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Wow! These neighborhoods are truly beautiful!

claritysfclaritysf Posts: 384 Member
So I’ve been playing Sims 4 for nearly a month now. I've been mostly focusing on the new emotions and fulfilling the aspirations. So far just advancing in the Mixology, painter and Journalist career. My Sims went out to the bars but didn’t really explore the area they lived in very much. (I still haven’t even tried to fish, garden or search for collectibles)

Last night I zoomed out of my house for a second and explored the neighborhood with my camera. Holy Smokes! It’s GORGEOUS!! The lighting, the leaves falling from the trees, The rays of light through the branches, the sparkling water, the sound of birds…

This is my Sim’s house – I downloaded it from the gallery.


That’s the neighborhood


I love the river running through the neighborhood and the little bridge. It’s so beautiful and calming


I panned out and saw the river boat for the first time




I love how the landscapes look like living paintings in the Sims 4. I’m an artist myself and I’m just in awe of what they have created here.

Just a shout out to the Artists that created Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. It’s amazing! It gives the illusion of a world without limits. I’m really impressed. I know some people have complained about the Gaussian blur filter effect in the background, but I love it. It gives the world a mystical quality.

Does anyone have a favorite section of the world to live in? This one is my current favorite neighborhood section. My second favorite is where the goth family lives that has the street car running through it. :)


  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,360 Member
    Wonderful posting! Yes, the worlds are beautiful and I love to explore the open spaces and to go jogging at night.
  • SimleySimley Posts: 284 Member
    I moved my Sims to a new house and eventually noticed through a window what looked like smoke in the sky. A fire in the neighborhood? No -- it was the steamboat going by. So neat! The more you play the game, the more gorgeous you realize it is.
  • sarahzsmylsarahzsmyl Posts: 1,307 Member
    Thank you! Those are gorgeous pics. I have the distance blur turned off in my game, and it is so beautiful. I remember pausing the game and spending the whole time just looking around. *drool*
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  • claritysfclaritysf Posts: 384 Member
    @Alanmichael - Yes, I had my sim jog at night and I loved the sound of the frogs. I loved the fireflies and the insects buzzing around the street lights. It was so tranquil.

    @Simley - I know! I'm always finding new little things. I haven't even explored to two secret worlds yet.
  • claritysfclaritysf Posts: 384 Member
    @sarahzsyml - I've just started pausing the game to explore myself. I really love all the little details. It's great how each neighborhood has a little park, garden, playground or common area for the sims to meet up. They all have places to fish. You can meet so many Sims by just strolling through the neighborhood :)
  • freckledrevoltfreckledrevolt Posts: 282 Member
    I haven't explored enough to have a favorite spot (still haven't fully explored Oasis Springs at all), but I have to agree that the neighborhoods are absolutely stunning. The little details they added to the background are wonderful.
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