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French Romance Update changes

French Romance has made some changes so here are some changes.

List of changes in the French Romance Update
  • Paperboy's ads now only give 1 LP or SP.
  • Chocolatier's Hobby Reward now only gives you 2 LPs instead of 3 LPs.
  • You no longer need to use LPs to reverse a Sim's aging.
  • Chocolatier Bench now has a new option, 6 hours 15 minutes
  • You can have 15 Chocolatier Benches instead of 4 but they will get more expensive and will require Social Points.
  • The Light and Dark Mirrors from the SimTown Health Spa now look different.
  • The Neo Tokyo floor texture has changed, now has a blue border between the grid and the fence
  • Unable to place items on the Island Benches from the Homestead Event.
  • Support for iOS 5 and iOS 6 is dropped. As a result, iPhone 3GS, iPad (1st Generation), and iPod touch (4th Generation) will no longer be able to be updated past the Holiday Update since they can't run iOS 7.

The change the most Simmers will be happy is that reversing aging will no longer require LPs which has been subject to controversy since March 2014 when Life Dreams first appeared. I'm not sure if Simmers who had quit playing the game due to the update will be willing to play the game again (and start over).
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