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SOLVED - Saving

DameGiggsyDameGiggsy Posts: 405 Member
Just created a new game. I've used "Save As" thus far so I don't accidentally overwrite my "default" game with my new legacy. If I accidentally hit just "save", will it overwrite it even though I've been using "Save As"?


  • PinkPaws66PinkPaws66 Posts: 692 Member
    When you just hit "save" it saves over the most recent save. So, if you are in the game where you last saved it as "game 2" it will save as "game 2".
  • AmiRijoAmiRijo Posts: 677 Member
    If I understand you correctly you have more than one save file, correct?

    If that is the case hitting save will write over the current save you are playing. So if you have the default listed as (this is an example name) "Game 1" and you are playing "Game 2" it will write over "Game 2".
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  • DameGiggsyDameGiggsy Posts: 405 Member
    Thank you!
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