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Best sims for my type of play?

Hi guys,
Just wondered which sims game is the best for the type of game I'm wanting to play now. I have all the sims games from 1 through 4, with most expansions packs for sims 3, all for 1 and 2, but only a couple for 4. I've not really played 1 and 2 so this is why I'm asking here as I'm not sure if they might be better for my game style:

When I'm up for a laugh and a challenge I like to create a single adult and then adopt 6-7 babies and see how long it is before the adult either dies, the babies are taken away or the babies age up. I always play with the most amount of days possible for aging.

So which game is best for this type of challenge?

And no judgement please, I do play general games where I create a legacy's and stuff but this is the game type I play when I've had a stressful day IRL and need to have a laugh. It's manic but I like it that way.


  • GodlikeGodlike Posts: 305 Member
    If you want to do this between either TS1 or TS2 I'd suggest TS2 as this is simply not possible in the first game.
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  • AnmirlaAnmirla Posts: 3,390 Member
    I second Godlike's suggestion.

    If you enjoy a challenge, I would also suggest you check out the famous Apocalypse Challenge.
    If it interests you, be sure to read it completely before beginning as the rules intertwine heavily. A hint for you: read between the lines to figure out advantages that are present in game and utilize everything you can as a YA at Uni to carry over when everything goes nuclear. ;)
    This challenge also helped me to use interactions that I normally wouldn't have and made me realize how useful and entertaining they are.
  • HTQuackersHTQuackers Posts: 86 Member
    Thank you both, I'll certainly have a look at challenge @Anmirla thank you :smiley:
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 2,814 Member
    If you don't mind a long setup you can sort of adopt seven babies in Sims 1, even though normally you can only wait for an adoption offer:
    Create a sim with seven children. Make all of them wizards and research the growup spell. Before casting it, make sure your children are miserable. Save the game, let the children cast the spell and hope that it will backfire. Bamm - one to seven babies in the home.
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  • CandydCandyd Posts: 1,261 Member
    TS2, because it's the most challenging, unless if you don't want to use mods or rewards to change your sim's lifespan, in which case you'll have better control with TS3.
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