading his gardening book, he tried to talk to Liandra who pretty much looked so bored that she almost fell asleep on her feet.
    Screenshot-51.jpgScreenshot-52.jpg So much for any possible relationship from that direction.

    Poor Phil.

    Harm on the other hand raided the fridge for something eat after jogging to the Science Research Center and back.
    Screenshot-49.jpg Well, afternoon brought sunset and the sky turned a nice orange the sun slipped towards the horizon.
    Screenshot-53.jpg Meg and Phil returned to attempting to comprehend their respective skill-books, while Keeter was killing his muscles in his legs reading while standing up.
    Screenshot-56.jpgScreenshot-57.jpg Keeter came home eventually...going right back to reading when he got home.
    Screenshot-63.jpg Sturgis earned his brown belt in Sim Fu
    Screenshot-65.jpg So...Tosh decided that Sturgis and he should have a sparring match.
    Screenshot-76.jpgScreenshot-78.jpgScreenshot-140.jpgScreenshot-151.jpgScreenshot-174.jpg[img]🐸🐸🐸🐸_-lSOPBIF33M62BaYUE9K4ATJfctewCLcBGAs/s1600/Screenshot-202.jpg[/img] Sturgis was definitely good at Sim Fu.

    "Good work, Lieutenant Commander Turner." Tosh stated. "You've been practicing hard..." Tosh knew that Sturgis had been going into the gym to practice every single day, when he was not working in the military and it showed. His progress was slower than Tosh's but frankly it was only because Tosh was able to utilize the gym when he chose unlike Sturgis with his tight work schedule.
    Screenshot-260.jpg It appeared that the family wasn't doing much, but they were busy with their skill-building exercises and that proved to be quite of effort. Hours slipped by with their noses either in books or training or just generally doing the things that would increase their abilities and make them more efficient at earning simoleons.
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    JAG Insanity


    Well, Saturday morning continued with Keeter playing basketball, just because the hoops were there. It was nice to have a basketball court and Keeter and the rest of the family utilized it a lot. It had cost a bit to put it in when the builders were building the house, but was well worth it because the new owners of the place just loved it. It was one of the added features that made the house a home.
    Screenshot-261.jpg One definitely realized that peace had been declared when morning found Kimber and Meg at the table with their faces buried in Logic skill books. It had been tense between the two of them however with each having their respective loves, the tensions had been resolved - not to mention the rather vicious sparring match with the enmity between them being taken care of.
    Screenshot-262.jpg Tosh and Sturgis, each with the disciplined trait were to be found in the gym practicing their Sim Fu board-breaking skills. Tosh had gone from oak boards to concrete slabs, toughening his hands up for the space-rocks to come. And with space-rocks, one could potentially get even more tiberium to help their finances. But it was more usual to get cheaper end rocks. Every simoleon helps...though.
    Screenshot-264.jpg Phil (not so much in real life) was enjoying being out in the greenhouse gardening when he didn't have his face buried in a gardening book. The last rejection struck him pretty hard and he consoled himself with talking to the plants although it was uncertain as to what effect insane sims talking to plants has on the plants.
    Screenshot-265.jpg Mac, just as alone as Phil, decided that today was as good a day as any to go "🐸🐸🐸🐸 out for humanity" and go skinny-dipping in the hot-tub. God knows where she got that idea. (Yes, kiddies, we're just talking about geese migrating). Has she no shame? Has she no sense of decency? ---- NAAAAH...
    Screenshot-267-censored.jpg Oh, Mac knew that Harm was there fishing, but she didn't realize that the high back water resevoir that provided the waterfall into the hot-tub blocked Harm's view of her wondrous assets and frankly, with Meg as his girlfriend, he wasn't interested in them anyways. Why would he, when he had the love-of-his-life in his arms.
    Screenshot-268.jpgScreenshot-269.jpg Phil, on the other hand, didn't realize that of all days, today was the day that his luck was about to change. Jennifer Coates, the youngest of the family had taken a liking to Phil and seeing as how he was rejected by everyone else, decided that today was as good a day to make her move on him. Phil, being awkward as usual, wasn't sure as to how deal with this because it didn't match the little fantasy in his head about him always making the first move.

    Creator: Well, Phil, you always seem to stumble...and fall flat on your face, so maybe it's better if the girl makes the first move...Then all you have to say is "yes, no...I love you..." in answer to the questions...Surely you can't muck this up...right???
    Screenshot-274.jpg Jennifer: "Hi, Phil..."

    Phil: "No..." ~facepalm~ FLARK! "Yes..."

    Jennifer: "Phil...are you OK?"

    Phil: "YES..." FLARK!!!

    Creator: This is not going least they're hugging and at least Phil hasn't run off screaming...
    Screenshot-273.jpgScreenshot-272.jpg Meanwhile, in the dining-room, Tosh and Kimber were each trying to inhale each other's lips off, which actions once again concluded in their top-floor suite shower (OK...maybe it didn't end in the shower...but for the sake of the kiddies...we're just going to say it did...)...and Kimber was "ecstatic".
    Screenshot-275.jpgScreenshot-276-censored.jpg Censored-Banner.jpg Sunday morning found Meg and Phil having breakfast at the dining area table
    Screenshot-278.jpgScreenshot-281.jpg ...and a former squadronmate joined the household and immediately fell enamored in love with Liandra.
    Screenshot-290.jpg It was rather unusual to see Mac let down her guard, but Keeter was like a disease...he invaded while Mac's defences were down and she fell for it hook-line-sinker. I sure hope Jack knows what he's getting into.
    Screenshot-282.jpgScreenshot-285.jpgScreenshot-286.jpgScreenshot-287.jpgScreenshot-289.jpg LCDR Jared Padlewski: " must be the Liandra that I've heard so much about. Y'know. friends call me Wheezer." Creator: Oh, great...intro, Wheezer...that'll have interesting thoughts going through HER head, y' "oh, god...what a creep" Be more flattering, Wheezer. It's not an F-14 Tomcat you're stroking. OH GOD, I'm going to get censored.
    Screenshot-291.jpg "Y' look like someone, but I can't place the name..." Lia responded to him
    Screenshot-292.jpg Well, luckily for Wheezer, he wasn't as relationship-inept as Phil and snagged Liandra.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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