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A different perspective on playing The Sims 4 [Picture heavy]


  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    I ADORE your picture-playthrough!(lets call it that) you inspired meh to make one too!(its still... a work in progress, only JUST joined X3)
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    edited August 2016
    @kiitomii You're sweet, thank you! And aw that's awesome, I'll check it out. :) And I love that, "picture playthrough."
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  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    well simanite you will have to wait because I ONLY JUST JOINED XD! one day though ^.^
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    @kiitomii I shall have to wait for what?
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 13,298 Member
    Simanite wrote: »
    @kiitomii I shall have to wait for what?
    His or her work in progress, which you said you would check out ;)
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    It is my FUTURE picture-playthrough. I am still a new member. plus, I have no idea how to post X3.(btw you responded at 5:41, that is impressive!)
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 13,298 Member
    @kiitomii have a look through this thread - it has tons of info, including how to post pictures. You may find it very useful, being a new member.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    @elanorbreton @kiitomii OMG I'm sorry I didn't read it was the same username. Well, like elanor says check out that thread. You need some likes and posts to be a member and post pics so I gave you some likes. Mention me when your thread is up. :smile:
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    @Simanite yeah... about that... HOW I POST?!?! I err mean, how do post X3
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    @Simanite OMG I just read all of that, and THANK YOU FOR THE LIKES!!! I appreciate it, thanks!
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    okay okay ... I IS MEMBER NOW.. HOW DO I POST XD
    when I figure it out
    il make my playthrough :D
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • jaxie086jaxie086 Posts: 1,920 Member
    I enjoyed it! Very stepford wives! I'm waiting for somebody to crack lol
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    edited August 2016
    @kiitomii You read it all!? In one go!? Well aren't you the sweetest! <3 See, one of the reasons I make my threads and put them in general discussion is to engage with the community and help new members, you wouldn't have seen it if it was hidden away.

    So, you know how you take a screenshot right? Hit C while in-game. Your screenshots are kept in Documents: Electronic Arts: The Sims 4: Screenshots. Find the picture you want to upload and upload it on: Go on New Post, Upload, then hover over your uploaded image and select Get share Links then select the BBCode (Forums) and post it here (it looks like [img] * [/img] )
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    @jaxie086 Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. <3
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    @simanite but I cannot post on imgur ;-;
    could I use something..
    that doesn't attract attension to unfinished work??
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    if not then I suppose sims 3 is also possible?
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    @kiitomii Yeah just do it with a TS3 picture, or just do it with a random picture off the internet. Just to check you know how to upload images for when the time comes to share your own. :smile:
  • LuckyKittenCatLuckyKittenCat Posts: 4,634 Member
    but I cannot post on imgur XS I have no account on their and do not plan on making one ;-;-;-;
    I am undead! :smiley:
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,569 Member
    kiitomii wrote: »
    but I cannot post on imgur XS I have no account on their and do not plan on making one ;-;-;-;
    You can use other photo sharing sites too like photobucket or shutterfly.
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  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,807 Member
    Well the Idea of Family play it varies. Therefore it lacks for some players.

    For me, my family it's lacking the Supernatural Aspect.

    I have 3 Stories that involve Supernaturals
    I have a Story, I wrote long before I started playing the Sims. I really would love to play it.
    It's the King's Family Chronicle

    Briarwood 1940 (Briarwood is a made up world in my head)
    Imagine a Portal opening up in the dead of night in an alley way of a town just beginning to thrive.
    Juliana Cromwell and Stella Mills have just realm jumped to escape Stella's Witch of a Mother.
    the young girls set out to make a new life in the human world

    Decades later Juliana was on her way to work. She works at a Record Dealing Company, called Diamond Studios for she has a love for music.
    where She runs into young deputy Hunter Dior, who was on his way to work.
    Cliche, She dropped her bag, binders and folders fell. Hunter's classified information got mixed into hers. Julia's client's information gets mixed with his, but of course.

    They're both at risk of being fired, it wasn't until She noticed him sitting on the park bench around noon, looking frustrated, as she was. And both of their necks were pretty much saved the moment she handed him the packet.

    So they ended up dating, dinner, coffee, getting turnt up at the Nightclubs and such.
    Until things got intimate.

    However the Dior family is one of my other families that has not been untouched by magic.
    Hunter comes from a family of Magic Hunters, and it wasn't until Hunter realized who she was, one night when He woke up in the middle of the night, and she wasn't asleep with him. He noticed the bathroom light was on in the hall way, and heard Juliana's voice, he peeped, and saw her speaking to her father via magic mirror.

    He quickly scurried back to bed Contemplating what he had just seen. The idea of magic wasn't what bothered him. What did Bother him, was what would his Father do if he found out... because he loved her, he let her go, even if he had to be a 🎁🎁🎁🎁, and break her heart, if it meant he could save her life.

    Awkward enough, She fell in love later on with Hunter's Best Friend, Trenton King.

    It wasn't till Hunter Decided to Leave Briarwood, to forget about Juliana, So she and Trent could have a good life, he left for Windenburg.

    However there were still obstacles.
    Trent's Father was a big one.
    William King, a Prejudice and Greedy man, who always had high expectations for his family, but His Son hardly met them.
    Trent always strived to succeed and gain his father's approval. But not this time.

    Meredith King, Trent's Mother, went behind her Husband's back and gave them her blessing. They had a "Secret" marriage, everybody but William was there.

    Although it was torture, Hunter flew back to Briarwood to be the best man, he was truly happy.

    Anyway On the night they departed for their Honey-Moon (haven't given much thought where), Julia decided to share her ultimate Secret with Trent. That she is a Sorceress. Being the Geek and Adventurous man he is, He immidatldly fell in love with her all over again, so in the moment She cast a spell on her his wedding ring, a protection charm, given his dangerous profession, as Detective. The Second Charm, unknown to Trent was a locator charm. no matter what world he finds himself, they'll always find each other. (foreshadow)

    Julia's Parent's gifted the two a house in Briarwood it was up to them to make a life there.
    they had two Kids, Desireé, and Mason. Both Sorcerers, and boy were they a handful, from birth to though Childhood.
    Julia, and her parents raised the kids to grow their powers. and it was Grandmother Vivian who explained to her grandkids the nature of the world they were living in. They Lived in a world, where magic isn't common. so they understood to keep their talents secret. and Trent help exercised their human side, as if they could survive without magic. And Meredith King was the causal grandmother who understood her grandchildren's talents but didn't really know how to take it in. Oh and William Died back before Mason was born... Heart Failure, but Juila knows, it was because of his dark heart crumbling.

    January 2009. the Season of Tragedy
    While her kids were at school, Juliana can't seem to feel something is wrong, until her suspicion rings true, and gets the call, from the Police Station.
    Using her powers Julia poofs, down to the scene, in her Night robe, to see what happened for herself.
    and there he laid, the Late Captain Trent King† of The Briarwood Police Dept. Beloved Son, Husband and Father.

    This Poisoned the King Family. Julia's broken heart, Desireé trying be the optimist, and Mason who shut himself in.

    Julia never really moving on, she powers through, after being a Full-time mother for 10 years, she got back to work, resumed her career at Diamond Studios. She powered through, Attempting to set an example for her kids and keeping the promise she kept to her husband alive, to send her kids to college.

    Whilst Desiree went off to college on the other side of the country.
    Mason endured high school. Trent's death affected Mason the most. became introvert, didn't really care about his appearance. It wasn't until he made an actual friend, a brother really.

    Tyler Jordan, Son of Caleb and Stella Jordan. One of Six Beta Werewolves,
    Mason met Tyler one summer night, the night Tyler turned 13. Mason was out on his back porch playing with the embers from the dwindling bonfire, as one does under the full moon. Mason heard a Howl, very close by and Saw a shadow Blue Eyes appear in the woods across the lake, behind his house. the wolf ran off, after staring Mason down. and for some reason, Mason felt the need to follow. Must be the adventurous trait he gets from his father.

    Mason came to a clearing on a hill top in the woods. known to Artemis' Peak.
    The wolf let out a growl as it appeared behind Mason. Mason is perceptive, something inside him was telling him this wolf isn't just a wolf.
    mason's eyes began to glow ember and he used his magic to subdue the wolf. Much like Tyler's mother, Stella Did for Caleb when She met Him in the abandoned mansion. (Another Supernatural story line I can't wait to play. also a Long Story)
    immediately knocking him out the wolf began to turn into a human.

    from the moment on Mason helped Tyler control His powers and like I said became brothers. They get into a lot of mischief, and begin to encounter a lot more Supernatural phenomenon in Briarwood that never occurred before. Since the 1925 Siege and Raid on Jordan Mansion.

    As he enters high school, Mason's Insecurities start to catch up with him. he spends the summer between freshman and Sophomore year, with His Grandfather, trying to procure, perfect, and stabilize a Glamour spell to transform himself. then he find's the "Beauty Within" spell.

    End Summer he and Tyler Have a little pick-me-up, and Mason let's Tyler know he finally perfected the spell and is ready to casts it. and Tyler as Loyal as he is, supports his move.

    So corny. But if you're curious about the words to the Beauty Within spell:
    "Mirror Mirror on the wall...
    Show me what I want to be most of all.

    the Spell was a success, and Mason arrives with Tyler at Briarwood High. A new face and body, and new found confidence, which really was noticeable. In Briarwood, the idolized sport is Soccer, and Mason decides to try He was the talk of the school. All but Flynn Knight, who is Briarwood's All-star and Team captain, and Mason's sworn enemy.
    -Mason Stole His best friend Unknowingly.
    -Mason constantly one-ups him, but this time he's going to revel in the competition. not only playing against schools, but against Mason.

    Oh and as fate would have it, There's a New Girl in town named, Aria Dior.

    The Story Continues I really want to play out this one of many backstories tho. Will it be exactly how I wrote it, no. I don't expect it too, remember this is My Story, Not a Sims story. Even If I can't play it exactly how I want it I'm not changing what I already wrote.
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  • NShippudenFanNShippudenFan Posts: 3,825 Member
    Fun with Watt Family Part 1

    Finally got into my game to actually play XD. Lately I've been focused on CAS for modeling comps/giving new outfits after buying BackYard Stuff XD.

    Derek and Juliette decided to spruce up their backyard, and bought the girls their own water slides. Plus added some more seating and a couple bird feeders :).

    Tabitha was pretty good at it XD:

    Teresa was off to a good start without tricks:

    i3k8tZrl.png *Dad's legs in background, lol. Didn't get shots of him on the slide*

    Mom came home from work and joined in:
    Just one of a few wipeouts...XD.

    *She was actually confident here..but I think all that sliding got to her LOL :smiley: *:


    Massage after sliding:

    School work after play *Tabitha, how can you see with those sunglasses on? XD*:

    Parents help out:
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  • NShippudenFanNShippudenFan Posts: 3,825 Member
    Watt Family Part 2:
    Movie Time *with pjs*:
    LOL at dad:

    *Late* Bed time XD:

    Saying goodnight:


    And..sleepy time :):
    LOVER of all things cosplay, anime, cats, Shadowhunters, and Sims 4!

    Origin ID: Sims4Girl202

  • HopeTahHopeTah Posts: 144 Member
    Simanite wrote: »

    Even though the children are Gary and Kimberly's number one priority, they also make time for each other and headed off to the lounge for date night.


    I like that a story was created from your great pictures, like, here's dinner for the kids while parents are gone for the date.

    But I don't even bother to prepare food for the kids when my sims leave, since the food will be uneaten when they get back, since the kids are placed in limbo when the parents leave. And they're definitely not sleeping when parents return. So if the parents are out late, the kids wake up next morning lacking energy, which throws their day out of whack.

  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    Did someone say toddlers!?!

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