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The Keen Legacy - End of Generation 3 TODAY - January 29

superkyle221superkyle221 Posts: 1,067 Member
Hello Simmers! Thanks for checking out the Keen Legacy!


This is a legacy challenge, so you probably know the drill: 10 generations, starting from nothing. This legacy begins with Kingston Keen moving to an island to start a new life, and follows him and his descendants.
This started out as more of a sim-driven story, but eventually warped to something else (due to my imagination running away with me and also the fact that I got bored... oops...) so is a mix between a sim-driven and a story-driven legacy (so far there are no mysteries, but I always default to writing mysteries so odds are one will pop up eventually).

I started writing this a few months ago, but avoided posting it to the forums for two reasons - 1) I was out of town for a few months and 2) I wasn't a full member so couldn't have posted it if I wanted to. But now I'm back and ready to go. Generation 1 is currently finished (yay!) but I went on a brief hiatus (due to reason 1 above) and will begin posting generation 2 on the 3rd of October (with one bonus chapter going up tomorrow).

Updates will go up weekly (Tuesday) but depending on how busy I get with work and life, it's possible that this number will increase.

Thanks again for taking the time to read through this.

(PS links to the chapter index for each heir is below)

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