Sims BR's tutorial how to place diving spots in other worlds translated to english ;)



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    This post has problems please standby.
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    Parvati wrote:
    thank you very much for this, it worked out well, the only thing is you can't reuse the lot? like place it once its saved somewhere else? do you have to start from scratch all over again in each world?
    I don't know if this has been covered or not but when binning and placing a lot to the same or another worlds my lot (which functions fine in its original place/lot) won't place correctly, it is under water but not fully and you cannot go below surface nor see the floor grid.

    Have I missed a step or missed something?
    aminovas wrote:
    hi everyone, thanks so much for this awesome thread... And to IronBoatLee for his thread as well.

    I have just been experimenting with building in IP, too! well, thats not true, I took a sim 3/4 of the way up the diving skill and have been exploring dive lots. But the new build features are so amazing I just can't stop building...

    I really wanted to recreate a blue hole:

    So I put down a dive lot here (pics below) in a fresh game in Sunlit Tides and built it as I wanted... It worked really really well and was going to polish it up and export the lot to other worlds...


    My sims could route to it and lots of other sims were routing to it... they could drive their boats to the side of the ring or into the center. Here is a mermaid that showed up and autonomously started interacting with my sim. They would do this both at the deep bottom of the dive hole and very near the surface as well. The hole was really deep and it looked so beautiful how they would dive down the walls. There was a cave half way up that I was going to have route to another dive spot where the water flows out of the lagoon and a dive chest on the bottom where they swam through an arch to get to it. Awesome.



    There was only one glitch/restriction I noticed and that was that, like levels of a floor, what is below the surface of the water doesn't show up from above, so they would be diving just right there in the shallows with no problem, but not be visible. Only very very close to the surface there were a couple of instances of sims disappearing and once I had to reset this sim:


    But obviously by having some surface exposed above water I was really pushing my luck! So this seems pretty reasonable in terms of functioning to me.

    BUT when I saved it to the bin and tried to place it in a new game, this is what I ran into:



    The same lot placed in the same location in two different games. By having the constrainfloorelevation false cheat entered as well as enablelotlocking I was able to get the lot back looking like this:


    BUT I couldn't get beneath the surface at all. I saved, quit out, and then reloaded the game and I still couldn't edit below the surface.

    Edit to add: I just got it to work: when I placed the lot it reset to a "no visitors allowed" and all I had to do was change it to dive lot again, save, and quit the game. AND then BEFORE I loaded up the game again, I entered all the cheats again in the main menu (testingcheatsenabled true, enablelotlocking, constrainfloorelevation false). If you don't set enablelotlocking the dive lot may reset to no visitors allowed. Here are my simplified steps that are working for me: (Edited because I forgot about locking the lot):

    To build dive lot:
    1. enter: testingcheatsenabled true; enablelotlockingtrue; buydebug
    2. place empty lot, designate as dive area. (can be placed on shallow or deep water, and can even have exposed terrain when you edit it but sims will disappear above the water level and may cause routing glitches. It may not be easy to see sims in shallow water due to camera angle, but they don't necessarily glitch in shallow water).
    3. build lot, place buydebug objects if you want... dive buoy in my experience not necessary, I've had a dive lot work with it and one work without it (I simply forgot to place it and sims still autonomously routed/dove at the lot)
    4. save to bin

    To place lot in a new world or new game or new location:
    1. enter: testingcheatsenabled true; enablelotlocking true; buydebug
    2. place empty lot, designate as dive area.
    3. enter: constrainfloorelevation false. place lot from bin. important --> look at what the lot is designated as: chances are it has been reset to "no visitors allowed". change it back to "dive area", then "lock" the lot by clicking the lock.
    4. save and quit.
    5. start The Sims 3. important --> if you DID NOT lock the lot, in main menu, enter: testingcheatsenabled true; enablelotlockingtrue (if you did not lock the lot before you saved and you DON'T enter this, your dive lot will not longer be a dive lot)
    6. load game. save the game. It should now be playable, and you shouldn't need to enter these cheats again until you want to edit it/unlock it.

    Troubleshooting ideas: If you can't get below the surface of the water when in build/buy mode, check to make sure the lot hasn't reset to something other than a dive lot. if it has, you have to change it back, make sure the lot is locked and quit out or, if you forgot to lock it make sure enablelotlocking true is entered BEFORE reloading the game. For shallow dives, if you can't see your sims, you may simply need to really tilt the camera angle upwards as much as possible.

    There seems to be A LOT of differences in how this is working out in our respective games. I had lots of different results when I thought I was being consistent (but apparently I was forgetting steps).

    I really like how the new patch makes it possible to build islands (not dive lots) and then move them to different places/different worlds where the water level is different, and the place where the water hits the land remains the same for each location (no cheats needed). What is governing water level/depth placement of dive lots seems to be quite a bit different.. good thing we have cfe false!

    (EDITS: grammar, and I forgot about the whole lot locking thing..)

    Uuuh sorry the post is obnoxiously long, the spoiler code isn't working at the moment, perhaps I've forgotten how to use it, but I don't dare delete it because it keeps making one of the names turn to Astrixs so it doesn't quote properly >.<;
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    Hi i tried your walkthrough but i cant seem to get the 64 x 64 in the ocean. It says "Cant place on un-routable terrain" i am plaing in Sims 3 Showtime town, and i do have Island Paradise installed. Please tell me what i am doing wrong :( :?:
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