Would You Rather!


  • AstreonAstreon Posts: 1,291 Member
    I like dogs more than cats but from the way they act, I think I rather be a cat.

    WYR have the absolute perfect life and have nothing go wrong but only live until 50, or stay the same but live much longer?
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    edited April 2018
    Stay the same and live longer, I guess.

    WYR it is synny hot or snowy freezing weather?
  • the_greenplumbobthe_greenplumbob Posts: 6,105 Member
    Sunny and hot

    Would you rather work in Antarctica, or the ISS?
  • AstreonAstreon Posts: 1,291 Member

    WYR lose your most important memories or lose your most important valuables?
  • iejodiejod Posts: 29 Member
    Lose my valuables

    WYR live underwater or underground?
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 3,290 Member
    I'll go with underground.

    Would you rather work for someone else or be self-employed?
  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 21,181 Member

    Would you rather warm up in winter or cool off in summer?
  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,149 Member
    Cool off in the Summer.

    Would you rather have a snowball fight or a water balloon fight?
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  • Evalyn326Evalyn326 Posts: 166 Member
    Water balloon fight for sure!

    Would you rather have a spider or a snake?
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  • elysiansimelysiansim Posts: 40 Member
    a snake for sure ! spiders are satan's children.

    would you rather meet your favorite social media star / youtuber or your favorite actor / actress ?
  • alright_namealright_name Posts: 31 Member
    my favorite actor, but who that would be--it changes from day today who I'me obsessed over.

    Would you rather get a job you hate but make big bank or get a job that you love everyday but the pay is *womp womp*?
  • PinkFlyingPastaPinkFlyingPasta Posts: 303 Member
    Live on a cloud

    Would you rather relive your childhood or your teen years?
  • VidargaviaVidargavia Posts: 9 New Member
    Teen years. It was hard, but also so much fun!

    Would you rather hang in the park or at home?
  • ShadyboopShadyboop Posts: 6,751 Member
    At home

    WYR Have your crush fall for you too or your nemesis to die?
    I prefer Shade than Shady
  • LyricSimsz15LyricSimsz15 Posts: 13,136 Member
    Well, my crush is a sim and i don't have a nemesis. :')

    WYR live in your dream house or have your dream job?
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  • BradyGalaxyBradyGalaxy Posts: 306 Member
    I'd rather have my dream job...

    WYR never have to sleep or never have to eat?
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  • PinkFlyingPastaPinkFlyingPasta Posts: 303 Member
    Never have to sleep for sure!

    WYR be able to change your hair color on command or be able to change clothes on command
  • MollyDTheSimsMollyDTheSims Posts: 21 Member
    > @AcrylicInk said:
    > The jungle - can't deal with dry places.
    > Would you rather live on a cloud or live underground?

    I would rather live underground because even though I live there I can always go to the surface for a visit, in a cloud not so much.

    Would you rather be feared by all or loved by all?
  • simspeaker4simspeaker4 Posts: 5,999 Member
    Probably loved by all.

    WYR a one-way ticket to Mars or a couple of weeks in Paradise?
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  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,149 Member
    A one way ticket to Mars. My own planet?! C'mon now.

    WYR have a great singing voice or great acting skills?
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  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,950 Member
    Great singing voice

    WYR have great drawing skills or great people skills?
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  • LyricSimsz15LyricSimsz15 Posts: 13,136 Member
    Drawing skills because drawing is life and I'll never have people skills :')

    WYR live in your favorite TV show or video.game?
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  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,149 Member
    Video game easily.

    WYR be able to cook any dish you wanted, or fix anything that was broken?
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  • PinkFlyingPastaPinkFlyingPasta Posts: 303 Member
    Cook any dish I wanted

    WYR be able to see the future or go back in time and fix mistakes you've made?
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    I'd rather to be able to see future so that I can prevent any mistake.

    WYR live forever in space or underwater?
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