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Sim Height Scale



  • Irina2000Irina2000 Posts: 3 New Member
    Yes, it would request a huge work on animations :(
    But about cas: in the height mod, the clothes look quite normal. Probably because people increase in proportion (both in height and width, and not just in height). And I think it's even better and more realistic
  • AmaraRenaAmaraRena Posts: 6,510 Member
    ToastyChan wrote: »
    I think it has to do with the animations, because Sims would interact differently with objects depending on their height (maybe that's the reason why teens are the same height as adults who knows? Haha )
    So I think sliders would be really hard to introduce. But maybe we could choose from three preset heights like small medium and tall.

    I think this is exactly the issue. But in many other games you can have variable height so it's not impossible. It would just take more work than they are wanting to put in. It would also affect the animations Sims have with other Sims. In games where height is variable you don't have romance interactions that aren't simply part of a cutscene. So THAT would take some fancy coding. Modders often add things like this to other games and where there is a large height disparity between characters you get clipping and general weirdness. Game makers are generally not willing to accept that kind of flaw, probably because they know players would complain about it.
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