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High Quality Paintings

My sim has a job of imaginative imagist. Lol. Her task is to create 3 different sized high-quality paintings. So far I've been able to get 2 out of the 3. She is a level 9 painter. I haven't been able to get another high quality painting. She either gets a masterpiece or excellent. Is there a way I can get my last high quality painting so I can get a promotion?


  • Zolt65Zolt65 Posts: 8,272 Member
    have you tried a different painting STYLE? like classic, pop art, etc? maybe a different style will work?

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  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    Yes. I've painted everything:/
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    Are you sure you're painting a different size -- small, medium, large? I think "excellent" satisfied that aspiration goal for my Sim.
  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    Ha. I painted all the sizes and types. My sim doesn't get anything but excellent and masterpieces:/ I wish excellent satisfied it.,
  • NatalieblahNatalieblah Posts: 2 New Member
    I have this problem as well, and it's bugging the hell out of me. I'm starting to think there's no chance at all of climbing the career ladder once you've leveled up the painting skill too much if you're stuck at this stage :/ I've maxed out my painting skill and all I have to do is a medium painting of high-quality for the promotion, but no matter how many paintings I make, or in which category/style, I just get excellent and masterpieces. I've even tried large and small ones, just to be sure, even though I know for certain I've already ticked those off. You'd think that 'excellent' would pass if they're asking for a 'high-quality' painting - it's even better than that, for crying out loud! *facepalms* Anyway, I'm about to give up and just switch jobs now. I have reached my patience quota with this issue haha.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    That's too bad. It sounds similar to the difficulty with getting writer's block.

    These career paths don't seem very well thought out or tested.
  • MsPhyMsPhy Posts: 5,054 Member
    @JoxerTM22 has mastered every career and aspiration. Maybe he can offer some insight. Hopefully the tag will draw him.
  • NatalieblahNatalieblah Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello again - I found a fix! It's simple, really. Can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. I made my sim quit her job, then re-join the career path. I was offered a position as a Canvas Creator straight away when I applied, which means I skipped the career level I was stuck on completely. I had no idea it would work, as I just did it as a last desperate attempt to save my sim's career, but voilà, problem solved! Hopefully it'll work for everyone else who've come across this issue too :)
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • ericaduhericaduh Posts: 670 Member
    Maybe try downgrading/upgrading her easel?
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  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    edited September 2014
    Well, it's not the tag, it's the number of replies actually.
    I generally don't read threads that exceed 2 pages unless the thread title seems interesting (sadly in 99% cases is misleading).

    Anyway, to the topic.
    "Excellent" was enough quality of the painting to fullfill this task in my game. If the game won't recognize it, it's a bug or there is a hidden requirement not mentioned we're not aware of.

    It's shouldn't be connected to the skill level as my painter was level 10 skill while doing it.

    I can think of two things to try:
    1. Travel to a public lot, save the game then exit. Start the game again, retry to get the painting (unfreezing "stuck" counter)
    2. If there is a hidden requirement it's most probably "being inspired". So do try to paint these three paintings while inspired (enable the career reward aura near the eel).

    But there is another thing to note and that's - I did it with the release game version. In the meantime 4 hotfixes were applied on the game and it's possible a hotfix broke this career.
    So I'm gonna create a new sim and test this. Won't be long, maybe I'll need an hour or so.
    Will return with screenshots after a while.
  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    edited September 2014
    Tested, everything works as it should and I dunno what's the problem in upper games.

    To be sure, created a completely new sim. Avoided "painting" traits just to be sure the career doesn't bug because of lacking creative trait:


    As said and done again, painting skill level 10 was acquired before the erroneous stage in upper posts:


    And finally the career requirement.
    As it's seen from the screenshot, being inspired is not the requirement, my sim was confident.


    All three different sized paintings created were classic style, and all were "excellent" which fullfilled the requirement.
    The easel was the "cra.ppy" one, I didn't use the one from career rewards.
    Dunno if it matters (shouldn't matter!) but sim also in the meantime solved painting aspiration.

    I simply can't reproduce the bug, in fact I have no idea what's broken in upper games.

    I can only suggest trying with the "worst" easel and trying to paint another three paintings of different size (small, medium, large). If that failes, the only option would be restarting the career (quit the job on PC, then get hired again).

    If restarting the career still won't do, please post exact traits your sim has. So I can retry and see if some trait causes the bug (wouldn't surprise me).
    All traits please: CAS traits, whimrewards traits and aspiration traits your sim has.
  • albaniealbanie Posts: 584 Member
    Mine were always masterpieces or just below and that passed my Sims requirement with small, medium and large paintings.
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  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    Thanks for the great responses everyone it's greatly appreciated:) thanks Joxtertm22 I'll test it tonight to see if it fixes it:) thank you for testing it out
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