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Store Filename List and Descriptions?

I am going through the tedious process of sorting my downloads for backup (I actually plan on re-creating my sims 3 folder and re-installing from scratch as I picked up a lot of complete sets during the holiday sales and perhaps my game would run smoother with a cleaner re-install of store content).

The problem is that in my download folder, I am running into a few items that I am not sure what they are based on the filename. Is there a list of official store content anywhere with file names? The only one so far I can't seem to suss out what it is, is "DOT11GoldBundleSet."

Thank you for any thoughts!

Edit: Also, if the have the sims 3 installed, is there a way to "save as" instead of downloading via the launcher?


  • LatteCrabLatteCrab Posts: 2,933 Member
    edited January 2014
    Dump that sims3 pk that you don't know the Store's name for, into your Downloads folder & look at what the Launcher names it.
    That's what I did when finding a few strays while backing them up.

    here's a great source from a simmer:

    I saved all pics of all sets/pieces into folders.
    Took me a couple weeks, but it's all caught up now.
    Each Set I named a folder. Then saved the pic of the set & the s3pk. Then the individual files & pics.
    I copy & paste the names off this Store site on the items download/description page.

  • tamalinntamalinn Posts: 1,435 Member
    edited January 2014
    Kalphoenix wrote:

    This is the Boardwalk Outfits pack for the Gold version of RH.
  • FrayedFlightFrayedFlight Posts: 518 Member
    edited January 2014
    Thanks a bunch, both of you!
  • InoPratamaInoPratama Posts: 1 New Member
    Sorry if it's too late, but do you still have file or link for @LatteCrab 's mentioned post ?
  • EA_JozEA_Joz Posts: 2,227 EA Moderator
    Hello everyone, please remember that necroposting is against the rules. I've gone ahead and closed the thread.

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