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Welcome to The Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge Archives.

Hopefully you have heard about the weekly Build-n-Share challenge for builders. If not, we hope you will visit our Official Thread at the Creative Corner board, where you can find the current challenge.

Take a look at the past challenges and if you are bored, you can always use them as an inspiration, and/or to find some buildings you would like to download to your game.

Every fortnight week, we offer a specific building request for builders of all levels to tackle in their own unique way. We offer different levels of experience, and those who enter receive (at the very least because it's usually many more) one rec and a download for your work.

At the end of the challenge, winners are posted within a week and every entrant receives feedback on his or her work at the winner's circle thread:

In the posts below, you will find all the information and links related to each challenge.
We hope you enjoy it, and if you would like to make any comments, please do so, but in our Official Thread at the Creative Corner board, as we need this thread chat- free for the whole purpose of an Archive.

Thank you so much and we hope to see you in our challenges.

The Build-n-Share Team
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