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Sims 3: The Gods of Monte Vista (the deity challenge & Story)

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The common folk of this beautiful European town know nothing of the intrigue that happens between the gods that have made their town their own.


This is a challenge I came up with, and I'm going to write a story based on it.

Here are the rules, and if you want to scroll down you'll see the story.

The objective of this challenge is make a society of deities kind of like Mount Olympus from Greek Mythology.

Start out with 4 sims: a witch, a fairy, a vamp, and werewolf. Two should be male, and two should be female. You can choose to make them married or leave them single. I married my fairy and my witch, but let my vamp and wolf be roomies.

Each type of Deity represents different things:

Witches - Abstractions such as time, philosophy, and science.
Fairies - Nature
Werewolves - Passion, Emotions, Instincts
Vampires - Darkness, Chaos, etc.

Rules for deities

1. Deities do what they want. Therefore, you can only make them try for a baby, marry, etc if they draw a wish for it. The one exception is in CAS in which you can choose to marry off the original deities.
2. Deities can have as much money as they want, but they get a house lot according to their deity level. (More on deity levels later)
3. The type of deity their children are depends on what kind of SN life form they are. For example, if your vamp and wolf have a child and the child is wolf then their representation has to be something revolving around instincts, but you can take the vamp's rep into consideration. Like if the vamp is the deity of sin, then the child could be the deity of Jealousy.
4. Age the children up as you wish. I age mine up as they complete their life tasks. For example tots get aged up once they've learned to potty, talk, and walk. This way I can choose their traits without cheating. For example I gave the goddess of Earthly Fruits (all the plants): Eco Friendly, Loves the heat, Green thumb, Irresistible (because flowers are generally beautiful), and heavy sleeper.
6. I have my deities host parties ever so often so that they'll all know each other (for better or worse).
7. Deities can't marry mortals, but they may have children with them. Only SN life type children are deities. If a deity has a mortal child that child must live wit his mortal parent.
8. Made deities such as mortals transformed into vamps and wolves are not considered real deities, but they can marry deities. Their children's level will be determined by multiplying the true deity parent's level by 5.

The Levels

Level One - Only your four original deities are level one. They should get a large lot, you can choose, but if they choose 50x50 lot then no other deity may have the 64x64 lot.

For all others you use a formula. If both parents were deities then this is the average of both parents' levels plus one. For example if one parents a 2 and the others a five then this the formula. ((2+5)/2) +1. For a child of deity and mortal it's the deity parent's level times 5. For example, if the deity parent was a 3 then the child is a 15.

If a higher level deity has a wish for a lower level deity than this wish can come true regardless of what the lower level deity wants. For instance, Chronos wishes for his son Troy that he gets married, so, Chronos has the power to control his son's life.

When I played this in sims2 levels meant more because if a deity angered a higher level deity then they were sent to the underworld. In the underworld each they must realize their greatest fear each day before they can do anything else. Once they did this they could call the deity they angered and try to make friends with them. Once they become friends they were released from the underworld. The problem with sims 3 is that they're no fears.

That's it for now, but I feel like I'm forgetting something.

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    So here are my original Level One deities.

    Chronos, the Deity of the Abstract. He is overall the father of science, time, and all things that can be thought up but never touched.


    He's a wizard and a family man, even if his eyes lead him astray sometimes. He's brilliant, irresistible to the ladies, but always the gentleman.

    Terra, the Goddess of Nature.


    She's a fairy. She loves all living things from plants to animals and children to adults. She's also hopelessly in love with her husband, Chronos.

    Adebricus, the Goddess of everything dark.


    She's a vampire. She's sensual and mysterious, and, of course, evil.

    Aos, the deity of passion and instinct.


    He's a werewolf and seducer of women. He's so childlike that few of his liaisons blame him for his actions. He lives with Adebricus who considers him to be more or less a pet.
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    Only Terra and Chronos have children at this point (well technically Adebricus has vamped mortals, and Aos has mortal children by mortal mothers).

    The first of these is Flora, the goddess of the fruits of the earth.
    Like most botanical creatures, Flora loves the sun and the earth. She loves to garden. Like a flower she is irresistible and a heavy sleeper.

    Ctesias, the God of the Elements.
    As Lord of the Elements, Ctesias is responsible for sustaining life, but also has the power to take life away. Fortunately he is very disciplined and clear minded.

    Riven, the Goddess of Science.
    Riven is so young and beautiful for one so eccentric and humorless. She would never let folly keep her from the world of discovery.
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    Chronos, due to his staunch personality, is in many ways the king of the deities. Strictly speaking, the original four are equally the most powerful and always will be. Yet, they all tend to look to him for guidance. Well, except for Adebricus who envies the respect that the others put at his feet, but that's another story.

    There is a few things you should know about Chronos. He has his favorite, Flora, his daughter the least after his own heart.
    Ctesias has his demeanor,
    and Riven is a scientific sorcerer like himself,
    but his heart belongs to his fairy daughter who is ruled by her emotions and is dedicated to replenishing the earth.
    What would Chronos do if he knew that the deity Aos was quite literally sniffing around his daughter?
    Yet, right now Chronos has other things on his mind, like finding a wife for his eldest son, Ctesias. He knows his line must continue and the body of guardian deities must become stronger, and Ctesias is his best child for the job. But, who should be his wife?

    It is quite unfortunate that the only goddess available to him is Adebricus.
    She's far too evil and not obedient enough. No, no, she would not do. He'd like to find a witch for him so that some of his own grand children would be in his image.
    As for Ctesias, he was quite indifferent to his father's plans for him. So when Chronos told him to find a mortal woman to play the part of his wife, Ctesias dutifully went on a quest to find her.

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    I really love this idea!! I wouldn't mind trying it myself if I didn't have so many other story/legacy/challenge type things running.

    I love your sims though. Especially Flora.
  • NymphieaNymphiea Posts: 254 Member
    OH wow, what a cool idea!
    Come check out my Sims 4 legacy story! We're on generation one currently.
    It's Just Another Story
  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    Thanks for responding! :) I'm glad you like my idea!
  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    Geez, I just lost everything I just wrote because they want to approve it first! Which is has been a dead end in the past. Darn it!
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    Okay... let me try this again.
    Chronos gets to work on finding a potion that will make a mortal a witch while Ctesias realizes that before he searches for his future bride he must move out his father's home.
    The perfect home materializes for him.

    It's by Atzi at TSR

    It's clean lines and its void of color speak to him.
    The only thing he adds is...
    A barn for his unicorn, Theorem.
    A witch's study, because his life's ambition is to become an Alchemy Artisan despite the fact he's a fairy.
    And, row of life fruit to keep the rider and the horse young forever.
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    Meanwhile, Adebricus, Goddess of Darkness, has become a nerd due to the video game addiction I was unaware of.
    Be careful, Deb, love of games put an end to all my evil plans.
    Night falls and her overwhelming thirst forces her to leave her computer.
    She calls upon Amethyst the Purple dragon to summon up one of the village unfortunates.
    "Amethyst," she says, to her little pet, "surely you could do better than this."
    So, the dreadful sim is dismissed, and Amethyst tries again.
    Now here's someone Adebricus can truly sink her teeth into.
    Simone like all the young women Adebricus had tasted was beautiful. And, she had that extra something, that naivete made her ever the more attractive.
    Adebricus drank the poor girl until there was only enough left to ensure she'd would live another day.
    But, after the deed was done, sudden emptiness swept over Adebricus, and she realized the drastic mistake she was making.

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    "Dog...Dog...Dog..." Adebricus yelled at the top her lungs, and Aos appeared.
    "Wolfie," she began, stroking his hair, "you know me better than anyone. Tell me, am I wasting my life?"
    "Noooo," Aos said.
    "Oh, you're so simple," she said, "but, you know what, you're right. I'm not wasting my life because I'm immortal...
    But, you know what?
    I am wasting precious time. Chronos is immortal too, and he's at least three steps ahead me."
    "Step One: Flora. Step Two: Ctesias. Step Three: Riven."
    "Before I know it Chronos will have a whole army of divine children to cement his position forever. Then I can expect to be number two on the totem pole until end of eternity."
    "Three," Aos said.
    "You're right," Adebricus said, "Terra is ahead. If Chronos is the king, then Terra would have to be queen.
    Then there's the plans to marry off that Ctesias. Then grandchildren! Oh that Chronos he'll have a whole army of deities under his command before it's over!
    And, what about his precious Flora? Have you bedded her yet? See that you do. See that the child's a wolf, but if it's not, you must make it look to you for guidance."

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    Adebricus's command was Aos's truest desire.

    Flora was so lovely, but how could he ever get close to her?

    Flora turns around, "Hello? Did I hear something?"
    Aos turns to leave.
    "Aos," Flora says. "No, don't go." She made her way closer to him. "I would invite you in, but I've already replaced the couch."
    "That's okay," he said, "I like it out here."
    Then a silence happened between them, and in that uncomfortable moment Aos grabbed her and took her in for a kiss.
    Flora gaped at him,
    but as much to her surprise as to his, she decided to kiss him back.
    "I'm sorry about your couch," he said.
    "It's okay," she said with a slight giggle. "Maybe next time I should get a couch of sturdier leather."

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    Things happen quickly in the divine world, but not so much with Aos and Flora.
    He just could not bring himself to tamper with her innocent perfection, and even though he wasn't so bright he knew that Adebricus's plans for her were not so kind.
    Meanwhile, the Goddess of Science, Riven was about have her coming of age party.
    Reluctantly, Adebricus decided to attend, mainly because it was mandatory. The last thing she wanted was to see another one of Chronos's sniveling brats grow into maturity.

    But, as fate had it she was in for another surprise.
    With one look at Terra's swollen belly, Adebricus knew that she needed a new plan and fast.

    But, before she could say anything about it the group was whisked away to see Riven get her coming of age presents: a unicorn and a house suited perfectly for her and a kitten (because every witch needs a familiar.)
    [This is DAS GLOCKENSPIEL by Armonia at Garden of Shadows. I'm going to provide a link in the next "comment.")

    Adebricus was so focused on Terra, that she didn't see Flora whisk Aos away.

    "I have something I want you to see," she said.
    "It's my old room from when I was child...
    You know, come to think of it I never had a boy in here before....
    There's a lot of things I've never done...
    and somethings that I've done once, but want to do again."
    Helpless as Aos was to his instincts, he may had set Adebricus's plan in motion.

    Meanwhile, Terra walks up to Adebricus. "As you can see, I'm going to have another baby."
    "What! No. I would have never guessed," Adebricus said,
    "You always carry them so well. What's your secret."
    "You're too kind," Terra said, "You know I was worried at first another child...it's scary...no matter how many times you've been through it. But, Chronos is such a great father with each and everyone one of them.
    You know it was his idea to have another.
    As a matter of fact, he didn't stop there, he concocted a potion that will make as sure to have two or three at a time."
    Terra walks away without the slightest notion of the wrath stirring in Adebricus's heart.
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    Here's the link to the house:
    It's by Armonia at Garden of Shadows.
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