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Any suggestions to how I can fix this weird color on my sim?

I play on the highest settings but my sims still get weird color in their face and the body alost looks like it has stripes, it's not smooth. This is especially eacy to notice if I play sims with a darker skin color. Any ideas to how I can fix it? I am not using any mods


  • Inna MinnitInna Minnit Posts: 1,926 Member
    Stripes usually mean they are sick. Buy medicine on their computer.
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 937 Member
    Yeah this isn't sick stripes, it's all over them. And it's not red, more of a not smooth skin color?
  • bionicdessertsbionicdesserts Posts: 317 Member
    If not already turned on then put a check beside uncompressed sim textures in the graphics settings.
  • MDianaSimsMDianaSims Posts: 3,863 Member
    Something like this?
    In my game, when the lighting is off, which can also be outdoor sunlight at certain times of day, my Sims start to have a somewhat "grainy" skin texture. It is more noticable in darker skinned Sims, but all of them have it. I play on ultra settings.
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  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 937 Member
    YUes that is exactly how it looks. And the blue/yellow tint/spots in the face. I will try uncompressed sim texture :)
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