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Favourite TSR CC Creators?

For hair I love Stealthic and for clothes I love 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Sims how about you? :)


  • RoseChickTmRoseChickTm Posts: 56 New Member
    For TS4-
    I went a little crazy in mentioning artists in this haha, I hope you don't mind, I just got excited.
    Most of them also have creations for Sims 2&3 and for other general categories but I like to classify them this way.
    Of course this isn't a complete list, I just compiled these artists from my bookmarks and a few that I'm following, I just didn't want to make this huge. c: Feel free to check them out.

    Clothes, Accessories & Shoes -

    Hair & Makeup -
    newsea [TS3 but just had to mentioned because the creations are amazing]

    Interior Decoration [Including objects and patterns] -
    Murano [Sims3 but just had to mentioned because the creations are amazing]

    Lots -
    Murano [Sims3 mentioned again because of the amazing creations]
  • ThatDoggoneGirl7ThatDoggoneGirl7 Posts: 1,314 Member
    I only use a very few mods so, I only have two favorite TSR Creators:

    Devilicious. He/She made the Michael Jackson shirts and I loved it so much.
    Pralinesims: I love his/her lots. <3

    That's all. :)
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  • chorvageechorvagee Posts: 544 Member
    Madlen, S-Club, Alesso, Stealthic, lillka, MYOBI
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,681 Member
    Colores Urbanos rockabilly style clothing and accessories
  • HowGreatThouArtHowGreatThouArt Posts: 1,650 Member
    I like Cazy and the female hair he/she makes. Stealthic also has some neat hair, too.
  • PowerGirl02PowerGirl02 Posts: 96 Member
    Stealthic and Cazy all the way :D
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  • DaintySimmerDaintySimmer Posts: 2 New Member
    Stealthic and night crawler - I have a CC blog called DaintySimmer and a youtube with CC videos under the same name if anyone's intrested :)
  • carroebcarroeb Posts: 37 Member
    Stealthic, Sentate, MissFortune, ScreamingMustard, S-Club and Cazy! I will totally check out the ones that you others mentioned :D
  • carroebcarroeb Posts: 37 Member
    I just found a new favourite who makes real good shoes. Called MJ95.
  • SimmingWithStarsSimmingWithStars Posts: 439 Member
    Does anyone know any CC artists who make cartoony CC with the same graphics as the rest of the game, so it doesn't look really out of place? Thanks :3
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  • NonikaNonika Posts: 30 Member
    Stealthic, MissFortune, and S-Club for me.
    I can't seem to get enough of their cc... They are just soooo good *o*
  • YTSparklesYTSparkles Posts: 205 Member
    I really like Stealthic! They are the best creator and I adore thier hair! <3
  • versacceversacce Posts: 25 New Member
    > @bastilleaimee said:
    > For hair I love Stealthic and for clothes I love 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Sims how about you? :)

    For hair I love Stealthic, Alesso, and Nightcrawler. For clothes I love toksik. If you don't know her she has some pretty rad styles, so check her out if you'd like.
  • CipherMandyCipherMandy Posts: 524 Member
    I am extremely selective about who's creations I use in my game. Because I have noticed, over time, that some creations will looking nothing like what is presented in the game.


    All of his hairs look AMAZING in game! I don't even care what he creates. When I get a notification that something is going up, I download it the moment it becomes available.

    Another who's hair looks amazing in game. I know when I download from him/her, that I will get what I see.


    I have been using his/her makeup and CC eyes since TS2.

    I have been using them for many things (CC eyes, their sims, skintones, makeup...) since TS3. They are absolutely brilliant artists.


  • xxSheImaginedxxxxSheImaginedxx Posts: 1 New Member
    I love nightcrawler, Sleathic and S-Club.
  • SpookshowSpookshow Posts: 1,252 Member
    I am so lame that when I went on TSR today, Screaming mustard and Stealthic had both released a new item and I was like "This is the best day ever!"

    But yeah, I adore Stealthic, I like some of the SkySims hair... Ummm, I love screaming mustard <3 and SClub

    LeahLilith is really good for accessories, madlen for shoes..
    I can't really think.. I have so much CC O___O
  • JordutchJordutch Posts: 98 Member
    Ehhm, I love:

    LeahLillith (accessoiry)
    Cazy, Nightcrawler (hair)
    JS-sims (clothes)
    Ersch-sims (for random stuff like accesoires)

    cazy, and occasionally skysims for both hair.
  • LeoraMartinLeoraMartin Posts: 33 Member
    I really like Cazy a lot :)
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,681 Member
    Does anyone know any CC artists who make cartoony CC with the same graphics as the rest of the game, so it doesn't look really out of place? Thanks :3

    Hi! There is a wonderful thread by @Vondiita that keeps track of all the Maxi's match creators.
  • HannaHasSimsHannaHasSims Posts: 256 Member
    Stealthic, Nightcrawler, Alesso, and Cazy!

  • simmerinesimmerine Posts: 54 Member
    I love Sentate's creations, pretty much my only favorite CC creator since I usually download from tumblr.
    Stealthic! I also love maysims!
  • LoMaSums3LoMaSums3 Posts: 54 Member
    My absolute favorite is Miss Paraply, her hair retextures is soo good!!
  • SomaSinSomaSin Posts: 92 Member
    I love Plastic Box I dont know what I would do without all their work in my game.
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