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"Have you ever" game :)


  • Sushi8104Sushi8104 Posts: 205 Member
    Yes! I have

    Have you ever dyed your hair?
  • AstreonAstreon Posts: 1,055 Member
    My hair’s blue and green right now and has been for a long time.

    HYE been on TV?
  • Sushi8104Sushi8104 Posts: 205 Member
    No but my dad has. He was just randomly filmed at this community gathering.

    Have you ever choked on food to a point where you couldn't even cough?
  • RobotBeesRobotBees Posts: 100 Member
    No that sounds really scary.

    Have you ever been to a desert?
  • Sushi8104Sushi8104 Posts: 205 Member
    I have flown over one in an airplane, does that count?

    Have you ever misjudged the weather and ended going out in clothes that make you really cold or really sweaty from heat or somehting else, like it rained and you didnt see it was raining.
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 11,746 Member
    Happens way too many times.

    Have you ever wanted to get famous on Youtube?
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 1,377 Member

    HYE ridden roller coaster?
  • Olive_tehFuglyOlive_tehFugly Posts: 1,250 Member
    If you count one of the small coaster-looking things that whip you around tight corners then yes. yes I have.

    HYE decided that the middle of the road was impulsively a good place to stop and meditate, while carrying a backpack full of canned goods?
  • Bad ArkaneBad Arkane Posts: 13,223 Member
    Nope. If you choose to do that though, go somewhere safer.

    Have you ever had someone you know kiss you just because they appreciated you as a person?
    Love what you do, and do what you love.

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