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Quest Buildings have shorter building times

A complaint about the time limits on Quests with building requirements is many quest buildings often have very high requirements that were shared with the other buildings but it seems that the building times may have been shortened for balancing purposes. This was a problem for Simmers who advanced further into the quest, built the other buildings, or decided to do discovery quests as the prize was made impossible since the time and price increases for each building built but the time limit doesn't scale to the building requirements so using LP to speed up building was the only way to get the prize under the time limit. Multi-Story Renovations was hit hard with this as the previous quests had building requirements and it's not uncommon to see people complaining about the time limit stating that completing Multi-Story Renovations within the time limit was made impossible without LP due to the building times of the Community Center since you had several quests with building requirements.

I have a lot of other buildings built but the Children's Store and later quest buildings didn't take about 2 days to build as I would except. Now it seems the building times for Quest Buildings have been adjusted so players can get the prize under the time limit without needing to use LP. I don't which update was the first to fix this problem but it seems one complaint about the time limits have been addressed.
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