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Intel Graphics users (MBPs and MBAs mainly)

BluebellFloraBluebellFlora Posts: 7,034 Member
How are your games performing now we have more EPs/SPs/GPs available. Has it slowed down at all? What settings do you have your graphics on?

I'd love to know how the game's performing for you all :)
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  • Jes2GJes2G Posts: 12,928 Member
    Nope! This has been a surprisingly awesome gaming experience considering what we went through in TS3. I actually play full time on my Mac now.

    Maybe there has been a slight slowing, but I blamed it on the growing amount of c.f. :p

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  • southaltansouthaltan Posts: 152 Member
    My mid 2010 has started to lag with the more SP and etc. still running mostly medium with high quality sims & very high sims
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