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The Rhodes Legacy



  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Since it was such a beautiful day, after I got home for work, we decided to take Kole to the park in Willow Creek because we heard that they added a new jungle gym. We had a fantastic afternoon too!

    Jaylen's getting close to his due date and had to take it easy a few times, but I think he really enjoyed watching me playing Pirates with Kole.
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Watch me, Daddy! Grrrrrrr!!

    Looks like you're having fun. Are you having a good day?

    Uh huh... Grrrrr!! * Giggles *

    Jumps back into the ball pit.

  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    I can do it! Let me do it!

    Kole, let me help you. I don't want you to get hurt. Your my preciously little boy, ok?

    Okay. * Giggle *

  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    They say time flies when your having fun. Well, I must be the happiest that I've ever been because before either one of us knew it, it was Kole's birthday. We decided to have a backyard barbeque and invited Chelsea and Salvador over to celebrate with us.
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Dad! Can you believe it's my birthday again?

    No, I can't. It seems like I was just changing your diapers yesterday.



    Are you sad that I'm not your little baby anymore?

    * Smiles * Kole, you'll always be my little baby. No matter how old and smelly you get?

    Dad! That's gross!

    * Both Laugh *
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Kole loved his birthday presents, Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Sal got him Monkey Bars for the backyard and we got him the newest VoidCritters BattleStation.

    Thanks, everyone! This is the best birthday ever! I love you.
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    The next day, after walking Kole to school, Jaylen started to feel something.

    Did you use anything new in your barbeque rub last night?

    No, why? Does your stomach hurt?

    Uh oh! It's time.

    Time for what?

    Cliff! What do you think that I mean when I say it's time? I'm having the baby!


  • Simslover163Simslover163 Posts: 2,810 Member
    I'm so glad to see this legacy back!
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member
    @Simslover163 Thanks! Plus, I'm so happy to hear that you didn't forget about the Rhodes. :)
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member
    edited November 2019

    Cliff and Jaylen rushed as quickly as they could from Newcrest to the Willow Creek Hospital.

    "Hi Fatima! What are you doing working the admin desk? Where's Peter?"

    "We're a bit shorthanded today. So, we're having to share duties, but we're making it work. How can I help you?"

    "Oh, yeah!"


    "Jaylen's in labor and we're here to have a baby!"

    "What! Well, let's back to the operation room immediately!"

    A few minutes later...

    "Congratulations! It's a boy!"
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Jaylen took the new bundle of joy and home to get him situated in his new nursery while Cliff went to pick up Kole from school.

    "Kole, we have a suprise for you."

    "Did you have the baby?"

    "How did you know?"

    Points at Jaylen...

    "Cause you're not fat anymore!"


    "Well, joking aside let's go meet your new baby brother, Silas."
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    While Kole was getting to know his new little brother, Jaylen decided to call his sister Chelsea and her husband over to check their new nephew.
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Chelsea and Salvador were amazed on how beautiful Silas was and couldn't believe how much he looked like Kole when he was a baby too.

    Then because I get bored playing the baby stage...

    Wow... time really flies and before anyone in the family could believe it, Silas had grown into a toddler! :)
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member

    Turns out that Silas is a super smart little tot. Infact, it might be on the genius level when it comes to how fast he learns.

    "Silas, you want to put that block ove... Nevermind, you already got it."

    * Giggles *

    "Wow, Dad! He's smart!"

    "Yep, Kole. Something tells me that he might turn out to be the smartest Rhodes yet! Or are you gonna give him some competition?"

    "Hmm... I don't know? I'd rather be a professional athlete than a scientist... maybe? Umm.. not sure?"

    "Okay, well we've got plenty of time to figure out what you wanna do with your sim life."

    Father and son hug...
  • iiomqilovesimsiiomqilovesims Posts: 281 Member
    Hey! Yeah I remember this! I'm reading the new parts now :) Glad to see you back
    hey if ur here follow my insta sqlvatore
  • JaseJase Posts: 2,136 Member
    @iiomqilovesims Thank you so much for coming back to ready my legacy! I really appreciate it!! :)
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