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Smarter UI for Thesims 2 / Alpha 1.4 is NOW available

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Ok people AFTER hours and hours of hard working isimplified has reborn from his ashes and is now ready to download :astonished:
CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD ALPHA 1.4 Xtreme edition History
1.3 to 1.4
  • Many bugs fix within pets live mode and enhancement of their panels
  • Many bugs fix within sims live mode and enhancement of their relationship, skills & carrers, simology and reward panels
  • The time speed controller has been redesign to fit the new theme
  • Many touch up and optimization has been done such as jagged edge being smoothin out and colors enhancement in many parts of the new UI.
  • Build and buy mode are currently being polished and bug free inspected.
  • The notification window and bars in live mode have been redesigned to fit in with the new design.
  • A completely compatible base game version is being worked on and should be soon released.
1.0 to 1.3
  • The world selection menu along with the in game manage your world has been slightly upgraded
  • The live , buy and build mode has received a complete make over
  • The action wheel has been also completely redesigned!
  • Pop up windows and messages is now properly designed to fit in with the new theme <3
  • The new UI will now display correctly whether you have pets or not in your household
  • The new UI should now display correctly regardless which expansion/stuff packs you have installed
  • This version is safe enough to use daily. It should not conflict with any other mods
  • The overall design is still under investigation and certain things are subject to changes
  • C.A.S ( create a sims ) menu is a complete mess. I will work on this part of the mod soon or later
  • Expect to run into area of the UI that remains untouched or messed up, but it will not prevent you to play normally until we fix it or design it correctly
  • Do not forget this is still an early version. At the moment id say it is 60% done and it is now very stable ... more than it ever did before
Side notes
  • Max motive mod
    - What the max motives mod does is once a need is fill up to 100% the bar within the UI turns white for a few second instead of just staying green so its some kind of visual warning to let the player know whats full and whats not.. Pretty much like the aspiration and motivation bar when their maxed out..I think it just suits the rest of maxis design.
  • Seasons in color mod
    - Have you ever become bored with the boring, plain-old green color that would light up whenever it changes to any season? Now what this mod does is that it replaces the Seasons icons in the game, with colorized ones!
  • Known issues
    - An issue has been reported from a user playing with only the base game. It has being said the the reward panel is not fully accessible. This issue is currently being looked at
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