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The Beauchamps Legacy

renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
Hello Simmers and thank you for joining me on this journey of my own Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4! :D

I will be following all the main rules but I will not be keeping track of points. I also want to mention that I have no set schedule for updates—they'll be churned out as I play and get enough pictures for a decently sized update. Aaaand, due to the lack of in-game graphic family trees at the moment, I will be keeping track of the family on Family Echo: The Beauchamps Legacy (contains spoilers!).

Without further ado, let's discuss my Succession Laws and then meet my founder! :#

Succession Laws of the Beauchamps Legacy
  • Gender law: Strict Equality — The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.
  • Bloodline law: Traditional — Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children.
  • Heir law: Living Will — The eligible child with the highest friendly relationship score with their previous-generation’s parent will be named heir.

The Founder


Meet Geraldo Beauchamps, a Genius and Outgoing Snob who wants nothing more than a Successful Lineage. Will he be able to accomplish such a feat?
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  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    edited September 2014
    Geraldo Beauchamps may seem like he comes from old money, but it is just that: an appearance. He really wants to have a long line of descendants, but he knows he has to start off somewhere. That somewhere is a huge plot of empty land in Willow Creek. Geraldo settles for the bare essentials because he's scared that building walls will amp up his bills like *that*.

    Geraldo knows that those bills (no matter how small he is able to get them) won't pay themselves, so he quickly gets a job in an entry-level position in town as a Tech Guru, for §31/hour. Soon after, it's onto the library for spouse hunting and to complete his work tasks.

    Several nice ladies passed by and Geraldo made sure to introduce himself to all of them, but he seemed to have a hidden Unlucky trait because they were all either married, mean, or not interested in him!

    Defeated and with an empty stomach, Geraldo fired up the grill and made himself a plate of hamburgers.

    He obviously didn't take the burgers into account while budgeting because now he was left with only §32 to his name! Oh well, might as well save the rest of the servings and take them home.

    Early the next day, after taking his very public shower, Geraldo spotted a lady crossing the back of his property (that's how desperate we become after one day with no luck).

    It turned out to be one of the local mailwomen, Lea Parson. And she was obviously sad.

    With his pep talks and suave, Geraldo made Lea forget all of her troubles and got her to move in in half a day. (Take that, library ladies ;))


    Lea is an evil genius who loves art and wants to be known as the chief of mischief. She brought in the best §20,000 we could've ever wished for, which allowed Geraldo to finally get some walls without feeling guilty.

    And that brings my first update to and end. Thanks for joining me! n_n
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,916 Member
    Woot! Great start! :D Lea is really pretty, you got lucky. :P Take THAT library ladies. Geraldo dun need choo! Good luck from here on out. :)
  • FloorRaisinFloorRaisin Posts: 1,340 Member
    Great start! My founder was a dirty mailman-lover too. Though your mailman is a lot curvier than mine was. ;D
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  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    @Lynnwood @FloorRaisin Thank you for your comments! Lea is quite the looker, isn't she?
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,096 Member
    Lea is gorgeous! I might be a little jealous that your sim found such a looker ;)

    Best of luck with this Legacy. I'm super keen to watch it unfold.
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  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    @Kamio Thank you very much!

    I come bearing an update! ^_^

    Geraldo and Lea decided to not have their first try at a child until they were sure they could afford it, so the next few days were filled with getting ahead on their work and aspirations. Lea wants to be known as Chief of Mischief, so she knows just which buttons to press in order to get everyone riled up.

    While Geraldo was away at work one day, Lea headed to Magnolia Blossom Park and quickly gathered up a crowd to hand out Mean and Mischievous interactions to.


    Needless to say, some didn't take so kindly to her attitude.


    With Geraldo being promoted rather quickly and the days of their youth slipping by, the two lovebirds decided it was time to add a new member to their family. (It took them three tries before Lea could get pregnant!)


    (She thought it would be a good idea, but once the test came back positive her body language said otherwise.)

    With a new mouth to feed and a long life ahead of them, Geraldo decided it was time to ask Lea to marry him, and she said yes!


    The next few days went by smoothly in the Beauchamps household. Lea would pee herself and fall asleep on the living room floor from exhaustion here and there but nothing no Watcher has never seen before.

    Soon enough it was time to meet the new baby!


    Meet Tara Beauchamps, first born to Geraldo Beauchamps and Lea Parson and the current title holder of heir. :)

  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,096 Member
    Ha ha! I loved it. I'm be honest :blush: I thought that your first picture was on a party.

    Yeah, nope. Just the park and a bunch of unsuspecting victims. Congrat on the first born. Woo!
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  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,916 Member
    Nice update! Poor Lea, babies is the name of the legacy game dear. Best get used to being preggers. :P
  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    edited September 2014
    @Kamio @Lynnwood Thanks! Thankfully, as time goes on Lea gets used to the bellies and all the troubles they bring, hahaha!


    Anyways, here's a small update. :)

    Geraldo and Lea decided it was the right time to get married, so that they did (in the living room, of course).


    The two new parents were learning the ins and outs of balancing work, love, and family, when their little Tara aged up!


    She inherited the brains of her parents (Genius) but wants to become an Artistic Prodigy.

    Geraldo and Lea felt that a family was all they were missing, so a new member was added rather quickly: Julian Beauchamps!


    Tara proved herself to be quite the hard worker and could always be seen painting on her activity table or playing the violin (though it never quite sounded well).

  • 11Celestial11Celestial Posts: 15 New Member
    Very nice Legacy (I just started my first one ^ ^ ). Good luck !
  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    @simlady36 @11Celestial Thank you for your comments and good luck on your own legacy, Celestial! If you start a thread be sure to link me to it. n_n

    Keeping to the nature of his Aspiration, Geraldo couldn't wait until he could try for another baby. I'm not sure how he convinced Lea to do it, but he did!

    "Maybe we should've just WooHooed."

    Just in time for the new baby's arrival, little Julian became a child. n_n

    This meant a few adjustments had to made to the house, but not so much that the bills would become too much.

    A few days later, with Tara working hard to get through her Aspiration and Julian making new childhood friends, Lea's hardest pregnancy yet was over and the family welcomed Rodney into their lovely home.
  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    edited September 2014
    I come with an update! *waves*

    Soon after the birth of Rodney, it was time for Lea and Geraldo's birthdays.


    Not much later, Rodney celebrated his birthday! He is a Goofball and has the Whiz Kid Aspiration.


    Even after three kids and the hectic life that comes with being the first generation in a Legacy, Geraldo and Lea can be found smooching and flirting whenever they can.


    Then, you guessed it, Geraldo wanted to try for one more child! (Last one, I swear!)


    The days leading up to the new baby's birth were quite something. Filled with events like...
    1. Fires


    2. Sibling rivalries (I forgot to mention that Julian inherited Lea's Evil trait, which means he insults his siblings A LOT!)


    3. The completion of Tara's childhood aspiration


    4. The little lady's birthday (she is an Art Lover like her mom and just wants to find her Soulmate)


    5. And a phone call from Lea's boss threatening her with a demotion (c'mon, give her a break!)


    Welcome, Grace Beauchamps. We think you'll fit right in!

  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    I haven't been able to play much lately because of school (I'm almost done with this trimester, though!), but I managed to sneak a few pics:

    Tara is friends with Alexander Goth. He's always coming over and hanging out. Too bad he can't enter our gene pool. :'(

    And little Grace aged up! She's a geek and has the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. I imagine her being very playful but very girly, so all her clothes and room décor are in purple and pink!

    To end, I wanted to demonstrate how awesomely the kids' genes mixed! (Rodney has the random eye color because when he aged up I had some alien CC eyes in my game and he got them, so once I took the eyes out, those are the ones he was left with. I'm worried of messing up family ties, so I haven't gone in and changed them with the cheat.)

    9ax1cl.png nxu80k.png
    1z1wprr.png bf5nbl.png
    j7z1on.png 2uh5ysn.png
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,916 Member
  • capturedmusecapturedmuse Posts: 300 Member
    The kids turned out to be a nice mix between the parents, you can really tell they are related.
  • KrystleTaniaKrystleTania Posts: 429 Member
    Such cute and unique looking kids! Thanks for sharing
    I really enjoyed the look you gave us of the family genetics :) it's always so interesting to see how the game works that.
  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    edited September 2014
    Where we last left off, little Grace celebrated her first birthday. Well...not too far behind came Julian's birthday!


    He inherited Geraldo's Outgoing trait and wishes to be Fabulously Wealthy.

    (I'm so sorry but I thought Julian was going to be cuter LOL, he got such a weird body!)

    Now...story time. Lea has made it to level 5 of the criminal career. Once there, she picked the Boss branch, so her daily task is to perform mean interactions. Because of this, we invited a good amount of people over to hand out mean interactions to.

    Well. It backfired and the spotlight was taken off of Julian.


    Since she didn't see the death, Tara was unshaken. A few days earlier, she had met another teen, Brice, at the park, and they really hit it off at Julian's "party".


    Despite this, things didn't really advance as quickly as Tara would have liked, so she turned her sights onto another guy she met at the park, Taylor Dias. Needless to say, things went very well and they even had a golden date.


    Not much after, it was Rodney's turn to become a teen as well!


    He's Cheerful and wants to be a Computer Whiz!

    Thanks for reading. n_n
  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    I come with an update. :)

    Last time, we celebrated two birthdays. This time, many birthdays were celebrated! (Well, only three were properly celebrated but more on that later.)

    First up was Tara's turn to age into a young adult! She grew up into a beautiful young lady and became quite the Materialistic gal. Thanks to her A in high school, Tara started at level 3 of the painter career as soon as she was hired.

    Not much later came Geraldo and Lea, both of whom aged quite nicely.


    During this time I noticed that the family had accumulated over §20K, so I decided to give the home a makeover. I might have gone just a tad bit overboard because by the end of it they only had §10 left over!

    In order to get her mind off of the nearing bills, Tara invited Taylor out on a date in order to complete the first level of her Soulmate aspiration. Rodney and Julian tagged along because I felt it was time for them to start looking for some partners before they aged into young adults. Julian didn't have much luck, but Rodney was totally smitten with a girl named Daisy Quintero.


    While I was aww'ing over Rodney and Daisy, Tara went off and spent those §10 on a drink! A DRINK! Two days later BILLS ARRIVE. Bills are here and the Beauchamps are flat out broke, living on quick meals and taking the longest showers and all the angry poops they could manage. If it weren't for Lea's high position in the mafia, we would've definitely known what it's like to get the utilities cut off. During these very tense days, Grace and Julian had to go off and age up. Since we had to save all that we could, they didn't get cakes! :(

    Grace's face is a carbon copy of Geraldo's, while her hair color and body type is all Lea.

    Finally, Julian is a grown man. He needs to find himself a lady and fast so we can make room for generation two!

    He certainly grew out of that awkward teen phase! ;) (As you can see, he has Geraldo's nose, mouth and face shape, while his eyes and hair are Lea's.)
  • blufaery83blufaery83 Posts: 121 Member
    Nice legacy so far!
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 6,218 Member
    I enjoyed your legacy! I think you were lucky with those kids. Must be super exciting to start gen 2!
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    Oopsie. Hope you get money for the bills in time!
  • evetfootwearevetfootwear Posts: 123 Member
    Really enjoying your legacy, looking forward to the next update! (*)
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  • MatitaMatita Posts: 1 New Member
    Really enjoying this! <3 Bookmarked for sure (*)
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