May 29 - It's Friday. What does that mean on The Sims forums? Time to highlight some awesim discussions!

My public thank you :) <3 - alyssalovecookies, Hollownessdevour, Shinrikyo, Justthink, Jessabeans :)

I haven't been around long, but I have been made to feel very welcome, supported with threads, and gifted! My ninja tactics I thought were going unnoticed, but I was wrong :lol:

I have received some awesome gifts, and I have to say thank you!
So I will get on with it, as I have a house to decorate with my new stuff :D:lol:


OMG woman! :shock: You ninjered the ninja! But I love them and thank you so much!

Luck of the Draw
Giraffe measurer
Slanted cabinet
Playground dresser
Haute Hacienda Kitchen Prickly pear sculpture
Kingdom of Cambodia bathroom royal towel rack
and three deitis stone carving
Branching bird wall lamp
murano wooden knife stock

:shock: You spoilt me rotten and I love them all :D thank you! (hugs)!


Thank you so much for you gifts! I love them :) And everything I have received I will be using :)
A Little chilly dress
Le Cirque esprit - Oddities etc wall display

Thank you, and that little dress I will trying out on her too as soon as I have finished my posting. :D

Thank you so much for the Jon and Cindy Bunny, they are so cute! I have already put a couple in the Lolamagic household for the kids. I love it

The Perfect privacy screen is so pretty, and my sim loves it! I have already placed one in her bedroom. It made the room beautifully decorated :D Thank you!

I just checked my emails and I want to add Jessabeans for those lovely gifts! And I will enjoy them very much, I so appreciate it! But I have a feeling I got ninjered :D lol Oh and guess what? check your emails. :twisted:

I love these gifts thank you! :D :shock:
Crazy for Cuckoo clock
River rock fireplace

You are so sweet! *hugs*


  • christinebremnerchristinebremner Posts: 3,513 Member
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    bumping so my thank you doesn't get missed! :D
  • ShinrikyoShinrikyo Posts: 2,142 Member
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    Tehe you are just the cutest ninja! I will get you back! :twisted:
  • alyssaluvscookiealyssaluvscookie Posts: 743 New Member
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    You are so sweet, you deserve it ;)
  • BrightyBrighty Posts: 6,453 Member
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    Whoops.. wrong thread!

    Yay for thank-you's! :D
  • christinebremnerchristinebremner Posts: 3,513 Member
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    OMG I just seen my gifts in my emails this just before and thank you all so much again! I love gifting, when I see these lovely gifts I am so grateful I have met such lovely people here. :) You are all truly awesome. <3

    Jessabeans I have included you up top as well, thank you so much. :D Your WL has been silently stalked for about 10 minutes now :D So sweet of you!
  • HollownessDevourHollownessDevour Posts: 8,004 Member
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