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Jackson's 50 Foal Challenge

Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
edited September 2017 in Stories and Legacies
I can't wait to start this challenge with you guys! I will post the original rules soon.

Let's get started shall we?


Jackson and Delilah pulled up onto their new home lot in Appaloosa Plains. Jackson's parents used to have a breeding ranch, but a tornado came through one day, destroying the barn, and killing most of the horses. The only one that survived was Delilah and she still barely did. They asked Jackson to take Delilah and rebuild their horse breeding legacy, as they didn't think they could do it anymore. They grew old and soon passed on. Jackson now knew he had to start this challenge that his parents left him, and hope he could complete it. (plum story, I know. That actually happened near me though before. A horse ranch got blown into by a tornado, it tossed the horses around and there were dead horses on the roads afterwards. Most of them survived somehow though.)



I tried to get him to take off her saddle because I wanted you guys to see her markings more clearly, but he just decided to morph into her front leg...


He decided he would spend some time bonding with the young horse before he even dared to mount her. His parents had told him that she was gentle and kind, but he still wasn't so sure.


Than Bramble sped by us. We barely had any money btw... We were pretty much broke.


He remembered a little bit of his parents training when he was a kid, so after a little while of gaining her trust he mounted. He sat up straight, thinking this wasn't that hard.


That is until she started actually moving. Then his eyes blew up like balloons. Lol


They stopped by the festival, so that he could pick flowers and hopefully earn some money for a stud fee.




He tied her up at a post and looked so pleased with himself afterwards. He was probably thinking about how he couldn't believe he still remembered to tie that particular knot.


You should always stop and smell the daisies!


He seemed a lot less unsure this time as he remounted her to head towards the Equestrian Center.


They were getting really close. I could practically hear Jackson sigh with relief. He didn't have to be in this hard saddle for much longer!!


When they got there he readily went into the center.


It was a success. If I remember correctly, she was bred to Bolt! (Sorry, it was Bolt, not Breaker. XD Breaker was an option that I was considering however.)


It was a nice summer night, so he decided to walk Delilah home. (I think he was just tired of being a saddle and possibly still scared. LOL)


It was late when they got home, so he just decided to scatter some hay for Delilah before eating himself, and then going to sleep.


All he had time for was grabbing some juice before exhaustion completely set in.


He slept pretty soundly that night. His day of learning new things had tired him out.


She got her pregnancy notice while she was sleeping! Yay! Foal #1 is on its way!


Jackson woke up soon after her. His eyes groggy with sleep as he walked out of the house, looking for the noise that woke him.


He soon found the source of the noise, a crow. He smiled as he looked at it. "Might as well have another animal." He muttered to himself as he stretched his hand out invitingly.


Don't ask me about his face in this one. I have no idea...


He pet the crow on his arm before sliding it into a makeshift cage and running back towards the house for some breakfast.


While he glanced at pregnant Delilah, he thought about the next sire. He thought and thought before finally coming to a plan, now to put it into action.


He took his phone out of his pocket and called the pet adoption agency, looking for a stallion. They informed him of a mixed black and white stallion. He agreed and hung up. He put his phone back into his pocket, and raced out to buy Rin (The crow) a cage, and also to pick more flowers at the festival.


Rocket soon arrived and walked into the yard. He glanced around, his eyes landing on Delilah who was playing with the horse ball.



Delilah saw him at about the same time and wasted no time going to get to know him. Could something happen between them?


Rin in his new cage.

Random Pics!!!:


Shep running by us. I love Shep! He is so precious and is like a neighborhood dog, he is always everywhere!


Delilah looks so smug in these two pictures.



Oopsie-Daisy and BaBa Marshall playing. (I think that are their stupid names.)


Really showing that you are a bachelor Jackson... Disgusting..


He broke the toilet on his second time using it...


His face when he broke the toilet was hilarious however. LOL


I just had to include this. She is so gorgeous. I made her custom and I am just so happy at how she turned out. This was my first time making a fully custom horse and I am quite pleased with her.

I really hope you guys enjoyed!

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  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    edited September 2017
    I forgot to add that he is officially a Horseman! (I used a mod because I don't have Ambitions.)


  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    edited September 2017
    I might get an update out tomorrow! Stay tuned!

    Edit: Also, if you could suggest foal names that would be awesome and I will use them!
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  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    edited September 2017
    So, you guys are here for a second update I hope! I really hope that writing will keep me interested in challenges a lot more. Since nobody had suggested names we have a new foal!
    I have a random back shot of Delilah so you can see that marking more clearly, considering that she is quite pretty, but that particular marking doesn't really get into many shots.


    There you go! She is quite gorgeous! I love the back marking, and I really hope one of her foals will inherit it. I also gave her all good traits, because most of the males come with bad traits, so I was hoping that she could help even that out. XD


    Jackson was being such a good horse owner when he found out Delilah was pregnant, he really took care of her as much as he could, he brushed her, cleaned her hooves, fed her treats, kept her calm during rainstorms.



    He was such a proud horse owner. The first foal of the series! He couldn't believe it!


    She went into labor by the little pond. It was so pretty with the sunset and water, I just had to take a picture of it!


    She then proceeded to approach Jackson and Rocket who were getting ready to ride. Like seriously, if she had gave birth any sooner she wouldn't have been able to let Jackson see the first baby being born. Because after the cheer when it was born, he would have mounted up and left.



    She then gave birth to a little colt that Jackson decided to call Talon.




    He instantly started spoiling the young foal as he brushed him and just played with him. Delilah had already went to bed by the time that Jackson was done. Lol


    Talon was put into the stall and him and Delilah slept peacefully.


    You guys know what this means. Delilah got a bit frisky with Rocket the night of Talon's birth, but right after fell asleep.


    Jackson took Talon training the next day like he planned. He sailed over the jumps quite well. Jackson leveled up his riding skill as well.


    They entered into a racing and jumping competition. They got 10th on the jumping and 4th place on the racing. They brought in a mere 100 dollars. *sigh*




    However, back at home Delilah and Talon were just being cuteness. I love the horseplay interactions. I also love the nursing pictures. I like the leaves in it.

    Random Pics:


    I don't think that is how you pet a bird. If you look closely, one of his hands are dislocated.

    I'm sorry that this was a short update. I also still need names thanks to her being pregnant once again with Rocket's foal.


    That is the pregnancy notice picture. I forgot to add it. Lol *Facepalm*
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 574 Member
    Great story can't wait to see foal number two and it's markings. You're horses especially your mare is gorgeous!!! <3
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    Sorry I haven't posted lately. @bebasim Your comment made my day! I didn't think anybody was reading. I might go back into the game today! Thank you for this awesome comment!
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    This is just going to be a "teaser", a.k.a A short update.


    Talon went into Jackson's house and was causing mischief in the bathroom. (For some reasons, my foals like to go into the houses and then freak out...)


    Jackson and Rocket were preparing for a ride. Jackson always brushes and cleans their hooves before and after the rides. They were going to tain at the Equestrian center. I hope we get good money once Foal #2 is born from him.


    Jackson saddled up and went on his merry way, leaving Delilah and Talon to have some time to chat.


    They trained and worked on jumping until dark, and by then they were both exhausted. I bet they will both be sore in the morning.


    That night, Delilah went into labor with foal #2 (Rocket's foal) and Rocket was busy talking to Talon in the background.


    Another boy, named Roamer. (Game named him like it did with Talon)




    Since Delilah always gives birth in the dark, they make for crummy pictures. So Jackson took the foal into a barn the next morning and took some pictures.


    I will leave you with a cute picture of father and son sniffing each other. I will be sad to see Rocket go. He had a gorgeous foal with Delilah and I wish the rules allowed me to let them breed again.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 574 Member
    I love your story and love the foals markings, wow Talon is a stunning foal too.
    My pleasure I am new to all this and as reading is one of my real life passions, i love seeing how people make their sims story. As i have been playing sims 2 for a while i have a whole story and legacy with them. But now that i can do one with the animals, I couldn't resist to try the horses and they are so beautiful!
    Keep it up I love how Jackson grooms his horse before and after working him, good young man :)
    I shall await to see how the story will unfold as you post :)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,320 Member
    Awesome story!! I love Talon he is so beautiful! As for names, how about Pixie, Neptune, Colin, Peanut, Rambo (I like being creative when I name my horses). I'll be following your challenge and wish you the best of luck :D I've enjoyed reading it. I'm working on one of my own and will be starting a thread for it soon. Looking forward to more!
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    Thank you both so much! I am overjoyed that people are actually enjoying my challenges and taking the time to read them. I think I'm a pretty awful writer, but I like to play the games and write about them. I am going to definitely add your foal names to the list that I am starting @ElijahsBabyGurl9

    I also really like both of the foals that she has had so far, but now Rocket is going to have to be sold, and that makes me sad. He had such a beautiful foal with Delilah! (Sorry I ramble sometimes when I am excited.)

    Anyways, I will try to get another chapter out here today or tomorrow.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 574 Member
    Keep writing no one writes awful when they are enjoying and passionate about something, keep it up! I am enjoying your story and events. The foals, the story ..... can't wait to see more of course. You're inspiring me to start my own thread too lol

    As for selling off Rocket, it is hard isn't it :( I get sad too lol I have a male atm and love him to bits but i know with the limited amount of room he will have to be sold eventually too. It does get hard on us too lol. Who would think but you do get attached :)
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    Yep! So true.

    It is really hard to give him up, but I need space for Delilah and her little angels. Thank you for being so wonderfully nice! Just for the nice comments, I will try to post another update today. (It might be a bit short cause I can be lazy.)
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    If I don't get an update out by today or tomorrow, I will owe two long updates! I will keep good on them too.
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,320 Member
    You could always upload the foals when they are grown up this way others can enjoy them too :) I always upload my horses in my challenges. If you are interested I have many horses you could use as Studs in your challenge. And no worries mine are all mostly CC free. Here's my studio if you're interested. Studio
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    Thank you! I don't know how to upload them though... I have never uploaded anything onto the studio.
  • MoonstoneHorseyMoonstoneHorsey Posts: 107 Member
    I love your story! I can't wait to see what happens next. Your horses are beautiful by the way!
    My YT:MoonstoneHorsey
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  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 574 Member
    > @Animal_Simmer said:
    > Thank you! I don't know how to upload them though... I have never uploaded anything onto the studio.

    Animal_Simmer I can help you there. I did a little test as my game crashed and my horses um.... well .... had to be replaced... :(
    I tried to download one and it's really easy. From what I've found. Still had some issues in other areas but i seem to have fixed that. So feel free to let me know I'm more than happy to help you.

    BTW - ElijahsBabyGurl9 - Thank you I have kept your link if that's ok? You have some beautiful horses there. :)
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    @MoonstoneHorsey Thank you for the kind words! I completely customized Delilah (Our main mare) and so far, her foals have been absolutely stunning! I am really enjoying it so far.

    @bebasim I mean, I know how to download animals from there. I don't know how to upload my own horses or sims, whatever I try to upload. I'm not sure how to.
  • MoonstoneHorseyMoonstoneHorsey Posts: 107 Member
    @Animal_Simmer Are you trying to upload them to the sims 3 exchange? If so I can help you. I've uploaded plenty of sims and animals on the website. I don't mind helping out ^_^
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  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    Yes, please! I would love to upload them.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 574 Member
    > @Animal_Simmer said:
    > Yes, please! I would love to upload them.

    I will see if i can pm you :)
  • MoonstoneHorseyMoonstoneHorsey Posts: 107 Member
    @Animal_Simmer since I can't Pm people yet i'll try my best to explain it here.

    You HAVE to have at least 1 sims game registered to your account.

    Once you have a game registered to your account the rest is pretty simple.

    When your in CAS go to the icon of your sim and click on the '...' You'll get three options. Click on the one that says share sim. It will pop up a window for you to put the name of the sim and a quick description of them if you want. You can always leave the description blank. After you click the check open your launcher and go to uploads. From there check the sim or sims you would like to upload and then click upload.
    Hope I helped. I also found a video for you if my instructions weren't understandable.

    My YT:MoonstoneHorsey
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  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    @Moonstone Thank you for your help! You too @ElijahsBabyGurl9 @bebasim
  • MoonstoneHorseyMoonstoneHorsey Posts: 107 Member
    @Animal_Simmer I'm glad I could help! If you do put up some horses and sims on the exchange I might just download a couple and use them for studs or for fun in a 50 foals challenge ^_^
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    Patronus: Lynx
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  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 574 Member
    @moonstone thank you so much for jumping in, i didn't get around to it last night, and realising i can't pm either lol after reading your post.
  • MoonstoneHorseyMoonstoneHorsey Posts: 107 Member
    @bebasim Your welcome! XD I'm glad I could help.

    @Animal_Simmer Not trying to promote anything but it would mean a lot to me if you checked out my 50 foals challenge. i finally became a member today and I just started out. I would love some pointers from you! ^_^
    My YT:MoonstoneHorsey
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Patronus: Lynx
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