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video featuring upcoming vampire state


  • Simfan923Simfan923 Posts: 5,551 Member
    edited December 2016
    Yeah someone was using one of their sims and recorded the vampire animations we should see in the new GP
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  • ANNETTE1951ANNETTE1951 Posts: 502 Member
    Interesting, I like it.
  • Erica87Erica87 Posts: 743 Member
    Well that's a gruesome death :open_mouth:
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  • ANNETTE1951ANNETTE1951 Posts: 502 Member
    Hee Hee, I know, right?
  • BridgetKVBridgetKV Posts: 182 Member
    I swear I watch this video at least three times daily :D
  • Joel2810Joel2810 Posts: 989 Member
    So they can die of sunlight? Looks like their bringing old-school vampires back, which is okay with me because I kinda liked the Sims 2 vampires.
  • Orchid13Orchid13 Posts: 8,823 Member
    ... well that's one dumb vampire
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