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SoapSuds' Sims Showcase

SoapSudsSoapSuds Posts: 1,360 Member

As CAS is one of my favorite things about the Sims 4, I tend to make quite a few new Sims from time to time and figured it might be fun to showcase them. I don't usually get as extravagant as some of the amazing creations in this sub-forum, but I've tried with some. If I've used any custom content in the entries, I will try to credit all of the creators. Will keep this thread updated from time to time. All creations marked as on the gallery are under my Origin ID SoapSuds7.

Anyway, first up:

Name: Bree McClellan
Age group: YA
Description: Bree was the first Sim I created in the Sims 4, and honestly, I'm not all that fond of her anymore. So I don't have her currently used in any game at the moment. Still, she is a creation, and I figured I'd showcase her. I originally created her to be a musician, specializing in the violin.
Traits: Music lover, Romantic, Loves Outdoors.
CC used: None
On the gallery? Yes
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SoapSuds' Sims Showcase


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