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Sims 4 castaway challenge

TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 706 Member

Hi there! i am TheGeekGamez and while i was playing the sims 4 i came up with a challenge. The Castaway challenge is about a sim who has to meet certain requirements like making a farm, maxing the fishing skill, maxing the gardening skill and more! this challenge ends when the requirements have been met in least genrations possible. outdoor reteat and get together are required.

CAS rules

- Create a single young adult female sim founder that has 3 of the following taits: Outdoor enthousiast,loner,family oriented,Dance machine,Active,Geek,glutton
- must be female
- Has to have a nature aspiration
- looks like she coud have stranded on an iland



Moving in rules

-Move all family's off the windenburg iland

-bulldoze all lots on the iland

-move your sim to the the mid-nowhere lot

-look for #TGGcastawaychallenge on the gallery and download this lot:https://www.thesims.com/nl_NL/gallery/5FC2F51DAF0011E58C7295621DDA1796?category=all&searchtype=hashtag&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=TGGcastawaychallenge&max=50&maxis=false

-choose another lot on the island and plop a rocket down there

gameplay rules

-first day: Collect,fish, DONT LEAVE THE ISLAND

-monday/thursday: grow your garden, collect, fish, survive. DONT LEAVE THE ISLAND

-friday/sunday: you are allowed to leave the island at 06:00AM with one sim BUT you can only travel to one world and you have to survive in that world until sunday 06:00PM. you an travel between lots and neigbourhoods in that world. because of this, sixam counts as a world too.

-talk to no one in the normal worlds. if you choose to travel to granite falls and go on vacation there, you are allowed to inteact with bears, park rangers and the hermit. you cannot move or invite them to the island with you but you can have them get you pregnant while on vaction.

genral rules

-use the park grill only to brew herbal remedies.
-only gill fish and beetles on the firepit
-sleep on the bushes and rocks on the island. trust me, there are enough.
-same goes for peeing
-the only thing you can edit on your lot is plants and moving around objects. no buying unless its baby bassinets
-only visit other lots on the island if its the rocket lot to travel
-kids can eat from the cooler
-the only npc's you can interact with outside granite falls are the mailman and the grimm reaper
-when out in the city you can only pepare meals on grills you have the ingredients for
-babies can be aged up straight away


- have 9 of each plant pefect qualty.
- max fishing,gardening and herbalism
- complete 4 collections of you choice
- complete all nature aspirations
- have lots of fun

people who do this challenge
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  • themysticalpoetthemysticalpoet Posts: 1,000 Member
    Hey there, saw your challenge and it just might be worth noting that you might want to make a lot that works with just the game pack, so everyone could participate. Should be easy enough as long as you're okay with sims using a bbq opposed to a camp-fire, benches and such (in this case you could just pretend that the island had once been inhabited, and whoever had previously lived there left behind only the bare minimum for your castaway sim to stumble across).

  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 706 Member
    Great idea thank you! when i have the time i will make a lot that can be used without outdoor retreat and edit the rules!
  • AnnoyingTigerAnnoyingTiger Posts: 509 Member
    Gonna give this a try, but I have to modify the rules since I don't own the packs needed haha Probably just gonna use Newcrest since it's already empty :P
    ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Life's Greatest Adventure, The Morgan Legacy ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
  • DebraF63DebraF63 Posts: 228 Member
    @TheGeekGamez so what do the sims do on Saturday, Tuesday , and Wednesday just wondering?
  • naturesimsrocksnaturesimsrocks Posts: 3 New Member
    Just want to suggest an addition that I use when I play this challenge:

    <b>Finding ‘wreckage’</b>

    Time capsules and upgrade parts are wreckage that you find on the beach.

    Crystals and ‘periodic’ cubes can be used to ‘build tools’ to assemble your wreckage.

    * NOTE: Your tool is ‘broken’ after use, you need to go and find more material.

    •Sell your wreckage and buy something EQUIVALENT to the value of the sale. (Do not open the capsules, get your 70 simolions! If you open a capsule to get the statue for your collection it is void of sale)

    •ONLY buy things that can be considered as wreckage building material or finds in nature. Ex: Party Bush, wood furniture, stone furniture, (and themed CC), etc. Use your own honest judgment!

    •You can ‘collect building material’ by making junk piles on your property until you saved up the right amount for building.

    •A refined crystal helps you to build more advanced things.
    •If you want, you can pretend that crystals and cubes are clay to make pottery. (You must light your fire for this, if the fire spreads then your pottery fails and is void)
    •The flowers in your garden can be sold and be used as:
    - grain for food
    - material for clothes
    - material for straw furniture (maybe a simple bed?)
    •Fish can be sold for <i>slightly</i> more advanced clothing or furniture, since they can be used for needles and leather.

    Happy shipwrecking!
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 258 Member
    I'm playing this, and I'm trying to adapt it for Island Living. It'll be interesting to see how the different world affects it.
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