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Letters to my Younger Self- Hot and Cold (updated 10/22)

Pegasus143Pegasus143 Posts: 2,490 Member
Welcome to my very first crossover story! Featuring my simself (in both sims 2 and sims 4) this letter-styled story focuses on how our choices affect more than just ourselves, as I attempt to go back and change something that happened in my past (note: although everything that happens to my younger simself is real, everything that happens to my adult simself is entirely fictional). For full details about this story, as well as a table of contents, click here to go to my blog.
Make sure to check out the first chapter, Contact #1.
I will post updates in this thread, as well as in the Writers' Lounge in the ts4 section of the forums.
Feel free to post any comments or feedback either in this thread or in the comments of any of the chapters.
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