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Stuff Pack name & icon vote results!



  • alexis117alexis117 Posts: 13 New Member
    > @FreezerBunnyCowplant said:
    > ChadSims2 wrote: »
    > The item I voted for the only icon that will look good on a smaller scale got last I'm shocked. Now we get the icon that looks like a cupcake good job guys.
    > You're welcome, I love me some good laundry cupcake :)

    so ea when are we going to get a rags to riches stuff pack hobo items for creat a sim and stuff a homeless sim would use for build mode like trash can stove log bed
  • hyalerouxhyaleroux Posts: 7 New Member
    Looking forward to play with that new pack!
  • ReitannaReitanna Posts: 294 Member
    it looks like folded laundry in a basket... I don't see a cupcake at all. oh, but we totally should have a cupcake stuff pack. or a sweet pack with dessert themed furniture and clothing.
    I'm so old, I remember when "hashtags" were called POUND SIGNS.

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