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My townies are all gaining weight - Anyone else experiencing this in their game?

It started with my own Sim. She started gaining weight gradually over a period of time. I thought I was just imagining it at first, but then I noticed she had a lot of extra mass around her stomach and thighs. I tried to get her to do sit ups on a regular basis but she wasn't feeling it. So I ended up just using the potion you can earn as a reward for 750 pts. That made her weight go back to what it was. Since then I've been monitoring her food intake and trying to jog once a week. She has kept the weight off..

I can't say the same for her friends. All of her friends are gaining weight all around her. (Except for Bella Goth of course. ) I walked through the park and I saw that Sims that used to be thin are now overweight. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this in their game?


  • RinilexRinilex Posts: 3,048 Member
    Trying their best to replicate real American society?
  • MestrixMestrix Posts: 170 Member
    Yea, I noticed. Had to get some gym equipment. xD

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  • AshkevronAshkevron Posts: 579 Member
    Are they gaining weight...getting fat....or are they getting muscley?

    I had this problem as well, what I have been doing is just pulling them up in CAS and putting them back to their lean figure

    ctrl shift c
    type testingcheats true
    type cas.fulleditmode
    then shift click on your sim

    this will allow you to do full edits including body shaping as well as traits and such.
  • claritysfclaritysf Posts: 384 Member
    They're definitely getting chubby not muscular.
    Thanks for the heads up on that work around! That's good to know!
  • luv2playluv2play Posts: 67 Member
    my Sim jogs wherever she goes & she's not set up with the fit or athletic traits or anything like that and I thought her arms & legs looked a bit funny so I had her change clothes & she was super muscular and twice I've had to go into cas.fulleditmode to get her back the way I had her. I don't mind a little change if I have her workout or something like that...intentionally but I don't like to see it when I'm not trying

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  • ElyssandarielElyssandariel Posts: 556 Member
    Graham said that there was a little too much changing going on with the weights in the game and they'll look into it soon. So hopefully it'll be in the next patch that it fixes weight gain.
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  • Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,339 Member
    One thing I noticed today is cardio is finally different than weight-lifting. This wasn't the case in Sims 2, and I don't recall it being in TS3 or as emphasized in TS3.

    My Sim was getting pretty chubby, so I had him lift weights twice. He became very muscular.. but still had a big stomach. So I had him go on the treadmill for a bit, and it made him skinny.

    Can you show us the overweight Sims if possible? I'm curious to see how they compare to their original versions lol
  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 725 Member
    I noticed the weight gain in the first Sim I ever made. She's lazy (which might contribute to it), so even just the slightest jog would put her in a bad mood, she would eat mac and cheese every day, and got pregnant. Needless to say, she got pretty big! I haven't noticed the same thing happening with the townies, though.
  • luv2playluv2play Posts: 67 Member
    I would really like to know why my post got flagged, nothing about my comment was inappropriate

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