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Warehouse on Blacks St (Challenge) -Wake Up for The Last Time-

lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
You wake up on a bed after hearing an alarm go off you look around to see others. You leave the bed to see no door wander around to see whats going on. A second alarm goes off and suddenly a door appears from nowhere you leave the room to see a large hall to one side a dinning area and to the other side a lounge area. You notice a sign near the lounge you read it out loud it says "Welcome to The Warehouse on Black ST"

Premise: Welcome to the Warehouse on Black ST in this challenge there are 6 inmates and the goal is too survive. Everyday you the over watcher will devise a task for all the inmates and at the end of the week the person who you believe performed the worst will be sent to the Red Room to never return then at the end you will be left with two Sims and will devise a finale to see who leaves.

To Start Off
I will post a Warehouse for you to download with the basic outlay but you can design a warehouse on your own but you will need these regulations.
-One large building
-A sleeping area with six beds can be gender separate or integrated but must have a waiting room that leads to the Lounge/Dinning Only add a door at the regulated times.
- A Red Room this will be a small room with just one light with the color set to red and no furniture.
- Kitchen will will be blocked from other inmates but will have it's own bedroom and bathroom for the cook.
- Lounge must have no electronics only bookcases
- Next to lounge will be the task room it has to be quite large to be able to create diverse tasks (Door only to be added at regulated times)

Inmates and staff
- Six inmates must all be young adult if mixed genders has to be even numbered
- Cook will remain in the kitchen (It will have a separate bedroom and bathroom she must never converse with inmates (She also must be gloomy and a loner)
- Inmates must all have matching black and white attire with short hair
- Relationships are permitted (It makes the red room more interesting)

-Must never have the Bedroom door and task door outside of permitted times
-You are not aloud to create babies in game
-All broken appliances and plumbing are to be replaced never repaired
-Never let Cook out
-NEVER Leave the warehouse you will be sent straight to the Red Room
-Tasks can be recycled
- No windows on the warehouse just artificial light
- Every Sunday the least efficient inmate (from tasks) will be sent to the Red Room to die
- Cleaning will be done by you dragging dishes to the kitchen or making the the inmates mop up and rubbish on the floor you will drag to the bin
- Any visitors to the Warehouse have to be ignored (No Way In or Out)
- The victor will be shown to the exit and their future is up to you (They are never aloud back to the warehouse after that)
- You can create a new batch after the first round if you want (No Townies)
-Cook is allowed a small TV (Must be out of site of the inmates)



6:00AM Wake Up Get Dressed
6:30AM Add the door to the Lounge/Dinning Area Then remove it when everyone is out of the bedroom
6:45AM Breakfast is Ready (Cook must wake at 4:30AM to make sure breakfast is on time)
7:45AM Rest in Lounge
9:00AM Task Time
1:30PM Lunch (If task is finished early just send them to the lounge)
2:30PM Rest in Lounge
6:00PM Dinner
7:00PM To Bedroom to get ready for bed
8:30PM Lights Out

Note: On Sundays their is no task time but they will be sent to stand near the Red Room to say goodbye to the weak inmate. Cook has no schedule just make sure she has the meals ready and is kept happy.


Tasks are various activities that each inmate has to perform together in the designated area. You are the overwatcher so its your job to design them and make sure they're ready by 9AM. I'll give you a quick idea of a task

Bonsai Tree
Each inmate must snip the bonsai tree to make a lovely design that who ruins the bonsai has lost this task.

Wood Work Table
Each Inmate will use the woodwork table to create a piece of furniture if they fail to do so they have lost the task

Note The task room has no boundaries you can add whatever you want like pools or even plants (If the task needs it there)


What if my sim just dies?
Well that's one inmate you no longer have to worry about.

Can the inmates marry?

Can the inmates woohoo?
The bedrooms will only have single beds. If there are other ways then yes

What objects aren't aloud in the Lounge
Any electronic device or hobby object Eg. Instrument, Bar or Computer

More to come..



  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
    edited January 2015

    If you have any ideas for tasks please post them to this topic to help out any others who are a bit stuck.

    To find a prebuilt warehouse use this hashtag #WHBlackSt at the gallery

    Here are some photos of my new inmates
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  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 13,265 Member
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 897 Member
    I will follow this, it looks like a fun challenge :)
  • br560br560 Posts: 1,836 Member
    I'm trying this
    Playing the sims since 2012
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
    Bump :#
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
    Bump :|
  • gemel6gemel6 Posts: 2 New Member
    Cool challenge! I made all my inmates from factions in Divergent. I know that was really nerdy.
  • gemel6gemel6 Posts: 2 New Member
    edited January 2015
    :( I should've read all the directios first I'm an plum.
  • HoldMyFlowerHoldMyFlower Posts: 136 Member
    edited March 2015
    Ooo, this sounds like fun! As soon as my game finishes downloading I'm going to try it out. Thanks for sharing :]
    "I like being weird. Weird is all I've got. That and my sweet style."
    - Maurice Moss
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
    Wow it's been a while.
  • 0grace0 0grace0 Posts: 2 New Member
    Anymore tasks to use??
  • Clarebear0630Clarebear0630 Posts: 9 New Member
    The Divergent one sound cool ill try that one
  • Clarebear0630Clarebear0630 Posts: 9 New Member
    Is the warehouse on the gallery? If so whats it called?
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
    Is the warehouse on the gallery? If so whats it called?
    Find it under my origin id partyloveus101
  • JesxSimsJesxSims Posts: 526 Member
    This is really cool I'm going to try it :smile:
  • ilovedogs10002ilovedogs10002 Posts: 4 New Member
    I'm having a problem finding the warehouse on the gallery. I've been really excited to start this challenge! :) I've done the hashtag #WHBlackSt and the warehouse does not show up. Is it under a different name now or did someone delete it? I'm trash at building, so I was hoping to use the premade one.
  • ilovedogs10002ilovedogs10002 Posts: 4 New Member
    By the way, this challenge seems really fun. I'm planning on starting one right when I find the premade warehouse on the gallery. If you know, please reply to my comment above so I can find the right warehouse soon. ;)
  • ilovedogs10002ilovedogs10002 Posts: 4 New Member
    Oh, I'm so stupid! I just found the right warehouse on the gallery. I guess I just missed that comment stating your username. :# Sorry!
  • ilovedogs10002ilovedogs10002 Posts: 4 New Member
    Does anyone have any ideas for tasks? I'm loving this challenge so far. :)
  • pickaninipickanini Posts: 7 New Member
    Did you upload the warehouse yet?
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,016 Member
    pickanini wrote: »
    Did you upload the warehouse yet?
    Yes it under my username Partyloveus101
  • kaylajean90kaylajean90 Posts: 15 New Member
    Pretty excited about this one. I went on a created my own warehouse. I figured it would be a lot spookier to put them in a basement of a warehouse. I won't be able to play it tonight because it is late already, but tomorrow for sure. :)
  • moseekeemoseekee Posts: 274 Member
    I'm so gonna do this but I might ignore the hair rule. Also, does anyone have any task ideas? I have no creativity.
    Origin: moseekee
  • BellalunaxoxBellalunaxox Posts: 1 New Member
    I have a new task if anyone's interested?
    Set up easels and make them all paint the same painting. Whoever's painting is worth the least is the weakest and has lost the task.
    I'm not sure if this is considered a great task but I hope it's helpful c:
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