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UPDATES *September 18*

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Hello Everyone!

It feels like I just posted about some updates to the forums and here I am again :)

Over the course of the week I asked for you to vote about two specific reaction buttons and you have asked for them both to stay but for the name of Zagadoo to return back to Disagree. For the time being this change has been implemented --please keep in mind that the Disagree button is remaining on a trial basis only as we see how you are using the button and whether it is going to help or hinder discussions.

In light of recent feedback I received over the course of the past few weeks I have also enabled the Insightful button. Quite a few of you asked for this button as you felt it would be really helpful, especially in the tech discussion areas.

Thank you for continuing to provide such wonderful feedback on things you would like to see in the forums!
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