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I'm excited that they finally added ghosts to the game! :):) I wonder if there going to slowly add things we have been asking for?


  • galaxyflier1galaxyflier1 Posts: 383 Member
    I don't like the adding ghosts to the household, but that's just me. However, I'm trying hard to kill a Sim with a cow plant to be the gardener.
  • litabelaqualitabelaqua Posts: 4,322 Member
    i had a dead sim from cowplant so I put the tombstone in the garden and the ghost killed my plants. Sigh, quit without save, start over.
  • galaxyflier1galaxyflier1 Posts: 383 Member
    I think the Sim it kills has to be a happy one. However, I could be wrong. Sorry it killed your plants. That's a real bummer.
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