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The Male Prettacy Challenge: Kasanovas - cursed to love and be ugly: two new last chapters (comp.)

roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,069 Member
Hello everyone, this is one more challenge I started and one more story :)

I'm following by @pammiechick's rules what you can find here:


Mods I use:

MC Command Center by Deaderpool (I use all modules including MC Woohoo)
School mod by Zerbu (it's required for this challenge)
Full House Mod by TwistedMexi
Try For Baby In Larger Households mod by ClaudiaSharon (it works together with Full House Mod)
CC as hairstyles, clothing, tattooes and etc.
Other mods what let me to add tattoo on sims bodies in CAS, to be abducted by aliens (alien [email protected] abductions mod by Tanja1986 what I used for my older game and I still have an idea to use it writing one more story, but I'm not sure it will work as this mod isn't updated long time), autonomous interactions for aliens by Tanja1986 too.

All these mods don't make this challenge easier or harder, so there no cheating. I'm playing using normal lifespan following this challenge's rules.

So these are the first and second chapters of my challenge - story :)


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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