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University help?

Verbaltee99Verbaltee99 Posts: 403 New Member
So I've been working on a new world and I want to just get some opinion on my university placement in the city.

[IMG] "height=300"[/IMG]

So at spot 1 I was planning to put a big sports park area with the stadium, courts and a golf course so I was thinking of putting a PE campus there. Spot 2 would be the main, sort of old school style campus which would be for business and sciences or just sciences. It's also the location of my art gallery/museum and library. Spot 3 would be in either location, can't decide on which one I like best. It will be my arty campus which will be inspired by my campus irl. It'll have the art and annex rabbithole and I could put the business rabbithole there too.

The buildings will look like the UniSA and Adelaide Uni campuses in case you were wondering. If you were wondering how to do it in your own world, I'm pretty sure you need Twallen's Career mod to allow studying at Uni in your home world and I'm using the University rabbithole rugs created by Margaret Pendragon which can be found at MTS.

So yeah, please post your opinion, I really want to know what you think because I intend on uploading this world so it would be useful to get some idea of how the community would like to see things.


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,078 Member
    edited July 2013
    Hi :D

    It's a cool looking overview. I'd have to rely on your opinion if it'll fit where you want to place the buildings. -which I'm sure will look perfect. :thumbup:
  • FuzzySlipers45FuzzySlipers45 Posts: 1,343 Member
    edited July 2013
    Personally I would go with the placing the 3 on the one furthest right. The other 3 looks like a perfect spot to have a sort of campus park, with maybe a garden or something pretty.
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