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alstromeria's Thread of Thankfulness. And Stuff.

alstromeriaalstromeria Posts: 218 Member
I'm generally surprised when I get gifted.

I'm not sure why.

I mean, I love giving presents, so it's not unusual that others do, too.

But when I'm gifted at random, by somebody I don't ... er ... I don't think I know ... well, I always feel a bit fraudulent.

Like it's a clerical error.

Y'see, I'm not an especially friendly person.

I'm certainly not a very kind or communicative person, especially compared to most of my fellow Simmers.

So if it's a matter of deserving a random gift, I certainly do not.

Mind you, I'll take it and be thankful. ;)

I probably would have blogged about this on my Page over at the Exchange - doing so would break my record of Most Blog Posts Ever with a grand total of TWO (rawr) - but I'm back from a loooong absence, and I've noticed that folks seem to be moving a bit more over here than over there. And if you've given me something, I want you to know I am sincerely grateful.

- al.

@charlotteprice is immediately responsible for this thread. Thank you for the gifts.

[edited because I'm a crummy speller]


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