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Homeless Sims?

Hi All,

I have a bit of a problem with ... well apparently homeless sims. I had a few.. well 20 of my "closest" Sim friends die of old age and, as part of my game I had them interred in a small cemetary in the large block my home in on.

As you can imagine, 20 gravestones means a whole lot of ghosts so I decided to have a bit of a "Dead Man's Party" serving primarily Ambrosia... result was a whole lot less ghosts but I now can't find any of these sims in the neighbourhood although I can still call them, invite them over, party with them etc. I just can't go visit them at home.

I've looked in the town mode and while some had returned to their old "haunts" many just seem to be, well homeless!

Can anyone shed any light on a possible fix for this problem or is it working as intended?


  • Jaelk01Jaelk01 Posts: 113 Member
    edited July 2009
    So should I take the lack of response (although there have been a number of views) that no-one has encountered this problem before and therefore I should raise it as a bug?
  • RASuggittRASuggitt Posts: 212
    edited July 2009
    I have never had this happen before, so maybe report it as a bug. My people usually get homes after I bring them back.
  • eternallycharmedeternallycharmed Posts: 1,030
    edited July 2009
    I've heard of this happening before. I think it's just a glitch. Or maybe other sims have moved into their old house's while they were dead. :? Don't know.
  • ChiodosMurderChiodosMurder Posts: 287 New Member
    edited July 2009
    I have had this happen with sims that actually are alive. I meet them and can invite them over but they don't appear to have a house.
  • debra1970pdebra1970p Posts: 4,652 Member
    edited July 2009
    I've never played with ghosts, but I do know that some sims will just move out of town, but you can still talk with them on the phone and invite them over.
  • Jaelk01Jaelk01 Posts: 113 Member
    edited July 2009
    Thanks for all the responses. I think that the "moved out of town" code may be the closest explaination with one exception.

    Both of the Wolfs died but, seeing that this was going to happen I added another sim to the family, that sim moved out when Morgana passed (as Thornton went first in my game) and when both Morgana and Thornton were resurrected neither of them returned to the (now uninhabited) estate.

    So that could be something to watch out for. The sim who moved out of the Wolf house did move into a house formerly occuppied by another resurrected sim and allowed that sim to return to their abode so it seems... intermittent.

    One final observation, although I did save the dead sims for story reasons they were also all quite rich and contributors to the Political Campaign of one of my Sims.

    Once resurrected the "homeless" sims seem to have lost access to their former fortunes (which makes some kind of sense) so they don't make big donations any more and also never seem to accumulate money in any appreciable measure (although I haven't determined if they have lost the "rich" tag).

    Also, if a direct "blood" descendant of the resurrected sim existed on the lot the resurrected sim returned to the lot and had access to the family funds.

    So I hope this information helps anyone else who encounters this situation.
  • SZN786SZN786 Posts: 1,294 New Member
    edited July 2009
    I don't know how to fix this problem, but what i do know is that u must go to options(in the game) and go to game options then there will be Sim lifespan, then you move it to the end, so they will have longer life, and you can disable the aging process!!!!!

    hope this helps

    From:SZN786 :D
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