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React to GIFs!

presswon4engrishpresswon4engrish Posts: 172 Member
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Hey Simmers!

Let's play a game of reactions to gifs! React to the previous comment with a gif. You may also use pics if you so choose as well as ones you took in your games. Only post your gif/pic in the comment - no commentary, just talk with pictures! Have fun!

Please be respectful to others and be mindful of the Forum Rules when posting. Also, make sure you attach the image. If you don't know how to do that, there should be an icon that looks like a paper with its edge folded. Enter the url there and your picture should show up. You may also preview it just to double-check.

NEW RULE: Do not use the same gifs/type of gifs over and over repeatedly. This means that you cannot post the same character, movie, show, etc. for each of your posts. You may still use them multiple times, just not in a huge chain of posts (exceeding three). If you wonder why I put up such a rule, it is because people eventually try to fit everything to a character whether it is relevant or not, making it not fun for other users. If you insist on using the same theme for all of your posts, leave six posts between your new post and last post.

So let's start! React to mine:

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