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Sims University Life won't save? Error Code 12?

I have The Sims 3 and The Sims 3 University Life installed on my laptop. The Sims 3 plays just fine. No crashes, no errors, no problems. However, once I move into the University lot, I can't save. I still don't have any problems with the game play. It plays just fine. It just won't save!

It brings up an Error Code 12. I've looked at some other threads and I see that a lot of people seem to think that it has to do with the RAM space. My computer's RAM is fine. I have a ton of memory on my laptop. I just re-downloaded the game a couple of days ago.

What is the problem? Any solution or tips? This is driving me crazy!



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    Error code 12 has to do with the amount of RAM the game is using - not really how much RAM your computer has (although more helps up to a point). Once the game uses a certain amount of RAM it cannot save and may even crash (I've had it do both). That has to do with the size or your game and how long you've been playing that session. I've been struggling with this too in one of my save games (and I have 8 GB RAM with Win 7 64-bit). See here for a better explanation.

    Without knowing specifics or your game, I'd suggest saving right before going to University (which you should do anyways - always save before traveling, and with a new save name using Save As) then quit and reload that save. Then travel to university and try and save once your sim gets settled in. Then quit and reload to play again.

    I have a PC and I'll sometimes alt-tab to minimize the game, bring up the task manager, click on the Processes tab, and check to see how much memory the game is using. If it's above 3.0-3.2 GB I save, quit, and reload. If it's above I almost always get an error code 12 when trying to save.

    edit: I ran into the same problem returning home from university and on traveling to another world. What's worked for me is to save the game just before traveling (with a new name, can't be to careful) and then in the options panel reduce all graphics options and lower the resolution as low as you are comfortable. Then quit and reload. Travel home, or to university, or where ever and try saving once the sim is settled in. If successful, save under a new name, change graphics options, quit, reload and play.
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